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@Fangs Thanks Fangsy for your kind encouraging words.:slightly_smiling_face: I’m trying to slowly eliminate non Carni products. I am really glad I’ve decided to grab the Carni bull by the horns. I do prefer Carni, with plant matter all the carbs quickly add up. I want to be below 20grams. Last night I got hungry in bed…:see_no_evil: I had a peice if salami and cheese, I can’t wait until I’m fat adapted again. Last year it was good, I was rarely hungry. My bods getting used to it still. I am about to go grocery shopping and then I have to go and pack up and clean a unit around the corner. Fangs, so you love the heat?? I love the cold so bring on Summer for you and Winter for me. Last Summer it got to 46C here. :hot_face: I’m looking forward to what you name the next thread. :smiley: Next month I can say " May the Carni force be with you".:wink: Got another idea for next month…Meat MAYham. That’s probably stupid though. Oh well.:heartpulse:

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White bream and shrimps for dinner.

And a steak for desert

(Vic) #303

Beef and eggs for breakfast

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Oh my gosh that looks so good…
Todays food for me was flanken style ribs ,
pork rinds and ill prob finish off with a small piece of meatza.
I was wondering how I’d do adding in cheese cos I don’t eat it that often …I woke up a lb down so ill take it …

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Yummy, oh my god it’s making my mouth water. I’m looking forward to my chicken drumsticks and eggs tonight.:heart_eyes:

(Linda ) #306

Yum sounds like your going strong…good to hear


Hi people ~
I will read back eventually, just skimming over it, I am curious what were you talking about.
But I really don’t want to spend too much time on the forum, I am working on this part of my food addiction and I got improved. I wasted my time differently. But of course, being here for a healthy amount of time is nice. If I don’t get carried away.

I had circumstances and experimented, oh my, carnivore is better so now that finally I could go shopping, I can come back. As I run out of meat some time ago and nope, it doesn’t work that “I have a little this and that and eggs galore” and “I will go to the butcher to buy a little something if I feel the need”… No, I should have a proper amount of proper meat or else something in me start to feel not up to the task and I can’t do carnivore. It’s pretty much mental, of course a bigger amount of meat helps physically too but I get a bit scared if I don’t have MUCH proper food. I always had this with food. I don’t think I have food anxiety or what… I just like to have enough with big variety and when my supplies start to run out (still enough for 1-2 days and I can go shopping any time…), I start to use them sparingly and it’s easy to lose my balance. And I can fall very quickly.
So I try (I will fail but I should improve eventually) not to underestimate the amount of meat I need to be safe. I have 7-8kg now, that’s good. But still should buy more. I have a very deeply ingrained meat sparing thing and yes, it’s pretty inconvenient to buy much meat (unless I dare to put multiple packages into my cart at the hypermarket… well I actually put in 3 last time…) but I won’t eat too much anyway, I adore eggs. And if I eat too little meat, that causes problems and overeating. And I have organ days and that’s meat sparing enough while it’s fun and cheap and widely available.
I need to balance things, it’s life but I still feel I hold myself back a little. At least sometimes. I definitely came a long way. So if I shop properly, I shouldn’t have much problem. I need lots of non-meat anyway but I have my limits.

So I have 3150g pork in the oven now. And a similar amount in the freezer and some turkey and a whole chicken and some bony chicken parts for a soup.
There were no pork chuck on sale. So I bought… I still dunno what you call it, it’s the thigh… And some shoulders as usual. Looking at them, they look the same (I need to roast and eat to see if they are really similar). But databases say the fat content is totally different. I don’t trust general data as I often can see it’s not right. So I don’t even try to track, it’s the first time since years that I just stopped and feel no urge to restart. Whenever I stopped before, after doping it for years on/off, I just noticed soon that I am doing it again. I am more free now.

I calculated a bit… Wow, even $6 is way too expensive for me, even our special christmas meat should be cheaper. I only buy beef when it’s below $3 (leg on sale but it’s barely more off sale and wonderful for stew!) but rarely as it’s way more expensive than my favorite pork.
I have about $3 for food a day, it’s a pretty nice amount, I can eat a lot of good food with it. It’s my normal amount, surely sometimes it’s more but I don’t really feel anything lacking as long as I don’t want some luxurious items, I can’t afford them or just rarely. I never spent much more (except when I ate out a lot on holiday or something) as there was no need. And my carnivore is cheaper than vegetarian keto and the latter was cheaper than low-carb. But now that I have meat, I have a few ideas how to spend a tad more on food in a way where I can say it was worth it. But just a bit, really. No way anything can take the number one, that was reserved for good pork all my life. Nowadays I really like my occasional beef but I can’t imagine eating it in big amounts.

And there is chicken that barely costs anything ($1/kg on sale) but I don’t like it, its taste is often off and if not, just meh (quality chicken is good, still not my fav but quite tasty. but that costs 8 times as much or something). Good for soup but not for roasts. I prefer turkey :slight_smile: I ate turkey about… Once in my first 43-44 years? But I discovered it now.

I try to leave my very wrong and not hedonistic enough times, it’s general, I don’t live as I should.
It would be great to improve in multiple areas, such things help each other.

So I am pretty determined to do things right (well, better) for a while again, hoping I won’t mess it up too much until I get used to it.

My late eating is still present but usually normal, I tend to be truly hungry.
I still drink a lot of coffee but not every day, nothing is wrong with water especially if it’s carbonated…
I do my best not to try hard, that’s not good for me but I don’t want to “experiment”, it’s usually disappointing. And now I have meat, it would be a waste not to be strict enough. I ate more cheese now that I had less meat (we bought a pig heart again but that’s little and Alvaro managed to fry it a bit wrong, it was hard and chewy but still good tasting :slight_smile: no problem but this is not something we could eat in bigger amounts. but it was only one pig heart for two, after all), it will be nice to stop that. I really am not into cheese, I will use it when I really feel the need, be it for making the dish better or adding variety.

But I still made an awesome cheesecake with raspberry jelly top yesterday, I can’t regret that. Alvaro ate the biggest part but it was good, I am impressed I was so modest. But I am in love with mascarpone and cream, I don’t actuallty need the carbier items (I use some flavor but the carb content is negligible). I will make pancakes again ~. When I buy mascarpone as I totally forgot but we need to visit the city soon, again. As we did it today. Pretty quickly. We bought more weights for my dumbbells, new shoes and a single hypermarket for meat and other stuff (one of my fav cheeses was on sale! Alvaro loves it too so we bought a lot and I will just taste it, probably).

Good weather arrived and I must start to mow the lawn outside. It’s a special place just out of my property, grass grows way quicker but the other plants are totally out of this world. I spend much time there that on my whole property and I have grass almost everywhere. The plants must love the sun and the lack of steep slope there. And there are hundreds of hopeful tiny sour cherry trees and even more lilacs… The latter is worse as it shares the place with flowers and they are harder so I need to cut them out one by one. I never will finish that…
I am not a huge fan of garden work (it depends which, though) but I do love having a garden. It’s basic. No way I don’t have one. Mine is small and has mostly grass and trees and bushes but still gives so much work. But working is way more cheerful in the sunshine and we have that now.

Another day. I didn’t want to send it before a proper carni day but oh well. I am very very sure this one will be that, I am no masochist and I really desire it now. And I have pork roast too… I will have chicken soup and eggs but they aren’t the main thing, they are just nice additions.

Alvaro requested seitan for today’s lunch and I forgot to tell him (but he knew about it… maybe he was absent-minded too) that we have roasted pork. We will see what he will choose. He very rarely has problems with a little bit of meat on top of his carbs. He has enough sometimes but we didn’t eat so much meat lately. Yesterday his Mom gave us chicken (only I ate the meat from the soup too as he doesn’t touch the frame of the chicken and other bony things), before we had pig heart, before that he ate a lot of sausage, maybe a tiny break and before that we had pork and hen and he liked that.
Oh we will see how he will evolve. It’s definitely more convenient to me if I don’t need to make something different (even if simple) for him when we have perfectly fine meat.
And his eating habits definitely has some effect on me as I am the main chef and I even can be tempted with certain things when I don’t have enough roasted pork (but that probably wouldn’t work all the time, I probably need breaks from it too). So I have a bit(?) harder time than what I would have if I lived alone. But it helps too, I can have fun with food I wouldn’t do otherwise and I practice being around various food without doing silly things.

I never will fully used to this :smiley: And I am sure I personally always will consider dessert type things as dessert. Like sour cream. Or coffee with cream.
To me, the steak is the main food and the shrimps are snacks. Or some light course.

I don’t know bream… Sigh. So many fishes and I can only find a handful of species here. Most of them would be too lean for me (though I could pair them up with something else) but still. I like trying out things. maybe we should buy some more exotic fish for next Christmas… Hard to persuade myself as I could just buy salmon with the guarantee of tastiness… But I think that will be it, salmon and an exotic fish. If I won’t like it, Alvaro surely will. Once he ate swordfish, super lean and I found it bitter and not tasty. He loved it. It was his order, I was happy with my octopus in vinegar (poor thing, smart too. why I find smarter animals tastier? with some exceptions).

I send this now and try to stay scarce. But I will come now and then for sure. Try to make photos too but my food is very very usual. Nothing can beat fatty pork roasts as my usual food. I just need something more special here and there. I start to miss mutton. I barely ate it a few times in my life (and I only remember one) but it was very good. But cheaper meat is very good too so I wait until I really want it.

If I didn’t mentioned yet (I don’t remember), my name day and Alvaro’s birthday is coming. I will relax my ways a tiny bit, I think about 100ml beer, we bought more special ones than usual. I definitely don’t want cake (as I don’t have mascarpone. only that would have a chance) but I make one for Alvaro.
I always planned to make some carni cake (or almost) but when I do carni, I don’t want it and Alvaro prefers my normal low-carb ones). Oh well. It would be fun though, with very interesting macros… I am pretty sure I could put a few dozens of yolks into a small cake. It would be satiating.

(Vic) #308

I shared your ideas and habits on this till about 2 years ago. Then I dicided to explore carnivore world in all sorts of new combinations and mixtures.

So a reset of conventional cultural habits was needed.

My favoured is cooked out heavy cream on top of raw beef liver.
A combination I didn’t expect to be good, turns out I love it. Unique and wonderfull taste.

Yesterday I just wanted more fish and schrimps, so the smaller steak became desert.

I also want pigs feet for breakfast, but I cant find it here locally, I’m still in Mozambique, choices are limited.

Can’t eat raw here either, food is not very safe here.

Not complaining thou, I ashamed of my food budget compared to you and Alvaro. And admire you at the same time for managing making nice food on a very low budget.

I love fatty pork, its one of my favourites.


yes WE carnivores must have daily good meat supply along with animal kingdom options like cheese in order to make this a ‘proper’ lifestyle change. If you can’t rely on your meat/fowl meat sources this lifestyle is almost impossible to maintain. I feel for you on how tough it is for you!!!

So happy you hit your pork and turkey and chicken etc. It makes all the diff. in the world to have meat sources available to you at all times and I get the ‘oh gosh my supply is low’ and we worry :slight_smile: Not like we are grabbing a bow and arrow and going out hunting for more…we rely on the darn stores and good sale prices to help us now! But you did good on your shopping.

I love love love this…the ‘one who loves to track, you Tracking Queen’ is saying screw this with carnivore…yes can you know how to eat and no one really needs to track if we put the carbs to an extreme low!! I get why people love to track and I did a bit back in the day but the NO track is priceless…more time to do other stuff :slight_smile:

Cool! Yea our areas and our income base guidelines and economics and more throw us into way different pricing and what it takes for each of us on the financial front! Seems weird I spend XYZ and you spend ABC and it is so different but us carnivores always make it work LOL

and post all the fatty pork roast pics you want, even if it is your daily food cause WE ALL love that…we carnivores each limited but special to what we love and adore and serves us best…hey you see me posting pork, steak, shrimp pics almost ALL the time. LOL…it is what I eat daily so your pork pics would be welcome for sure!

Yes I got into pairings and this was very important for me to move forward. Many can do one meat, I am a massive fan of ‘2 items’ on a meal. It gives me, heck I don’t know, but it gave me something very tight I needed to make this all work. Steak/eggs. All kinds of surf and turf. Pork and alfredo sauce…yes dippin’ my pork in alfredo sauce is the bomb!

It is a reset. A reset to suit us personally and screw ALL the ‘norms’ that are told is great for us and go rogue and thrive!

LOVE IT! MAYham…darn smart if ya ask me and this is our new carnivore title! I hope everyone cheers this one on cause it is wonderful…clever!

off for errands and a bit of a shop with my daughter today
hubby mowing his mom’s acreage so he is busy
Sun but Brrr but should be nicer day

home to eat a massive big thick Tbone steak.
pair with tuna/mayo

not sure on another meal if I do eat cause this steak is BIG…easily a 1.8 lb’er type. YUM

Just take the day as it comes, being carnivore I can do that easily…me in zero carb zen more days then I used to be LOL

ROCK ON ZC GUYS!!! We truly get the best results if we hold on and let that time wash over us on plan…we change, not a doubt about that! All great changes!!


you’re rockin’ carnivore. Great post!

(Vic) #311

Thats clever :sunglasses: love it :yellow_heart:

(Linda ) #312

I also admire you I’ve lurked along time and you keep trying I love that about you…You might not be always on plan but your consistent with always trying to move forward and do more towards carnivore even on a limited budget… Where some might throw their hands in the air and say to hell with this but no you keep trying and that makes you remarkable.
As for your food addiction of being on the site I’m probably right there with you but I look at it thats its not an issue if I’m getting something from it and it’s not having a negative affect on me…
I love the support I get from here and there isn’t anyone else other than my husband who eats like me around me or understands the benefits carnivore can provide… Im lucky I do have dr cywes to add to my knowledge but most info I get I’ve got from this forum and the people sharing their experiences.


It’s not a very low budget, tons of people have way less, surely. Mine is a fine budget, I always spent about this this much on my food, no matter how much money I had (and I had way, way more and food is the part of my life where I don’t accept going too cheap. health and joy from food is vital). I spent my money on motorbike riding back then, food definitely didn’t need more (except sometimes in restaurants but that was rare, I disliked eating out much). Most proper food is cheap enough for me, lucky :wink:
But now that I would be ready to eat fancier and more expensive meat… Not necessary at all but would be nice… Yep, I should do something about it in the future. But that was always the plan. Alvaro would love more cheese too and more expensive ones as well.
But I still eat well. And I overate while being somewhat fat in the past, eating less would have been cheaper and better :frowning: Stupid carbs. They are for Alvaro whose body considers them okay food.

And I still think the dessert thing has nothing to do with how much one is on a woe. It’s very fixed in my case, meat never is a dessert, it can’t change (or I would be quite surprised). Lots of things can change, yes, I learned already that it’s a journey with big surprises but not this.
But maybe it’s partially cultural? Like when in the past (maybe now too, I don’t know) the last course of a feast was a cheese plate and fruits. Even at that point, cheese is snack to me, not dessert. But I usually use it with my main dish or not at all. Or if it’s a little extra, it accompanies meat and eggs, not fruit. I never ate cheese with fruit, I don’t know why that is a thing but probably many people’s taste buds like the combination. Cheese and wine is a thing too but not for me.

10-something months ago it was odd that some people uses meat as a side dish with their meat… It’s extremely normal for me now, of course I eat leaner meats with fattier meats, what else? :smiley: Even though I usually use eggs as a side dish. Or a main one for tiny meals.

Like today! My lunch was very small and very eggy. I had soup with 2 poached eggs, a scrambled egg and a coffee with milk and an egg.

I definitely dislike milk in my coffee, I used the egg to make it better but nope, it’s hopeless. Hopefully I will learn this time (I knew it can’t be good but better than nothing…?). I need a brand I can drink black as I won’t fully quit coffee… Or should I run out of it? That makes me stop quite effectively… But we need coffee for other reasons…

I plan to have a big dinner (pork already, it still needs a little roasting) that keeps me satiated until tomorrow mid-afternoon at least.

Alvaro ate seitan but said that he would have been okay with the pork too. Okay. I will remember this.

Make it impossible if it’s me. And I actually CAN rely on it… I am ready to buy more if I need it but when I recognize it, it’s already late. The only solution is keep my freezer packed I think. So I will do that. And I try not to underestimate the amount I need to feel okay (mentally, I mean and in advance. when much roasted pork is in front of me, I surely eat whatever amount I need, I am good at that. I planned wrong in the past. or not but plans had to change). Maybe I learn this time. Theoretically, I have a little meat, other carni food, the butcher nearby if I really need something else, what could possibly go wrong? A lot. I need my big pork slabs (and other meats) nearby all the time. That feels good and is quite effective. So I go for that now.

You are very nice and welcoming, thank you :slight_smile: And your enthusiasm never gets old :smiley:

I could talk about hospital food in Hungary again (I’ve read a few interesting stories) but it’s very much not carnivore or even nice. It seems there are some hospitals where they truly haven’t the vaguest idea how to feed a human especially with sensitivities or diabetes. i know they do it right in many places but far from everywhere. It’s sad.
We get there is almost no money for food… Well, we don’t as eating is extremely important in health… And they really spend way too little on it in many cases. But Australia can do it worse (from my viewpoint) using a ton of money… The average one in hospital who doesn’t have any appetite and only stays a little are fine enough but women with a newborn need something better. They usually get it, of course, unrelated to the hospital… Everyone knows to bring their own food or ask the relatives to bring some when they get hospitalized. In some cases it’s no option or the relatives bring the wrong one, though.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I find this so horrible that the food is messed up in hospitals. It’s tragic.

That’s a very low budget. Hospital food in Hungary. It must cost a fragment of my budget and they can do it cheaper than a single tiny household. And if someone can’t eat something, they may get the other items only. I imagine lactose and gluten sensitivity easily may result in not getting anything at the worst places. Someone wrote that they had the type of surgery and sensitivity that the hospital didn’t give them any food at all, they had to organize it themselves. Another wrote that they very quickly learned to walk after some pelvis surgery in order to be able to go and buy food…
These are extreme but not very rare cases. Lunches tend to be okay in most hospitals. If you can eat anything and don’t expect much protein (cheaper protein is a thing and a human doesn’t need much but somehow it’s still used very sparingly. and it’s bad as the other 2 meals contains close to none).

I try not to think about this topic ever again. I just get upset. Poor patients. Like, some 17 year old boy with a wrist surgery. I can’t imagine they are fine with that tiny amount of food and I had wrist surgery, it’s not a trauma to plummet my appetite and hunger (but I was fine, that hospital must be some better one and I could get food easily anyway). When Alvaro had various serious trauma, splenectomy and 17(?) broken ribs and vertebrae, he ate very little (all the hospital food and whatever he could get extra from others…) and handled the no food in the first few days well, he had worse problems to worry about. But he came home soon (still ate little for a while but felt cold while doing so). Not everyone is that lucky.

And we are humans, animals typically have it worse. But I stop before I get as depressed as I can get (I am sure I have immunity. I just feel down.)

Limited but a pretty nice budget :slight_smile: If I don’t want ruminants and seafood, at least, those are tricky. And I still could eat them if that would be very important. It’s not like we have no money to spend more on food, we just can use it for something more important as our eating is good enough.

And I do nothing I am not forced to… I don’t enjoy eating much more carbs at all (a bit? sometimes). Carnivore feels the best, it stops my eating problems, I must try to do it even if I fail regularly. I am a super stubborn one, my body too so yep, I always come back and try to do it better and for longer! It still feels pathetic that I can’t find my balance. But I keep my freezer full and if that can’t help, maybe nothing will (except getting more practice).
So it’s just not being a masochist and being my stubborn self to me, nothing very admirable but who knows… Some people truly do it worse. Some people clearly hurt themselves right away! Not enjoying life now and getting sick later, not even enjoying it. It’s a very odd and sobering thing when I do that to any extent so I tend to quickly stop those. Why would I eat wrong if it’s not even joyous?
Of course people’s mental state complicate things but we should fight to get better.

Being here is fine, sure, there are many benefits. I come here for support too. I am the key but every tiny thing helps and when I read about happy carnivores and their nice food, that’s not even so tiny, it’s tempting.
But if I think about food and bake and cook and eat and do the dishes for too many hours a day, that’s bad. I should be into food in moderation. So much to do and I am so good at procrastination, my food addiction can make things worse.

I go away for a while now. Sigh.


Well I got thrown for a loop!

Hubby gave me BIG puppy dog eyes to EAT my big Tbone steak tonight when he gets home from work. Ohhhh man, sometimes LOL But I said yes and while out I did a fly by the grocery for this bunch of country style pork ribs (just a ‘boston butt pork style roast’ that they cut into ‘rib style’ and YES I GOT them in the oven right now. All of them. Will eat 3 probably and leave another for leftover.

I eat SO much steak and I decided I would let hubby have the big one cause in honesty, I hide my ‘good meat’ from him all the time HAHA and this time I threw him a bone…my T BONE! :slight_smile:

I told him he should bow to me after I said yes, he wouldn’t do it!!! too funny!

I am just going crazy on pork lately. Like must have…before it was ribeyes I could not resits, into NY strips and into beef tenderloin and I dropped pork mostly and I flipped again, I AM NOW a Pork Queen here people…–hmm, maybe me and S are vying for Pork Queen title! well whatever cause I just go with the flow :wink:

edited to say darn I got to smaller out my pics!!


OMYGOSH you guys,…I am SO BAD. This is going to sound awful. Or, it’ll sound awfully good…depending on how you understand Keto and carnivore, and all.

So, I cooked some chicken thighs last night. I cook using cast iron, add some butter, salt the thighs and away we go.
I cut up the thighs to nibble on, and for family members to put across their salads for lunches. Then I went to bed. This morning, I got up - not hungry at all. A few minutes ago, I got a hankering for something - and the only thing that sounded good was the crispy bits mingled with fat that were leftover in the cast iron pan from last night. Just scraped out and ate it all. That was one of the tastiest things I’ve had in all my life.
Pretty sure that is NOT what my Mom meant when she’d tell me to clean my plate. But, it was delicious, nonetheless!

(Linda ) #316

Haha I’ve had fat cravings I will buy a pork roast with skin on just to eat the crackling and my husband gets the roast…so I totally understand


ahhh DUH GOOD! you ain’t off on this, it is frickin’ delish but I never did let it sit overnight HAHA but you will be ok I am sure :wink:

I scrape every fry pan, baking dish of chicken, keep fats from it all and use on other stuff and will jump on ‘any cracklin’ or fat bit’ known to mankind cause it is the DARN best tasting little bit we can get our hands on! Growing up I took all the skin off a roaster chicken my mom would cook and got yelled at and then before she ‘washed’ the pan I dove into all THE good on the bottom and she ‘wondered about’ me but I knew I was a meat hound from birth :slight_smile:

You did great SB!

yes I get this also.
my hubby buys a smoked boston butt or brisket from the local smokehouse joint and I GRAB all the juicy good and the ‘leftover’ without the bigger fat content has no draw to me at all. Fat best, dry meat after not as good LOL…feed it to the peasants!


are there any pure carnivore equivalents to Slim Jims i can purchase online?


Some places like CHOMPS is great.

Then there is Nick’s Sticks.

then Mission Meats and PaleoValley and alot more if you just 'google carnivore beef sticks.

now on taste, hmm to equal a Slim Jim, not sure but I gotta say I have eaten and STILL eat slim jims as I need to this day. I can easily travel with about 8-10 slim jims in my purse at all times and if the ‘little doggie Bolt’ goes on any trips I make sure I got slim jims for me and him LOL

hope some of that helps

(Vic) #320

You came to close, you knew there where dangerous carnivores around.
RIP easter bunny, and thanks for dinner.