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Why? I cook and roast anything frozen (if I don’t remember to take it out a day earlier), what’s wrong with that? It works fine.

Normally I do that but it doesn’t work 100%. Eggs are naturally smelly and I find that awful in my most sensitive times (I hope they won’t come again, it’s hard enough that huge extra problem sometimes) while they are perfectly fine. Raw meat often has some unpleasant smell too (just a little, I feel it merely not nice, not spoiled) and my half-ready chicken soup smell quite bad. I can believe the quality could be better (sure. I just don’t want to pay 8 times as much… I will stop eating chicken I guess. I like turkey) but it’s not spoiled, that would feel quite different and there are other signs, not only the smell… So I try to figure out if it’s good to eat and I think I do it right but the smell is rarely good before I thoroughly roast or cook my meat. I can imagine it’s me and others don’t have this… I just want to say the smell aren’t fully reliable either. But they help a ton. I always smelled my food as a kid, Mom was upset I thought it might be not good! But I had to check and even if I know it’s good, I want to enjoy the smell too as every proper hedonist should do :slight_smile: Smell, look, taste, warmth/coolness, everything! :smiley:

Wow. Meanwhile I just brought some cheese and boiled eggs with me in a box and ate it 24 hours later once :smiley: It had no problem at all, I smelled it :smiley:

I met people being fearful after a few hours but it’s nothing! For cheese and most food, at least. I am most careful with raw meat and maybe raw egg, those are special. I can’t imagine a half-hard cheese being not OK to eat after 24 hours in my kitchen… We never even use soft cheese but we won’t keep that out. We don’t actually keep hard cheese out either intentially but it should be quite fine. Our kitchen is rarely hot, that helps, we eat almost anything if it’s kept out for a day accidentally. But if it’s harder proper cheese, I personally wouldn’t worry even in summer when our kitchen is the hottest.

One day i should learn about salmonella a bit… I have a zero fear towards it, well it couldn’t kill me, I am very paranoid about the things which easily or potentially kill me… I am a very very careful mushroom collector and eater too :slight_smile: Not carnivore at all but I am no carnivore and it’s a fun hobby. Especially eating Amanita or Cortinarius (of course the edible species. both group has very many toxic ones but they are often stunningly beautiful! My camera - if possible, with my beloved macro lens - is a must in mushroom hunting. not like I am good at making great photos, I want to get that skill one day!). It’s very easy to do it safely if you ask me (at least for the species I collect… but I think these groups are easy in general. there are way trickier ones where even I give up and stay safe) so I don’t get why I read it’s not so. I think people are super careless and we know they are. I am super careful and I research, use my eyes etc. I know the 7 deadly mushrooms in my country and lots of the other toxic ones. But some deadly ones are so, so, so very pretty! I love plants, animals and fungi alike.
Mmm… What happens if we eat a snail right after it ate a (for us) toxic mushroom? That’s probably not healthy…


does anyone have any suggestions for glass water bottle products i can order online (that ships to the U.S.)?


I have a tiny freezer. Having space when I don’t plan a city shopping in the near future means I will run out of meat. And I feel much more comfortable when I have amounts and variety…
My freezer is totally packed now. And I don’t keep much veggies and fruits in it anymore. I have mostly meat. Not very much but it should be okay. It’s not like I eat meat galore.

I keep reading back. Oh I skipped some old stuff too and it was about EGGS!

Eggs and me… Well eggs are my old allies, at least something didn’t change.
Eggs are good for me for satiation but 10 just can’t cut it most of the time as it’s too little energy. And I don’t like to eat more than that and I usually prefer less for a meal. Some fatty meat is significantly better for satiation, it’s the best but I hardly can eat only meat. It happens sometimes but only occasionally. Eggs and meat? Awesome. I don’t get bored of either if I do it right, it’s cheap, simple, I have variety…

I eat probably 0.25-1.2 pounds of meat a day. 0.25 being an unusual, very eggy, “I don’t want meat today” day with probably almost no proper meat, just a bit of liver, dry sausage, bresaola… So nice stuff I just can’t eat much of but it helps. I need significantly more at average, obviously. But going over 1 pounds, that’s rare, I got meat aversion after my 7 pounds meat in a week, I only did that once. But I have and love my eggs and I have some dairy too. So I eat enough. But I need enough meat to stay on track. Somewhere between 0.5 and 1 pounds but as I wrote, I go out of this range occasionally when I don’t feel like it or when I totally want my other staple in a bigger amount.

But I’m still in my newbie “getting used to meat” times I suppose. I won’t go WAY higher I presume but it’s not my final form yet. My “7 pounds of meat in a week” wasn’t possible in my more distant past but now I could do it. I just had enough of meat for a while afterwards. It’s not a particularly big amount, I should handle it eventually.
And I am no carnivore as you know. I just feel best on carnivore or close to it so I try to do it as often as comfortably possible for me. My track record is bad but I don’t give up and I always come back somewhat quickly, it’s something… Not enough but I can’t be all critical with myself as it won’t help anything.
But I don’t think my food is seriously lacking when I actually do carnivore(-ish). I eat plenty and from my viewpoint, plenty of meat too (at least on many days. not on my organ days when I take a break from normal meat). And if I managed to stay on carnivore for long, I am sure my body would tell me what it wants and I would eat accordingly.

I am totally sure the ideal amount of meat is somewhat individual and if we don’t only eat meat, that changes things. Our protein intake should be in some range too… I never ate too much protein myself but I almost never can pull off only adequate protein either, I automatically eat much more and it feels good.
Protein has much to do with our satiation, it’s definitely true for me. Meat satiates me very quickly and I get a very serious stop sign so eating very much meat just can’t happen. If I ate lots of meat for me (so my 1 pound along with some other stuff), I just become unable to eat more and it won’t go away even if I wait hours. I am done for the day. (I probably could subtly force myself into eating more like, 8 hours later but it would feel unnatural and probably unpleasant. I definitely feel a very serious resistence in my body and mind so I don’t do that. Meat is the best at it too, by far.)

I am curious what will happen in the future. I should write a list and look at it if I feel I will stray in the next minutes (I can do it SUPER quickly lately. I probably need some extra determination for May).


I have well water. omg I have the best well water, I just love my water LOL So I drink tap water but I do buy like Dasani every now and then when we go camping cause it is easier to have a case on hand.

What kind of fancy waters are you looking for and why?

Other than some Dasani in plastic bottles I don’t do bottled waters of any kind so sorry I can’t help you in that area :slight_smile:

@Carnivoor, nice food plates! Cooky is treating you well!

@Shinita, I love your tulip picture! I always was a tulip fan and their mix of colors are so pretty, just a flower I love!

----------------everyone head into Meat MayHAM when ya can… :slight_smile: new month is starting

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Not quite sure what sort of thing you are after but two suggestions:

  1. I have a kilner bottle designed for making sauces like ketchup and bottling them but also great for carrying water in the car or on a day out.

  2. San Pellegrino do water in glass bottles and I occasionally use one of them on a wash and re-fill basis if I am away from home

I know these sites are in the UK but I bought the San Pellegrino in Canada when I was over visiting family a couple of years ago, so it should be available in the US too.

When we lived in the US in the early 1980s things made by kilner in the UK were made and marketed by Kerr, Bernadin and Ball so you may be able to find something very similar.

If you want something insulated, I am sure there are loads of thermos type bottles with glass liners.


I already have water, just need a place to store it and carry it around. I just don’t want to use plastic because of chemicals and such


oh very cool.

When I googled ‘glass water bottles’ I have to say alot of nice ones come up…you know what, I am very very much liking your idea!! I am not a plastic fan truly either and a nice glass bottle with a nice sleeve to it for grasping etc. is sounding good to me.

I think I might be jumping on board with you on this one! Cool…off to google more glass water bottles and see what are out there. I like the ‘screw off lid’ types where I can drink easily…I am not the sip thru some fat weird straw gadget or suck water thru some tiny hole person HAHA so the lid just opening regular would be a better fit for me.

You got me thinking now D1 :slight_smile:

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You could look for a stainless steel bottle.
Most are insulated and made for coffee or thee, but it works fine for water, keeps it cool also.