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Yesterday’s food finished off my fish and my lamb chops only ate the one meal wasn’t overly hungry probably cos I ate more day before…

Back to beef and short ribs today . I went to Sam’s yesterday after coming home from my shot and grabbed more short ribs cos lately they get them on Thursday and sold out a few days later. So I grabbed two packs and ended up with more lamb chops, fish, bacon and eggs barely got that meat in the freezer … I know i said I’m supposed to be trying to eat space in the freezer but my husband insisted "we should just buy more " since I liked them so much. Lol I’m not sure how I’m going to convince him buying whole meat will be cheaper in the end.

This month def has flown by been a good month weight wise for me so looking forward to see how the upcoming months play out.
The aim for this month was to add more fish into my life which I’ve done so going forward I think I’ll try to make at least one day a week have fish as part of it .
I been slacking a bit on my fats I think ,I forget to add butter sometimes so I’ll try to monitor that a bit more in may.


this is so funny. I am a pack the freezer tight also but I got a chest freezer and the darn stuff at the bottom gets older so fast and I HATE digging thru it all to get the older stuff I packed LOL

I do find a ‘bit of space’ is a very good thing for my 0 patience of moving new dates to using older date in my freezer…omg I am so over doing that, believe me some space is a good thing even tho we think it isn’t :slight_smile:

don’t ‘monitor you too much now’ and go by what the body wants. You are there ya know, you kinda gotta give that carnivore faith to just let your body say I want to eat…I now want…I need fat now etc. Just cook as you want. On a day you want big fat believe me you will draw straight to it, days ya want leaner you will know plus fish addition is a great thing into your menu!! I am not a fish fan so I do tuna in a can or sardines that I love but my draw is shrimp, crab and lobster, scallops as my ‘lighter fare’ addition I enjoy.

but yea don’t monitor ‘too much’ and think I MIGHT NEED, it is now time to let your total gut instincts draw you forward and your body will actually do just that :slight_smile: Just a bit to think about ya know on how you might need to just let it go, let things go down as the body says and I had to do it, just kinda go with the flow a bit and for me personally it is extremely free to eat at your bodys will and you sure want it when ya want it and enjoy it :slight_smile:

You doing great Azi! Great posts and moving forward strong! Carnivore style!


is it safe to eat supermarket cheese that has been left out in room temperature for over 24 hours?


are we talking the ‘cheese processed like Kraft in plastic’ or are we talking ‘real cheese’ that is more hard aged and a better dairy option?

plastic type fake processed oh heck no

I have left a block of real cheddar out and would easily eat a big old hunk and not think twice.

think of what this ‘cheese product’ is ya know. Real cheese is one thing truly and the ‘manufactured whatever wonder cheeses out there’ can be scary LOL

did that help any? :slight_smile:


is processed hard aged cheese a thing? like hard aged cheese processed by Kraft in plastic

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I will eat it, add some to my plate.

Not to much, It may be shady :thinking:

Its carnivore enough for me


oh yea if it is wrapped in plastic for sale and just a big old hunk of ‘real aged cheddar or whatever cheese’ then you are ok. Yes I would eat that and get it back in the fridge and then watch it for green mold happening later down the line…and with hard aged, you can easily cut off any little mold spore area, but give it a ‘good sized birth ya know’ around that and easily still eat that cheese!

soft cheese the tendrils of mold go ‘very easily’ into the next part of the cheese. Hard aged means the tendrils of mold can’t ‘move easily’ and are very ‘spot effected’ and can be cut to chunk out the area and the rest of the cheese is fine.


darn right I would be all over it if hard aged and good brand :slight_smile:
I ate alot of things ‘left out’ longer than the ‘old stupid norm’ should be for whatever food and I am thriving :slight_smile: fight ya for it HA


thanks…my entire life i’ve been fear-mongered into throwing out any meats/cheeses that’s been left out for even a few hours outside of the freezer due to “bacteria” being formed easily and getting food poisoning/e.coli/salmonella, etc. in a normal household environment


yea you have to think…soft and easily spreadable type fungus to ‘get thru’ food easily and then think ‘hard aged tough food’ like a block cheddar that will not let any tendrils of fungus move thru easily.

WE ARE ALL told, I so get that LOL but in the end, with you being carnivore, your guts will easily take any issues but of course some can be nasty so don’t ever ‘push too darn much’ but the real info about real food is real life on what issues can go down on it…think about ‘chemical enhanced who the heck knows what process’ it went thru and ‘not real food’ does have issues one doesn’t wanna push too much cause who are we to know what that food really is ya know.

many leave cheese out for consumption.
many leave butter out.
aged meat is a real deal drying in air but I would eat an air dried left out real steak before I ate ‘that salami with who knows what preseveratives in it’ left out on the counter…so just go off and google some info on real food and we get a drift on how to go down on it.


not hungry but now want food and I got a ‘small Tbone in there’ that needs to be eaten and I WANT THIS!


I don’t know what it is about me and pork lately LOL
I will eat the pork first cause that is what the body wants and then I will use the little 10 oz Tbone as secondary meal.

yea I got this day :slight_smile: watching me tho not to defrost too much meat when I am SO iffy on what I want. Yes my total control over my food for the day is a biggie for me on not wasting any…got caught there before on defrosting too much and I am not throw my meat in the garbage type gal cause I couldn’t get to it :slight_smile:


oh and @daigo1 you just picture a scavenger. Like a vulture or a coyote and all the big predators! They eat kills days and weeks old and their ‘gut systems’ are made to work for that ya know. They survive thru it all and WE AS humans have WAY more control of an overnight leave out of some hard cheese.

Life is meant to be tough and rough and livable with ‘real food’ ya know. But if we ‘man made it to a degree’ of over processing then the more issues can come into play.

just some thoughts on it :slight_smile: I love chatting out this stuff, makes me feel good doing my zc plan more!

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When it comes to real food, I trust my senses.

As soon as the animal is killed it starts to rot.

It will smell and taste good as long as my body can deal with the bacteria. As soon as it becomes to much my body will tell me, it will smell bad and tast horrible.

This only works for real food, in junkfood you need to be carefull, the added shugar and salt and artificial flavours mask the rot. Your senses get deceived and this is how bad things happen.

Food rots slower in the fridge, but it is the same as out of the fridge.

Fear of bad food is a good thing, it protects you. In the case of junkfood you need it.
With real food, you can relax and rely on your sense of smell and taste.


FAB POST VIC! So true!

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If it is real block cheese like cheddar you cam leave it out. If some mould is growing on it just slice it off. Blue cheese is just the same except you eat the blue veins. I watched a food programme on this not so long ago. But as @Fangs says if it is plastic processed cheese don’t eat, in fact steer clear altogether because it is not true cheese, it is designed to melt and bubble on a burger and so is processed with that in mind, you don’t get the same effect with real cheese slices popped onto a burger. It is quite fascinating if you read up how they produce burger cheese slices.

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We had a fridge when I was a child. My grandparents didn’t have a fridge, they had a larder. They kept their butter, cheese and milk in that larder and it was fine. The milkman delivered fresh milk each morning, but the butter and cheese would just be eaten until finished. Fresh milk went in tea, slightly older left over milk would go in puddings and sauces. Off or turned milk would go in scones.


i think this is a very important point for me because i grew up on not trusting my body, as if all bodily functions and mechanisms were technical formulas and had to adhere to them regardless of what our bodies tell us because they’re not adequate in determining what we require to function in a modern environment. sort of a very mechanical/scientific approach to physiological maintenance as opposed to biological/evolutionary intuition. probably because i have too much personal experience about doctors not being able to figure out what’s wrong with a lot of people i knew who died with either unknown or very generic causes (e.g. liver failure, but unable to determine what caused the liver to fail in an otherwise “healthy” individual who was fit and never drank alcohol and such). i guess that’s just bad luck knowing people personally that just died without any real specific cause since a lot of them never knew their death was coming so soon, and it seems their body was not aware of this either? i hope that my body can learn how to signal to me that something is wrong because i feel like i still can’t trust it since i’ve been so dependent on “science” and machines to assist in determining my health requirements from when i was an athlete. lots of being hooked up to computers and monitors and such, blood tests to determine nutrition, etc.

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@Fangs the vegan I was chatting to is a lovely chap and yes nice to talk a sensible 2 way convo. There are a few people who I think are tracking my woe, probably to see if i get sick lol.

I am sure you are aware with regards to getting too much out of freezer, cooking beef from freezer is not an issue. Any dark meat can be cooked from frozen just needs to be cooked a while longer but of course we shouldn’t do this method with white meat such as pork and poultry. I often used to cook my mince from frozen because there was a time when I was oh so busy with young kiddies that I used to forget to get food from freezer on too many occasions to mention lol.

Did my stair runs this morning and it is day 365 of my baseline 100 flights a day, every morning! Tomorrow is my stair runaversary as I started them on 1st May 2020
Proud moment🙂

Did them at 4.45am before working the morning shift. Finished at 1.45pm and felt quite tired after a not so decent nights sleep. Took a packet of cooked chicken thighs with me but wasn’t too hungry so 9nly managed 3 or 4 small thighs, i returned home with over half left in packet. Sat out in the sunshine to unwind with my codewords book, pint of water and a chunk of cheddar and then decided i should cook my dinner before it gets too late cos i know i need an early night tonight. Dinner was my go to ribeye steak, bacon n eggs and very nice it was too. Feeling full!

See you all in Meat Mayhem xx


I don’t think most people think that someone on carnivore would get healthier… Most people truly think everyone doing something VERY different than them, it must me bad. No matter how the “normal” eating works for people… Well, they may know some problems and think cutting out most of the sugar and eating certain items in moderation must be the good way. I have this impression.

Of course, some people are afraid that their family members or friends find a great woe and they get “left behind” all jealous and unwilling to change but I like to think it’s not THAT super common, it doesn’t seem so to me. But it does exist, sad but true.

I am a half-hermit and almost no one knows about my woe, whatever it is at the moment (well, I gave only a single vague woe and off days) but I tend to meet people who may have their opinions but accept that it’s my life so I make the decisions for myself. My family members adapt to the extent they are comfortable with and all is well. Too bad it’s way worse for many.

Guys (I googled a bit and yep, it works for females just as I felt), I brought a photo! We found tongue in aspic on sale. Not a great thing but a nice variety for now. I will buy tongue and make dishes myself, it’s so very lean, it requires extra fat :slight_smile: And the aspic is so nothing, a week liquid with gelatin. But no regrets, tongue is a nice though lean meat, no wonder it’s a popular item. Not wildly popular but very normal, a few dishes totally requires it.

Let’s not talk about my last few days, I had circumstances and probably mental conditions as well…
But in the last 24 hours I bought lots of meat, that’s a very important pillar for May’s success. The other problematic parts in the past, except tomorrow is Alvaro’s birthday :smiley: But I will eat only a little low-carb cake (not as low-carb as it would be if I made the cheesecake for me but it’s almost only for Alvaro anyway and he requested it to be banana/strawberry. Nevermind we had neither and we definitely won’t buy strawberry ever as we have our own. In June. I have a few mini strawberries in the fridge but there are other red fruits and it’s only a thin layer. We will see. I try not to taste it first, only when barely any is left, I LOVE cheesecake. Mostly the mascarpone and cream part so this kind is unnecessarily carby for me) and a little beer. So it totally should be keto. All my other food and drink will be carnivore.
Not tasting my own new lovely creation and some special beer on this day isn’t the current me so I totally will do it without regrets. But that’s it, I plan to make May a huge success, not only eating wise but that too.

I roasted some pork chuck today. I didn’t taste it yet, I only ate the crispy chicken skin I got out of the soup, it only gets proper in the oven.

I still need to buy some liver but now I have lots of pork, turkey wings, turkey breast filet, sausage… Not much else, we have cheese of course but very little dairy otherwise (not counting the butter but we use it in super tiny amounts). I bought only 200ml cream and 250g mascarpone and it’s for Alvaro’s cheesecake (mostly. I keep a little for me. probably) so I plan low-dairy times. We have lots of milk but that’s not for me. So I need all the variety I can get but organ meat is easy to get anywhere.
We bought 80 eggs today so we have enough for the next week.

I should be fine. Too bad I am not into eggs and meat lately. I guess it will change if I get hungry enough… Or I just try something new. So many possibilities.

We finally stopped heating. We never ever had to do it until May. We had some colder times in May when we turned it on but we stopped weeks before at that point, in the first half of April! This one was a cold one indeed. But now I suffer from the sudden hotness especially in the car left on the sun… It’s not nearly as bad as the same in summer but still, I am used to colder weather!
But we have a very pretty spring now :wink: I have zillion tulips! This is only 3 of them, with a little part of one of my beautiful silver birches! I have two.

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The dinner plates