BewareEasterBunny -- DangerousCarnivoreApril

(Linda ) #21

Todays food was 2 flaken style ribs for lunch followed with 2 more meals of prime rib. I ate too much because now I’m over full :weary: it was so tender oh well last of it is packed up for hubands lunch tomorrow…

(Vic) #22

Last night I ordered the wrong food and ended up tossing 60% of it. Still leaving me 250gr of meat, good enough for ones.

Then this morning at breakfast there was something wrong with the scrambled eggs at breakfast, nearly spoiled. No meat except for some franken sausages and plastic cheese.
But hey they had milk …tasted it … pretty shure they made it from powdered milk. Not for me :confused:

Time to move to another Hotel. In the mean time fasting, I’m done with half meals.


I’ve still eating only pork, chicken, fish, shrimps, butter and salt.

I haven’t noticed any difference, except that I’m bored of the food and my cravings got worse.

I’m definitely depressed and I think it’s the depression that’s the cause of not feeling better, not the diet. I’m depressed because of the cold and lockdown. I’ve noticed on the few warmer days, I felt stronger. It got cold again and I feel very weak.

In my old days, I’d eat chocolates and feel a bit better. Comfort food.

I’ll keep this going, but if my dark thoughts and despair become worse, I’ll have some comfort food (mug chocolate cakes made with almond meal, lemon juice, cheese).

I wish the weight I’ve put on when I went carnivore would disappear on its own, but it’s still there.

So, I have nothing positive out of it at the moment.

I wish I knew how to cook meat in a way it’d be tasty like in your pictures!

(Vic) #24

A wonderfull acheavement is the realization that food does not make you depressed or unhappy, nor is it a cure for it. Food is just fuel to keep you running and healthy. Its not entertainment or for comfort etc.

Sorry you feel depressed. Here are a few tricks if you don’t want any outside proffesional help yet.

Every morning try to be a tiny little bit of a better person than you were yesterday morning.

Do this by doing something out of your routine. Call a friend you haven’t spoken in a long time. Paint the back door. Play a new game. Ride yourr neglected bicycle, anything really thats been on your mind but you postponed.
So ask yourself in the morning mirror, did I acheave my daily little step forward? “Yes” will start your day positive and undepressed.

Rebell a little bit against the lockdown, your mental health is more important. Find someone you know and is also suffering, get toghether for koffie and a chat.

Hope you feel better soon



3rd day and my belly is still not right. Nothing serious but I am used to feeling right and it’s the 3rd day. I am so full. It’s interesting that while I have so very subtle signs, multiple kinds of hunger and many other valid urges to eat, I have this single off feeling for carb poisoning, overeating and whatever too many peanuts do. It’s the exact same feeling (except right after overeating as my stomach has another state then. now it’s empty and hungry while I in general am too full. it’s fine until I don’t get hungry. stomach hunger should be ignored). Maybe there are some other reason as I shouldn’t feel it now. Oh well.

Our ham and eggs are boiling now, today’s meal won’t be boring for sure. I wonder about making sponge cake using 16 eggs (and nothing else if someone doesn’t know it yet here)… I always eat them up way too quickly and they are so nice, fluffy and useful. When I can’t even think about boiled or scrambled eggs, I still like my eggs like this. And it has a different feeling I can’t explain. So it fills a void. And it requires my kitchen machine (I don’t know if I will buy an electric hand mixer in the near future. I can handle things but I often whip eggs and sometimes cream and my kitchen machine do it well but it’s hard to get out of it. It has no beater but a plate with holes and the beaten stuff totally cling to it. I wish I have bought a machine for beating stuff, not this one but I bought it for cutting up stuff and never use it for it as it doesn’t do it the way I wanted. it slices stuff wonderfully but I rarely need it and I have something else for it) and if I go through the cleaning of the machine, I want a ton of sponge cake for a similar amount of work.
So I will have some for a while, I really never got bored of them before so it’s good for emergencies when I don’t want anything and I dislike what I have with very few exceptions. Yesterday I only liked the sausage from the pig farm but I use it as a little addition.

Cloudy day (and a bit colder too) but it’s fine, we had so great days lately and it’s not one of those super dark days when I wonder at 2pm if I should turn off the light… Just cloudy. Yesterday the wildlife park was full with people! Of course, it’s spring, sunshine, not a workday… It’s outside of human settlements so no one wore a mask except us.
I remembered last year when the place was closed for 2 weeks and that was the super mild, almost nothing first wave… Compared to the situation now.

The main work is choosing the right ingredient. At least for my stuff. I toss it into the oven, little salt and it’s good. Especially freshly made. Good, tasty meat doesn’t need much. My less nice meat (it may be great but not according to my taste) ends up as stew, with some plants. Or I mix it with eggs and fry it, eggs make everything better.
But my taste can be very simple, I can enjoy even the meat in my fowl soup and that’s just boiled.
I suppose some nice sauce is needed for some people…? Nice variety for me too! Sometimes I put my lean so not tempting meat (like pork chuck after I cut off the fatty parts and ate them) next to my eggs in purgatory. But that contains plants. But one can do things with egg yolks and some fat, maybe sour cream too, mustard… I never feel the need for it so I am not familiar with it but the sauce in egg benedict, mayo and many other things can be used for meat too I suppose…
Or you can use chili, that spice some meat up :slight_smile: These are all very simple things, just roasting, frying some meat, sometimes boiling works too (nor for me except if it’s a soup but I roasted soup meat afterwards in my life…) - and adding some spices, simple sauce, even some flavorful plants in small amount if you are open to that. I only go that far if I really would be super bored without or if we have that as our common food. My default meat dish is some roast.

Food IS entertainment, hobby, an important source of joy, being social sometimes (I prefer eating with Alvaro. only if it’s right for me, sometimes I get hungry between his meals but I usually have one other meal together) and it’s perfect for me.
I understand it shouldn’t have a too, unhealthily big role in our life, it’s not right to use it for some role (comfort though I can understand it to a little extent, reward) but enjoying the hell out my food? That’s basic. Even fasting has a very important role, to give me joy (like most of things I do) let alone eating :smiley:
I get it, too many people are too addicted to food, that’s wrong. But I for one never will throw out all the joys and fun my food provides. (I just need to write less here and think less about food when I don’t need to do it.)

Wrong food can do that though :wink: I hardly can imagine eating some proper food making us feeling bad except if we overdo it. Or if we have stupid ideas about how we should eat, that’s unfortunate.
Yesterday I read an article somewhere, it had good points and things totally not true for me but they considered being tempted by the smell of a roast and eat some of it a bad thing… It was “temptation in an unclean environment” example together with chips. I am always a bit confused when meat is labeled as some bad thing when talking about “normal” human diet full with way worse things, no matter how I look at it… And it’s not just vegans, “meat should be eaten in moderation” (I mean, red meat 1-2 oz a day or something) is too common. I don’t get that but I almost never used meat as “spice”, if I had meat, I meant business, even if was just for that day in that month. Just like my portions (I don’t even have “portions”, I don’t like that word…). I eat my fill or fast, I don’t have some tiny snack…

It’s not so easy but it’s worth a try. Hopefully Carols can do things in the morning unlike me.
And we shouldn’t plan too many or too big things, I always realize that (I am quite enthusiastic when planning and overestimate myself. my hope is too developed and facts and experiences don’t affect it much. it lives in the world in theoretical possibilities and my big potential. even drastically lowered, it’s challenging). But doing some tiny but important things feel nice indeed. And they need to be done anyway… But if one works on things already, maybe not activity is the best approach but find something fun? (Okay, they aren’t exclusive.)
I can be always cheered up a little with music, reading, looking at nice plants and animals… I know it can be learned to forget about our problems to a surprisingly huge extent (unless they are so serious we can’t, at least not for long). I am a master at it now (it’s not always positive, I can run away my problems for too long).
I realized I tend to check if I have the mood and other things to do some things I should. That’s bad. The Nike slogan is wise in many cases, just do it! It may be easy after starting, I usually have problems with making me start, I don’t know why.

If we stuck into some dark feeling or in my case, inactivity, doing something out of ordinary may help a bit. There was even a term I can’t translate in a psychology book for it.
Maybe I will find something new every day (and fail to do it on most days but maybe I can improve. or I find such a tiiiiny thing even I can do it?).

Get better, @Corals! I wish you nicer weather and some improved social life somehow! It’s the hardest when we are already down, I never have depression, per se but I was down and tired and in bad weather I have so little hope… But when things get a better even though it’s just some shunshine or good music or humour, I should use the chance and go higher a bit!


Enjoy that long weekend!!
yea do ‘your bit of cheese’ as you want when you want but you keep it under ‘your tighter control’ ya know. You got this!
Never was a ham fan. I like a bite or 2 but geez, my hubby can live on ham alone LOL

I know that feeling but the BEST thing about it, we aren’t ‘carb sluggy full’ :slight_smile: How I get full on meat is so much nicer than how I used to get full on carbs. Carbs I would suffer long times, but on meat it gets processed faster and you feel better quicker! Glad you are eating so well tho and enjoying those ribs!

WOW Vic, you are getting killed by your meals you are ordering right now…you were doing so well getting lucky on those meals, and then you got nailed tough on these last ones. Yikes.

Feel for you but your time is, about, 2 weeks and this work trip is over for you? Hope you can get back to your home and your own kitchen sooner than later!! A carnivore can be pushed on crappy meat for only so long :wink:

Ohhh, so sorry you are feeling like this.
I understand truly. So many of us have hit such lows during all this crazy.

Plus I am like you. Cold shuts me down. Cold nasty gray weather just sucks the life out of me. I require warmth and I function so much better like you said! Vic is right tho…as hard as it is you must get out of your own head at this point. I had to also…I just had to make myself find ways to do anything, positive thoughts, do something like housework with the music blaring and dancing around while dusting or something like that LOL I had to just drag me up a step ya know. You will be ok. You just focus on anything different and good that you can!

And don’t worry on the gained weight. You hold plan you will lose it. But it is important to hold plan now, don’t allow any carbs back in cause that will just cement the weight on ya longer kinda. Holding a tight carnivore plan after gaining up some is very important in order to lose it…and you will. I truly freaked when I gained up like my 10 or so lbs when I started and it took a bit to shift it off and I thought WTH? and all the crazy thoughts on it, but in the end it left and more came off and I leaned out on the body composition also…so good things will come, you just hang on!

For meat cooking just do a little google research. There are tons of ways to prepare meats/seafoods and just get tasty meat ya love. I hit up all kinds of websites on grilling and how to cook whatever cut of meat to its best level, so that might keep ya entertained a bit learning up good meat cooking methods.

Stay strong Corals! Come here and vent it out, yell a bit, rant away and chat up however you are feeling. We understand :slight_smile: We got your back!

---------------------We all need to go Easter Bunny hunting :slight_smile: get our minds off things LOL

You know it is funny but I kinda parrot Corals at this point about the cold. We dropped down to super BBrrrr and I am now freezing my butt off…right now I got the fireplace roaring! We had warmer weather and now back to big wind and rainy and COLD and I have to say it effects me also!! But I am trying to not let it, I am just saying to myself, WARM sunny weather is right on the heels of this cold front and I just have to wait a bit. I am SO an outside person but I don’t function out in the cold at all. I got a taste of outdoors and nicer weather and now this backslide of cold is pizzing me off LOL

My bro Rich flew down to visit mom. Today me and kiddo are heading over. I am baking up 12 chicken thighs and making some honey BBQ chicken tenders for kid and mom…the 12 thighs are getting Cajun spice on them for me and Rich. He is low carb eater and can power down alota chicken like me :slight_smile: I might make a few plain ones as I noticed Cajun spice is tending to burn up my tummy a tad, not sure if I wanna push it and eat too much of that stuff. So a few Cajun thighs and the rest plain for me probably.

but it gets me and kiddo out of the house for a bit. Hubby is working today so he can’t make it but he loves his work so he is cool with it.

When home if needed I got shrimp and a steak if wanted later…will see how the food day plays out :slight_smile: Not worried on it. I am in a lighter not hungry type meal schedule right now so I can go with the flow easy thru today.



At noon, our ham was ready, Alvaro hungry and I was curious so went down to the kitchen…
After the first bite my body decided it’s hungry (but my hunger sign totally can change if my food is tempting or not at all… still, it seemed legit).

It was nice! Soft, ham tasting (yum) and a bit too salty. Nothing some boiled eggs can’t help but I couldn’t eat it alone. And this is after losing lots of sodium to the water.
2.8% salt according to its label. 4% for the sausage was perfect but that was way harder and I ate it in small amounts.
I think I use 0.4% salt for my roasts (it’s still not clear as I used less when I measured and very lightly salted later)… Interesting.
And I did 0,6% when I ate a tablespoon of salt and drank water between “bites”, ages ago. I will try it again with a teaspoon of it if I am able to eat salt alone (for a few seconds before I drink) at all. Before carnivore I sometimes licked my Himalayan pink salt. I didn’t need sodium as far as I know, I just liked the taste. Then I started to like things with less sodium, unsalted meat stopped being inedible and the tiniest piece of salt alone became awful.

After some days I will calculate my sodium intake. With bad accuracy but it still will be informative I think.

Nevermind what I wrote about the cloudy day, it’s over, it’s sunshine, yay! We go for a nice walk today as well, there is a nearby hill, very beautiful and we didn’t visit it since last year!

Our ham after Alvaro took some slices.
It is about 3 pounds. Do you think it’s plenty if we eat other things as well? It’s not. We could eat it for 2 meals (even Alvaro isn’t shy with this tender, somewhat lean, nice meat) but we probably will leave some for Easter Monday too :wink:

I want ham again soon after we run out of this.

I ate maybe 300g (it’s a lot at noon for me) with some boiled eggs (more whites than yolk) and mustard and horseradish. They are just such a perfect combo, totally Eastern-y and I allow condiments anyway, even now, just not onion or tomato puree, those are plants, not condiments so much even if I use them as spice in a broad meaning.

So now I am content. It definitely made me happier, I like this feeling after eating properly and just enough. I couldn’t overeat if I tried (not forcefully), only carbs trigger that. Carnivore is extremely effective for me on multiple levels, I just had a bad track record to staying on it. But with such items? It’s very easy, at least for a while. But if I am ready and use a nice variety, it should work without problems for longer. I really want to make big progress in the next 2 months, June is trickier.

(Vic) #28

Nope, my current project expanded again with additional work. I wil, be here for 6 more weeks I guess.

I just rented a 15 bedroom house and 2 cooks for me and my team. That will give me full controll of whats on the dinnerplate.

A little step forward…


Yay for you, Vic!

I am so used to control over my food and my body became so much choosier, it would be a huge problem for me to lose this… But you stayed strong and it gets better now!


Hey all.
Still in the zone! YAY! Back to intuitive eating, only when hungry and only carnivore. Chowed down 5 chicken thighs- huge, nice fatty ones - on the way to work the other day. Felt amazing all day long.

Eats have been mostly beef and chicken, butter (some olive oil, too), eggs and a bit of cheese. This weekend, we will have turkey and lamb.

“The girls” have started laying eggs again, as we are having an early spring and it is unseasonably warm here. Hoping to get some garden going soon!!!

(Karen) #31

Had my nice lay in this morning and then did 5 x 20 stair runs, 10 jumping pull ups, 20 sit ups and 10 hand release pu’s.

Didn’t fancy going out and decided to hang a curtain in the lounge to stop sun from bleaching the antique furniture and ended up completely changing my lounge around. Looks nice and a change is as good as a rest they say, well I needed a rest after that! Back is a bit sore now :roll_eyes:

Brunch was the remaining ham and 2 fried eggs
Dinner was 2 sirloin steaks followed by a smidgen of cheese. Weening off it gradually :grin::grin:


Walk was tiny as we had hail 3 minutes after leaving. Very tiny pieces. It stopped soon but my hair was wet and I had enough. I prefer walking in sunshine anyway and it’s common lately.

And I realized I ate about 12g added salt today. Except a tiny bit of fried liver, all came from my ham (I ate a lot, setting my meat eating record again except my exceptional days with 10 chicken thighs. there was some turkey too). I am fine but I better keep it lower in the next days.

Not surprisingly, I was wonderfully satiated today while having less food than usual. Meat is powerful (except chicken).

Alvaro doesn’t understand why we don’t eat ham way more often either. So we will.

(Linda ) #33

Awesome your bringing Alvaro along with you slowly with out him even realizing it might be super slow but he too is enjoying some more meat too.

Food for me was flanken ribs and ground beef and butter. I’ll have another rib later if I’m hungry
Cutting back my protein upping my fats my body seems to be liking I’ve dropped down to 139 .0 even though though I’m actually eating more calories on carnivore.
I actually purchased a ketone blood meter …not that I had to, I wasn’t even asked to but it allows me to see if I was doing it right I had been feeling lost not having a clue if I was doing ok … Dr Cywes had told me I had 0 ketones in my blood… since being able to see that myself has let me
see how much I still needed to cut it back it’s pushed me into ketosis so this may explain the weightloss… I’m still eat when I’m hungry and im not chasing ketone numbers don’t care what they are so long as it shows im there…it keeps me honest in keeping the added butter on my meat and hopefully send my cholesterol and insulin in the right direction weight loss been a bonus. It kind of surprising since as I said I’m eating more calories than I was on keto/ketovore I’ll prob only use it once a week to keep me on track.


By taking moments. Like you say.

It’s no longer a new job and imposter syndrome is subsiding.

I’ll do self talk. Self coach. Often I’ll ask myself questions. Like, How much do you want this? (From Dr. Sean O’Meara). Or, How much do you want to live? (Every screen villain in cinema history including quite a few antiheroes). I repeat the mantra, That surprising thing that just happened is what it is. How you/I respond is in my control. Also I’ve found that bad news mainly comes via email, so I’ll ignore them, or delay as long as possible in answering. Emails from/to students will get my priority attention. I’ll take time to draw. If things get really tough, I’ll book a consult at the beach with my therapist (Billie the Labrador).

Bacon in the omelette today. Hungry. Blood glucose 4.9mmol/L (88.2 mg/dl) and blood ketones 0.2mmol/L. Breakfast at 2:45pm. I like these “Easter eggs”. Plus about 60g Jarlsberg cheese. Coffee earlier at about 10am, no cream.

No shift on belly measurement since early in the March. Now I have a litany of aches: finger from a bee sting, other hand finger from a nail edge infection (gardening), sore right shoulder, general aches in the levers and hinges when standing. The eye crusties tell me I’m going through an oxalate dump. So, that is a strong indicator I’m not only back on plan, but have maintained, or sustained it for some time. Time enough to make it back to the dump.

The sun is shining now so I might take these thoughts out into the ocean.

I drew a blue groper after a visiting spear fisherman on holiday killed the one we local people swum with for years at the sheltered beach. The law says he did nothing wrong. Except for not thinking things through, and the fact we still have places here where people can swim with blue groper/grouper minus one. Unique, because those inquisitive, docile fish are rare or extinct in other, civilised, places. Gah, humans!


(Vic) #35

I eat a lot of grouper when I’m in the Persian gulf.
They are ery abundant close to Iraq and Q8. They are the gray veriety and very tasty.
We also salted them sometimes and dry them in the sun before cooking.

Ofcourse wouldn’t want an endangered kind of grouper on my plate, why would anyone want that?


Happy you are doing well S! You said it, having the meat/fish/fowl or seafood one loves to eat, enjoys so much and has all this readily available at all times is key to holding this plan and enjoying it enough to stay on it. It sounds like you are now finding better meat purchases and more to suit your fancy! Cool. Nice ham pic! Looks yummy!!

a great step forward :slight_smile: 6 more weeks, wow, you are locked down and settling in on that project but with that new living arrangement you should do very well on your eating! I am sure it will make ya alot happier!

HOORAY FOR YOU SB!! Happy you are holding well and in the sweet zone! Glad the girls are laying again, fresh eggs are the bomb!

Cool for you K! Drop a little here and there and pick and choose only when you really want a little cheese and you will slowly walk from it as you want. You sure got this! Changed around your whole lounge with just wanting to hang curtains :slight_smile: I do things like that LOL Darn furniture can be heavy tho doing that :wink: Hope your back improves fast and I am sure it will, you are Carnivore, nothing gets us down HA

Congrats!! Yea, the eat more kcals and lose lbs is real truth. Glad you are getting the results you desire. Sounds like you are kinda into a PKD protocol and doing well with it. Many carnivores at some point head into a PKD direction and it works well for alot of us!

Now that is the tops for a therapist, plus you pay her in meat :slight_smile:
You are very on top of it and you are smart to see it, feel it, acknowledge it and handle it in great form. Stress and work and all is truly a PIA to many of us. Super happy you are finding ways to chill and put that stupid stress into levels you can control!

Cool blue grouper picture, very very nice. I draw also. Animals and landscapes. Horses are number 1 of course :slight_smile: I am so sorry tho truly that someone took your blue grouper you are used to seeing in its spot! It is sad when things go down like that and it would make me sad :frowning: We kinda count on little things in our lives to be constant, but life sure is never that is it?

yes and holding plan tight like you are, means it is time again for a healing shift/change in your body again! So hold on thru it and when your body flips around again with time, new great benefits open to you. Be interesting to see how you progress :slight_smile: You are doing so well FB!

--------------------So had fun day with bro Rich and mom. food was:
some taylor ham slices early to hold me
5 chicken thighs with some cajun spice
med. size cheeseburger patty for dinner later

chick thighs were ok. I ate a billion chicken thighs when I started carnivore I loved them so much, then I dropped them totally cause I was SO chicken thigh’d out LOL and haven’t had them in ages, but these were ok but not enough to draw me back to them.

defrosting Tbones for today and 1 for tomorrow, hopefully hubby will want to eat other crap and leave my 2 steaks alone. Will pair with shrimp.

Other than that all is great on zc for me. Happy Easter everyone, no rabbit on the plate here today tho LOL

(Karen) #37

Back was incredibly sore and stiff this morning but the stair runs jiggled all the stiffness and pain away and I have been fine for the rest of the day. YAY!

Easy day popped to dance partner friend for a cuppa and keep him company for a while on Easter Sunday.

Brunch was sauted chicken in butter with a small amount of meltes cheese. Still felt hungry about half hiur later so was going to have some cheese, went to the fridge and thought No I will have a couple of hard boiled eggs and thats what I did. I will have to boil up some more as only 2 left and they are really handy as a go to.

Dinner was a sirloin steak. May have some smoked trout later, which won’t be too much later as I have to get early night before work tomorrow. :roll_eyes:


and you are putting the brain first and thinking about other ‘what do I want to eat’ foods that are not cheese…and that is how ya succeed!!! Cool you are doing so great and happy you worked out the kinks in your back!!

(Vic) #39

Bbq chicken and steak.
The taste was incredible.
Just the green decorations, can’t talk them out of it.
Can’t complain thou, got exactly what I wanted. This cook is going to be my friend.

(Linda ) #40

That looks really yummy Vic glad your finally getting some real food…
Happy Easter Everyone
Todays food was flanken ribs and bacon.
Cooked a turkey last night and snacked on that late, so not as hungry today… broke it down into meals for my husband’s work dinners next week.