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(Bob M) #281

I’ve pickled eggs. I like them this way. But these technically might not be “carnivore”, as you use plants to pickle them. Here’s one I’ve used:

Reminds me that I might have to pickle some soon.

(Vic) #282

Nope, eat until you have enough, it takes some time to learn how much that is. You should never be hungry and also never feel over full.
Some days I eat 1 1/2 pound’s other days 3 pounds. 1 meal or 2 meals a day.

Yesterday was 8 eggs and a plate of bacon for breakfast, no lunch, 2 steaks for dinner


and what Vic said here is ‘carnivore truth’ and he lives it and I live it truly.

but to all…Just eat each day as your body is asking. During new adaption time and new person on plan your appetite and wants could jump around alot…this is normal. Go with the flow cause when your body heals up more, depending on YOU and your personal requirements…your body will say I want more fat today, I want to eat less today, I require ‘this food’ you are wanting today and you truly just go with what suits you each day. That is one of THE most useful benefits to this plan, just eat as you need :slight_smile: and never have a pang of guilt or worry on doing just that :slight_smile: The total freedom this plan provides is priceless!


Yeah, it depends on the picker - there were some misses in the early days, with short expiry dates etc. That got a lot better, and everything was great for a long time.

Meat wise, the dates on the steaks work out really well - in fairness, if I’m buying 21-28 in a go, I guess it clears the shelf out anyway! The only thing is that if I went myself, I might choose all fattier cuts, but because I buy so many at once, I tend to get a mix of some fattier, some leaner, some thicker, some thinner etc.

I really rate it, to be honest.

For keto/carnivore, ironically the pandemic has been helpful in that I’m not tempted by off-plan foods; no meals out, no shared food at work, no sweets/crisps/cake offered in meetings, no nipping to the shop on the way home and picking up something I’m craving etc. I order what I need for the week and it keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Now I’ve been ‘straight and narrow’ for quite some time (keto first, then carnivore), hopefully I’d find those other situations easier to avoid in the future.


Worked all week, ending at 515 on Thursday. Got home from work, then dressed out my giant turkey, stuck him in a brine, and cooked him on Friday- (my day off). Enjoyed a late turkey dinner with friends Friday night. Slept in today. Made bacon and eggs for a late breakfast.
Plenty of turkey leftovers for later I’m really craving beef, though. So, turkey made end up in the freezer. Well…gotta get ready for the weekend shifts now. They’ll be late ones. have a great day, all! SB

(Vic) #286

No breakfast
No Lunch
For dinner, 2 plates of squid-burger-crabs

For desert, another burger pattie eaten out of my hand.
Eating without table manners gives the illusion of a special treat.


I am curious about long-time carnivores’ blood pressures. Would any people mind sharing their most recent numbers? Thanks


into year 4. I pound down tons and tons of salt, told everyone here I am a super salter since birth. Last BP was like 117/76. Highest was when my kiddo had some minor med issues and we went for testing for her and it went up to like 134/85 when I asked the nurse to take it for me while there. I was a momma stressed person. Kiddo was FINE and Dr said all bloodwork good etc, no issues and told the nurse to take it again and I was back to 110/80 area.

yes, the shoppers must wonder if you own a baby lion cub or something with all that meat you buy :slight_smile: It sounds like you are truly making out well on your delivery service. That is a service I was considering, I like your review of it, early times you have to ‘get the store set’ to work well with you and I would think you are kinda there, they know you know.

it really matters about length of time on plan. longer your body keeps adjusting and you are on that straight and narrow, it really adds much needed beneficial time to your mindset and physical change. Thru the years I saw alot of changes that I really needed when I needed them :slight_smile: Long term people on this plan kinda do ‘become new people’ really. It is cool actually!

you have me laughing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Made that giant turkey but ya got beef on the mind. Oh yea I’ve had that issue too but you are eating good for sure!

@Carnivoor, my eyes went right to those crab claws!! nice meal pic.

food for the day for me.
ate my pork loin. yum. really enjoy these right now.
don’t want my smaller Tbone steak just yet :slight_smile: better eat soon or it will get to late to even consider it…ok off to fry a steak, well maybe or ? LOL

(Vic) #289

4 years ago it was 160/110 aproximatly.
Now its 100/65 in the morning before my coffee.

I remember about 6months into carnivore I experienced the odd low blood pressure problem on some days, but that stabilized.

I have some data from 2.5 years into carnivore. 3weeks measuring 2 times a day. I’ll look it up average it and post it later

(Vic) #290


There are franken-sausages in the scrambled eggs and there is a slice of plastic cheese.
I equal those as bad as carbs, so no more then 20gr they are spices, not real food

(Linda ) #291

Todays food flanken style ribs and pork rinds followed by small piece of meatza

husband wanted to try it when it was fresh out of oven.


what exactly is in that? just curious. pic looks inviting :sunny:

--------------------wow so close to April closing down.

A May month title…throw some out guys and we can pick a carnivore May that will slay!

hey, SLAYMAY? hmm, doesn’t even look right as a jumbled word LOL

I did eat my little steak with my pork tenderloin. It was delish.
Thing was I was on that hunger fence and when I ate that steak, omg I got more hungry but it was getting later in the day so I just opted to shut down the food and chill til today.

I am going all pork today. I got pork on the brain for some reason LOL

2.2 lbs total. Gonna enjoy every bit of it later.

(Linda ) #293

The base is actually meat loaf mix meat its beef and pork and veal… eggs and parmesan cheese. I added garlic salt too
topping was the sauce grated parmesean grated mozzarella cut up bacon and pepperoni…more cheese…

(Vic) #294

Wow, that sounds like a meal :yellow_heart: I want a piece.

@Fangs slaymay sounds cool :sunglasses: it needs something more?

Last year was may zero! Couldn’t find Arpril zero. Does that mean you are the mother of these zero threads for 1 year now? Is it happy Fangy zero birthday May.


@Azi, that sounds very easy to do and delish…thanks…and I love the more cheese LOL

something so satisfying eating a carnivore pizza…opps meatza!

@Carnivoor, I don’t know how long!
I know Cheryl started a 90 day carnivore challenge a while ago and me and a few others jumped on but sadly Cheryl disappeared and it seemed like me, barefoot bob and a few others held on and then barefoot bob kinda left to do his own thing and I stayed. I was one that just kept the zero carb threads rolling along cause I am carnivore, no one here kinda was so just a few of us kept it going, but darn it has grown for sure…more carnivores in the world now, I sure like that.
Great people on the zc threads! Makes it fun!


I’d say it was your consistent optimistic posting @Fangs which convinced me to make the leap.

(Linda ) #297

I think having you here Fangs is huge attraction unfortunately when the sight kept crashing we lost great ppl all over the forum but yes even though I used to lurk as ketovore you’ve def grown this thread and I truely look forward to reading everyone’s updates.

(Vic) #298

I vote,

“Fangy’s ZC slaymay”


Super cool. I just promote what worked for me and the thing is when ‘someone is coming this way, into our zero carb meat eating crazy but fab lifestyle’ I just like to throw out HOW DARN good this plan is for me ya know…I just promote what I love and gave results after alot of tough failure ‘dieting’ times :slight_smile: I kinda am a true all in zc gal :wink: So many plans I tried I knew I was leaving, I KNOW this plan I am never leaving, freakin’ refreshing knowing that and it puts me in a very calm place now on my journey. I appreciate that! And from what I read from you—you are doing fab and loving this lifestyle too :slight_smile:

yea the site crashing was a pain but they sure got a handle on it which is nice. It is a great site, full of alot of respectful people here, been on way horrifying eating lifestyle change sites but this one is a good one!

I am so with you on updates on how people change. Cause it amazed me how I changed from crazy dieter to calm lifestyle changed eating person…never thought I would get here and going thru weirdo changes and all, I love seeing people also find those good benefits when they come thru a bit of the crazy. It is one of the best things when ya read that post of ‘I feel great now’ and more…keeps me interested to see how well people change and find themselves!

@Carnivoor, that is cool but don’t put my name in there LOL It was Cheryl’s 90 Day Challenge when we started and she had her name in it and she is out now so, no, I got some superstition on it all…lets just rock the months away on our great lifestyle and name it funny and predator style!! I don’t want no bad juju ever from a title :clown_face::partying_face:

----------hubby fried up bacon and made pancakes. Pancakes. OMG the most useless dead food on the planet right there with soda and cereal for me. made me icky watching he suck them down but yes he made me 8 slices of bacon which I gladly inhaled…see pork time for me today!

(Karen) #300

Thats my working weekend done for anothe 4 weeks yay.

Stair runs done at 4.30am saturday and 6.30am sunday before heading off to work. Pretty decent, albeit slow weekend. Both dsys took chick thighs in pack up, added cheese todsy. When i got home, both evenings i had bacon and eggs and a bit more cheese and this evening some canned corned beef.