BewareEasterBunny -- DangerousCarnivoreApril


Haven’t eaten yet today. It’s 5.45pm. Not feeling hungry. I did have a salty beef bone broth drink after doing some sweaty water bucket carrying in the humid heat (there’s another tropical cyclone off the coast to the north).

Have been invited to dinner in the city. Cannelloni at the Italian suocera’s table.

I did the 3 hour drive and I noticed something. Yesterday I went for a surf after my post. Last night I ate a 500g rib eye steak, pan seared, then baked in the oven for 40 minutes. This morning all those little niggles reported yesterday had gone or improved. I did notice some scaly skin near my ankles and scratched off some of it (it could be the oxalates working their way out there).

But the thing I noticed was that I did not get a sore knee driving today. I fold myself into a small Korean made 4 cylinder car for the driving. When I eat dirty carnivore, I usually end up with an aching right knee after about 2 hours. Just by eating a bit cleaner on plan, I have been rewarded with a noticeable difference, or a welcome coincidence.

I’m going to take a scotch fillet with me to the dinner tonight. This will be a test. I am willing to bet taking a steak to a carbs fest, is not a done thing.


I wrote the bigger part yesterday but I didn’t send it for some reason.

Ham, eggs, chicken soup for today. I had one of those very rare special days when I ate in the morning (before 10am). Nice, let’s experiment what happens in this situation. Almost obviously many small meals and not doing IF (having an early last meal isn’t my thing) but while overeating is pretty much guaranteed on any other woe I am willing to try if I eat before early afternoon, carnivore is different. It’s nice I can do this but I prefer having my 2 meals, more convenient.

Sunny, colder day. We did our walk. The forest was full with people and even more full with flowers.
This is the part of the spring when there are zillions of them everywhere in the forest.
Weightlifting is postponed again. I lacked sleep a bit and I forgot, not like I had the energy and mood, I am useless without proper sleep. Going to bed early is a skill I never mastered (i.e. I mess it up every day - usually the consequences aren’t severe though - and sometimes massively. I am truly horrible at a few things, this is one of them).

I plan egg pudding tomorrow. I don’t think I want to even think about boiled eggs in the near future but I still have sponge cakes. The ham is pitifully little now, it’s time for the sausage to shine a bit too. And I have leftover turkey soup and even a little liver. And there will be beef stew too, made over open fire (we have a ton of dried blackberry stems(?) and many other things to burn. huge amounts of tree trunks too, this small garden produces a surprisingly big amount but they are tidy).

No problems with food variety in sight then but I must say I think about dairy now and then. They aren’t needed, I am totally fine but I won’t last for very long. I knew that. I don’t want to eat dairy free, I just want them in moderation, I mean, a tiny bit when needed on some days. 20g cheese here, 30g sour cream there… Not obligate items for most meal as before.
My coffee contained a wee bit of butter and 1g milk powder anyway (it’s better than 250ml cream… If I open the bag, it will disappear, Alvaro can help only with a bit) but it’s acceptable for me if I feel the need. I wanted the coffee but black was eww. Yeah, I shouldn’t drink it then but, well.
I have this coffee -> cream -> dessert -> sweets —> carbs evolution, one easily triggers the next except the last step, that is more avoidable (though as time passes on carnivore, my chances gets worse. practice probably helps but it’s unknown for me at this point) but still, it would be safest if I didn’t drink coffee often. Even if it’s pretty much harmless and I like it. And still didn’t stop drinking it yet (and my current one isn’t even so nice!) but it wasn’t my first drink in the morning, it’s something :smiley: (It was the second, 2 minutes after my tea.) Whatever, I shouldn’t pressure myself too much. I do the food part pretty well but that’s way, way easier. I eat whatever I want now, no effort, really. I have thoughts but no real pull yet.

He has more history with much meat than me, actually… And he usually follows me until it works for him. He probably always will be a high-carber as he overeats and gets unwell on low-fat in no time (one meal unless it’s some baked stuff… odd) but we did lots of other changes together (like not eating gluten, sugar, being vegetarians, eating meat every day…). He came from a family with lots of meat eating while I come from one with little. So my last 1.5 years was very strange as I never ever ate nearly this much meat and definitely not this often in my life (and I didn’t eat much during this time, maybe compared to the average person but my average amount is tiny for carnivore but just right for me now).

Mmmm, Nature, that’s nice. I rarely do enviros, I should learn that but I find things with more rules easier. So it’s humans and animals, mostly, especially portraits. But I rarely draw, I just find it important and it is supposed be my main hobby. I spent insane amounts with practice and learning anatomy and I am still bad. And I stop before I take apart my failings, my inner critic is very good and not very used since years as I had enough problems without that.
I should draw a lot again. Rocks too. I collected so many great rocks for that.

Next day, great weather, cold morning but then warm! Not too warm so it’s nice enough for Alvaro to cook the big beef stew outside. Windy so he wondered about it but it’s not so bad. It’s a windy area.

Yay again, Vic! Nice food, I start to get hungry… I ate from 10am to 9pm yesterday, surely not little, I thought maybe I will be satiated for long… Nope. It’s not even noon but I am good if I can wait until the beef is ready. And now this photo doesn’t help things…

It doesn’t make the meat any prettier if you ask me, though… A cute garden cress (one, a few weeks old at most) next to the meat is better. As much as little green pieces spice up a light colored dish, they just looks out of place on a steak. And I mean it as a designer (I am not a real one, I just did some design jobs in my life, tiny ones like banner and logo but I have a good aesthetic sense I think. it’s not always apparent for various reasons but I do have it), not a temporal carnivore who lost interest in most veggies and wouldn’t touch most greens even before.

I can’t be enough concise I see. Whatever. A steak doesn’t need green pieces on it. Those are way better than sugar though.
My ham had sugar :frowning: Of course, store-bought thing and not some fresh meat, it’s hard to avoid.
I have serious problems with added sugar in my food especially when it’s unneeded (now) or disturbing (pickles. fortunately no one ever tried to put any sugar on my meat before, it’s not a Hungarian thing).
But I tolerate it now and then when I just can’t avoid it. It still bothers me a little bit and I do my best to avoid it in the future. And I try to it little from those stuff. But this ham was tasty and my first big amount of ham since forever :smiley: (I probably never ate THIS much ham before.)


WOW Vic so happy for you getting a chef to cater easily to your carnivore menu!! Good eatin’, your trip now is worth the effort :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You are really ‘feeling’ changes now FB! More off carbs the more we change and you are now into that zone…all kinda of very noticeable changes will become very apparent to you. One thing that is thrilling about going all in zero carb is that we don’t know what to expect around the corner, believe me alot more great healing benefits are coming :slight_smile:
It is good we truly can see them in full light too. It helps us along our change knowing we are doing something good for us!

Taking a fillet to dinner, DARN RIGHT you will :clown_face: I have done it too, brought my own meat for situations. I also had others who wanted ‘pizza and other crap and it was voted into play’ and I show up with a steak and shrimp or whatever plate for me and everyone wants MY DARN food…LOL…you best bring a baton with ya to fight off the steak lovers cause they will be drooling over you :wink: gonna have to beat them off :rofl:

wow --that is hard I find. Portrait artists have some bigger talent to me it seems cause I find people very hard to draw and never could do justice to it. Any people I end up making look like animals HAHA

-------------------------5 days into April. Wow, I don’t know, seems to be going fast in a way LOL

steak and shrimp. ol’ staple. ate good yesterday

today I got pork on my mind by nothing defrosted. have to take little doggie to vet fast for bloodwork he gets so I might just stop by grocery and get pork chops or pork ribs…in the mood.

going to fry up 5 packs of sausage for my trip. I fry them in patties and freeze and bring along in the rv. I must have something fast to microwave if needed. I never leave me without options :slight_smile: Bringing ALOT of meat with me on my trip as usual.

nothing new to report. so far so good on zc and just chillin’ and SO enjoy reading everyone’s posts!!


Had two lovely holiday dinners yesterday. The early one was with my older daughter, her friends, my inlaws and hubby and youngest daughter. Made lamb and turkey. Also made mashies, asparagus, roasted butternut cubes, tabuleh (using millet), a green salad, etc. except no stuffing. Made tiramisu for dessert, but I ended up just eating the filling- which is simply marscapone and heavy cream with espresso powder sprinkled on. Second dinner was at my SIL’s - Brined turkey and a bit of greenery for me. Had a horrible stomach issue around 2 am. It was bad. So, I’m just taking it easy today.

Had a couple of incidents with knives, peelers and wounded both hands. Cleaning has been challenging. Had to pull my nitrile gloves from the shop, and wear them just to wash dishes! LOL!

Put eggs all over the yard for my girls and friends to go hunt. But, I also got them She’s Birdie personal protection alarms, and hid those along with the eggs. The girls are all pretty keen adventurers, but being the mom around here - I felt like they needed an added layer of protection depending where they go and what they’re doing. So, that was good.

Got the day off, so am slowing going to clean up and then get some sunshine!

(Karen) #45

Totally cream crackered today. Not a great sleep though I do recall dreaming mucho through the night and very strange dreams they were too. Awoke properly at 3.50am and dozed till 4.30am, got up, ran the stairs and finished off with pu’s. In work for 6.30am amd finished by 12.30pm.

Didn’t take any food to work and stopped off at Lidl on way home for some go to easy food for the long 14 hour shift i have to look forward to tomorrow. So it was nearly 1.15pm before getting my first food of the day from 7pm last night.

So lunch was diced turkey thigh I took out of freezer last night, sauted in butter with melted cheese. Bit chewy. Disappointing but won’t be wasting rhe ledtovers as they’ll do for my pack up tomorrow.
Followed by a piece of mature somerset cheddar, nice and 2 leftover sausages from last night which were mediocre, prefered them hot.
Followed that later thiis afternoon with 350g seafood selection sauted in butter with small amount of melted cheese.

Very tired and I always snack when I am tired hence I went for the cheese, didn’t fancy eggs today. But the seafood has filled my belly to the rim so nothing more now before bed which is in about an hour and quarter.

No backache today at all so I definitely jiggled all the pain out with stair running. Yay! :grinning:

(Vic) #46

Beef and giant prawns for dinner.

It’s been a while since i last overeat, today it was so :flushed:

(Karen) #47

Looks very tasty

(Vic) #48

It was, wish I could share some with you.

Happy yiu backache is gone.


Indeed, humans are hard to draw, we other humans easily see the mistakes and still, at the same time, beginners often draw faces like they never saw a person :smiley: Except maybe the rare people with exceptional talent at this, IDK, we are all horrible in the very beginning. I was horrible for quite a few years.
Hard or not, I am lazy (very bad when one wants to learn to draw and it’s only one of my problems) and I need passion to draw and faces are so very interesting! I can’t get away with just faces even for portraits but still, it’s the most important part. I like the rules, the fixed things, I can learn that if I put in enough effort. And I do if it’s about faces. I put in way more effort than into anything else, by far. So I am best with that. I am nowhere good, I don’t practice it enough but it’s my strong point.

And it’s actually a neat trick to pick an animal and draw a human with its characteristics… Especially if it’s cartoon :slight_smile:
Animals are often harder to me except their ears. Human ears takes a ton of practice and I don’t even like the look nearly as much as like, a cat or a deer ear, those are super fun!

The beef stew Alvaro made is quite nice and not even chewy but super rich and a tad too salty, I can’t eat it alone.
And it’s a problem as my willingness to touch eggs in any form rapidly deteriorates and what else would I eat it with? I take an attempt tomorrow, I still have turkey from the soup.

I relax my ways for a while. Stew with the onion already changed things but I added dairy too. I must avoid losing eggs and messing up everything. Without eggs I am doomed, I mean, I can’t find any woe where I am even remotely okay then.
But a little dairy spice up things, fortunately. And it’s good with my stew too.

Today I ate beef stew with leftover sponge cake (I dislike sponge cakes now for the first time…), soup with one poached egg (I put 2 into it. I dislike poached eggs now) and coffee with milk (Alvaro used milk so we have that now. nope, it’s still not good for me, feels funny and its sugar/protein ratio makes it not good for coffee. when I was younger, I liked this combo).

Yesterday I had short lived but intense cramps in my… lower belly? Nothing that some extensive toilet using can’t solve, fortunately but I am not used to this at all. Odd but I am a human, it can happen occasionally even if normally doesn’t.

Now I am fine just slightly nauseous partially due to my problems with my food today. It’s a pity, the stew is really tasty. Too tasty, I need it to make less neutral :slight_smile:

It turned out stew using 2 kg beef is smallish. I only put a little part into the freezer, the rest won’t be a challenge even though we both eat it with other things and use other dishes too. I still can’t use to this, meat I consider very much becomes so small looking. But it’s very satiating (among other good points) so it’s all good.
I think I still remember the times when I ate food with a much bigger volume. Even though it’s nothing new that I eat dense food. But now I never eat not dense food. Soup doesn’t count and I don’t have it on the majority of my days and never a lot.

That’s good stuff!!! I am a tad sad I don’t have mascarpone now. I plan pancakes with cheese but my favorite not carby pancake is filled with mascarpone, coffee, vanilla. Mmmm.
I plan to make tiramisu too but I haven’t figured out carnivore ladyfingers yet. I have ideas and doubts :smiley: And I so don’t need tiramisu on carnivore that I don’t try hard.

I did nothing Eastern-y today, not even food wise. I didn’t look at the boiled eggs and only Alvaro ate ham. Twice. But not much as I wanted some for tomorrow too.

My stew. I am still bad with photos, sunshine or not.

I looked at my (sometimes quite inaccurate but it’s good enough for a vague idea) notes. I can say my tentative idea about 7 pounds of meat a week has a quite big chance especially with my starting egg aversion. I am over 1 pound of meat a day this far, my egg intake was 6.5 a day, pretty stable (it would have dropped but I needed them, even I can’t eat much meat alone if it’s too salty or very flavorful and fatty. or I can but I don’t enjoy it as much as possible), my energy intake were somewhat similar, the usual carnivore low-ish but the this far unavoidable (not like I ever tried to avoid it) higher-cal day will come at some point I suppose. So many things are changed but even my huge eating window one day (11 hours. I had 2 hours twice, the others in between as normal for me) couldn’t make a big difference. It’s not that surprising on carnivore, actually. A tad more activity had no impact, that’s normal too.
Number of meals are typically 2 but several happened on my unusual day with breakfast as it’s normal.
My fat:protein ratio (in grams) started with the usual ~1 but then I ate lean but nice ham… So I ended up with significantly more protein than fat day after day since. I don’t think I had this before.

I can’t even try to give up coffee at this point.

Dairy helps me out a bit now that I have problem with eggs. I ate some cheese, tasty, more than tolerable but I had no desire to eat it, I just did it without any problem paired with something else. When the stew (with the mandatory onions) run out, I stop eating dairy again (unless I will still have problems with eggs) so I go back to the strictest version I am willing to do.
My being bored of eggs in most form never last for long. And I always eat eggs during those times just a bit less and I need to be more creative. I am not creative now, I haven’t eaten pancakes in April yet, that should work, I can fill them with cheese now. But I keep depending on meat more than usual.

(Vic) #50

Me also, not even shure if I want to give it up, I love coffee

Liver and bacon for breakfast

(Linda ) #51

@Carnivoor C your meals look amazing yum…
@Shinita your stew looks great too.
@ Fangs Sounds like your trip is brightened your spirits. Which is always a good thing.
@SecondBreakfast tiramisu yum the cream filling is the best part

It seemed no sooner than I had gone to bed and the dogs were barking

There were ppl in the back yard…
Turned out today was gunite day on the pool so now it actually looks like we have a pool finally.

Food today was ribs and my short ribs I didn’t enjoy we bought them ans they were dry… so I ate what I could…


Your pool is taking shape! I love it! I have a pool also and I am a super water baby and I am thrilled yours is getting completed and on its’ way :slight_smile: Great pic, thanks for sharing!

@Carnivoor, those are some nice meal pics, you are slaying your meals now and eating well when not at home!

-------------remember too guys, if you do good on coffee, don’t give it up LOL Some people fancy it and do well on it and hey, keep it, but if it is something ya wanna drop, then go for it. Coffee is just that personal thing for so many, just do whatever feels right to you about drinking it :slight_smile:

food was 8 thin cut pork chops
about a lb. of shrimp

so I decided to eat a little cocktail sauce with the shrimp. I dropped it from my life cause it gave me heartburn in the end but I did use it on and off thru my carnivore days when wanted. Big mistake! I got heartburn. Had to take 2 Tums LOL I didn’t even eat that much at all, I put like 2 tablespoons of cocktail sauce over my lb. of shrimp and just swirled it around ‘for a tiny taste’ and it was ok going down, but not that long after heartburn kicked in. Horseradish is off my list forever now. I CAN’T STAND THE HEARTBURN at all…makes me icky. So the old brain is putting cocktail sauce off my list again. When I rarely try to have some I die so it isn’t worth it anymore to me. I mean, I knew it might nail me—yea I knew, but I did it anyway, I paid a little for it. Oh well that is over and done. Dumbo here knows to not go there anymore :slight_smile:

today I got a ribeye steak for later
thinking about tuna/mayo and some sardines…got a handkering for tuna and sardines

carnivore on guys!! We are all doing well thru April!


@Fangs … sorry about the heartburn! ugh! I think anything tomatoe-y is going to have that effect on me now. Not used to the lectins and acid ever since getting them out of the diet. Pretty sure that’s what caused me my stomach issue. (I had stuffed the lamb with a tomatoe-basil-garlic & artichoke mix, and must have eaten some of the tomatoe.) I’m pretty ache-y too.

But, now I’m heading back into “the zone” beginning with a fast - because that is the most efficient and effective route for me. Not sure how long to fast…I’ll just wait and see.

The next 9 days are rain, rain and more rain…so, I’m happy to be back to work today. Can’t work on the garden at all! ha! Have a blessed day, all! SB


@SecondBreakfast, yup I agree, tomatoe-y is not good for me either.

I hear ya on tummy issues when we find what doesn’t work well for us! while it sucks, at least we know and can avoid and keep a watchful eye on us :wink:

9 days of rain…omgosh that is nasty. we went thru SO much rain times too it can make ya wanna pull your hair out! Worst was hay season, omg you drop your hay and think the forecast is great and then you see maybe some rain and ya freak :slight_smile: :slight_smile: went thru alot of those times over the decades LOL

what is it with farmers and weather HAHA


The site warns me that >21% of the posts are from me. It’s good it has no idea about the word counts…

I am sorry for your troubles Fangs. It’s a bit unfair, isn’t it, not being able to handle even a tiny stuff… I am glad tiny carbs works even all alone (rare for me) but with quick aftercare (fatty protein). I don’t mind my body handle wilder behaviour less well now, it even helps a bit to stay… in the general vicinity of the track. That’s good enough for me. Except when I am determined to be stricter.

I must get off from coffee for multiple reasons but I really don’t force myself.

I had lunch with Alvaro today as I got hungry early. It was very nice. I heavily used leftovers:

  • turkey soup with meat and one leftover poached egg
  • the last piece of ham with a pickled egg (as it’s too salty alone)
  • beef stew with sour cream, I didn’t need eggs with it this time
  • a little cake with coffee+milk (I still dislike milk in coffee but it’s better than nothing. it’s unfortunate I can’t buy small boxes of cream). I didn’t want anything like that but I had leftover egg yolks, boiled and raw alike and this was my best idea. I started to miss my experiments anyway.

I plan to go back to dairy free tomorrow.

And I had my 2nd carby dream in my life, quite stupid but as my first happened several years into low-carb and a few years into on/off keto at points when I definitely didn’t want carbs, it never was particularly smart. I ate some pastry made by Alvaro’s Mom, I never saw anything like that and don’t remember any taste just being too sweet (added sugar, of course) while she never makes too sweet stuff. And looking at the color, it hadn’t even eggs!!! I find even bread without eggs inferior…

Why can’t I have dreams about some better food? I very nearly never dream about food. Just bad adventures (sometimes I win but it’s still dangerous and I don’t like danger), horror or something boring. Once we learned that people dream in black and white in school. The next night I dreamed about extremely colorful gems in a brown-gold treasure chest.
The cake in my last dream was very pale yellowish white with some brown filling. I dreamed about green computer screens before. But color is rarely important in my dreams.

Very cold, cloudy day today, I barely left the house for a few minutes. But it’s April, we can’t have warm sunshine all the time.

Tomato is one of my big favs and this is at least my 6th day without :smiley: I can survive for some more time, I don’t miss it yet at all. I probably wouldn’t actually miss it for a very long time, it’s just useful sometimes. But as I dislike boiled and poached eggs now, eggs in purgatory and egg stew is out anyway and I only use it for these.
I miss mascarpone more but that’s insignificant too. I have everything I need at the moment. Maybe the coffee I like best would be nice, it’s fine even black… Monday will be my next city shopping, I try to forget about coffee until then.


and no. I don’t find it unfair —anymore—cause old days when I changed to LC I was ‘all about unfair’ eating cause ‘they could eat it’ and I could not.

All that has changed now. I don’t give one flying fig that I can’t slap on some cocktail sauce on my shrimp LOL I am fine with it. I ‘got told’ by my body you will get heartburn eating that SH** and I LISTEN so truly it is cool on that. Hey it took ALOT of yrs for me changing to realize what I thought was ‘fair and unfair’ on food for each of us was kinda a very stupid way of thinking :slight_smile: I want health. I eat for my health. I know what I can eat for perfect energy health and vitality and I push a tad cause ‘I want ‘’‘taste’’’ then I know I went against the body…believe me, the body actually rules the roost right? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: The body and health is all we got in this life, no use ME thinking I AM smarter than it HAHA

Why? what’s up with your needing to dump it? just wondering. I thought ya enjoyed it and did ok on it?


I wrote about my trigger process not long ago. Coffee -> dairy -> dessers -> sweets --> carbs. One thing brings the other, I get reminded to stuff… I don’t really worry about this on carnivore when I have enough meat though I don’t know what happens later, now I have problem with eggs and that’s already a big danger and if I add others, that’s not good… Better to be safe.

Coffee is my procastination tool too. Not good.

And it;s not food, I don’t need it. I am fine with consuming and doing not needed things of course but still, more than an occasional coffee doesn’t sound right. I drink way too much. Very little coffein as my coffee is super weak but still, I can’t like it much better than eating a lot of sweetener long ago. Not harmful but unnecessary, now and then is more than enough. The triggering effect is similar too, I easily get ideas and I still easily get tempted under certain circumstances. Not now as I am determined and I have lots of meat. Super effective combo, I am curious how long it will last.

I like to be free, not addicted, not even to this extent. If I have coffee, I drink it and quite often. If I haven’t, I am fine. This type.

And it costs money while not needed and I don’t enjoy it so much when it’s too frequent. So it makes little sense, it’s not completely mentally healthy to do such silly things.

I have these things with mostly harmless items. I just wish to change but as I don’t see a really big problem and it may help to tackle the real big bad ones, I don’t really try, I just stubbornly wish for it and don’t give up my dream to make a change about it. It’s just like losing fat. I am only overweight and I don’t try hard to lose. I stubbornly want it but I don’t force things. I put lots of effort into finding and doing some nice woe where I feel great and enjoy myself without a ton of food I surely don’t need and hope that it will help eventually.

This stubbornness helped with carnivore when it was very unusual and harder for me.
I usually don’t tentatively try a woe. I do it being determined and stubborn, being sure I have to do it.
Except paleo, I just tried it out but it was very close to what I wanted/needed anyway so it wasn’t hard at all.
Being a tad stricter than surely necessary for a while works for me. And it has benefits even if it’s unneeded longer term.

So… Coffee isn’t clearly negative to me but I am sure it would be better if I consumed it way less frequently. And usually in dishes, not as a drink. Coffee pudding is cool. Or coffee and vanilla flavored mascarpone. But I try to keep my desserts in check due to the trigger thing. I don’t want something else when I eat them, they are great and enough! I just get ideas. My mind “helpfully” brings back memories and plans… And I may get tempted. I had this “baby steps slowly leading to a mess” quite several times in the past. I am safe now but sometimes I am weaker due to my circumstances. I don’t want risks now. Nope. I am strict (according to my standards) and hope that when my rebellious self emerges again and want a wild party, it will be content with a keto day. It would be relatively wild :slight_smile:
I change quickly on a stricter but still nice woe.

(Vic) #58

Lamb sausage, beef and fish.
Cooky is spoiling me.

The fish needed a bit of peeling nasty crust off, but otherwise perfect.


My husband surprised me.

He wanted smoked chicken and he got me a rack of ribs.

I ate 3 smoked chicken wings which were OK but I am not a smoked chicken gal but the ribs are to my liking for sure! YUM

having a fab carnivore surprise day here for me

@Carnivoor , your chef is a real treat for you! Eating very well now!

I get you about triggers and more and if coffee is something you want to limit, then you go for it :slight_smile: We all learn what we need and don’t need for sure. Cool


Wow, the photos lately! I enjoy seeing Vic’s food every day and Fangs, this food is something gorgeous, those colors :smiley:

I am in my biggest meat-lover state ever now as I truly have problems with eggs and I don’t want dairy (okay, the sour cream was great but the cheese… nope). It probably won’t be long and I wasn’t really hungry but I made my cheesy pancakes and couldn’t stomach them. I tried a half and I had a small pancake with my last slice of head cheese and some beef stew and that’s it. I hope it’s enough. It’s still my lowest cal day in April by far, I ate less than when I felt too full all day in the beginning but maybe I will eat later.

I think I will mostly eat pork roast tomorrow (byebye, beef stew, you were tasty and tender…
beef and tender, wow, it wasn’t even a very long time over the open fire. I’ve read beef leg is super lean and when not, it’s still lean. well, mine was perfect. of course there was added fat but it can’t save lean meat and there was visible fat. my 3 beef leg pieces was all a bit different, this one was the best).