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It could be he is against killing animals. To me, that’s the best argument. (Still not a great one, considering all the animals and insects row cropping kills.)


what do you use for the bbq flavor?

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Just salt.

Bbq I mean to say cooked on a charcoal grill outside in the garden.

I do use spices, more of relaxed carnivore. However I prefer most meats as is. You can’t make something taste better that is already perfect :smile:


My eating may be a train wreck, but that in the water are some off shore granite boulders that date back to at least two billion years. At this beach the past catches up to meet us.

On my most often ridden surfboard I have a SharkShield device that sets up an electromagnetic field around me in the water. Trouble is sometimes it gives me a jolt, like an electric stock fence. Now, I reckon that could be either good or bad for a person with a heart arrhythmia. It depends on the timing.

Inspiring stuff @Karen18 ! Congratulations :partying_face: on the 13th climb!

The coffee train keeps on wrecking. This coffee and work anxiety mix is antithesis to all the positive progress stories in these carnivore challenge threads. I’ve added back cream and noticed “cheese creep” which is manifested by eating cheese while adding it as an ingredient to an omelette, for example. It’s that madness that rationalises that those bits of cheese don’t matter. But that in its self is what matters.

I’ve been holding on plan with beef ribs and a variety of cuts of steak. My mackerel and sardine pantry stocks need replenishing. Heard a snippet that sourcing canned salmon can get wild salmon in the dietary mix, as compared to farmed salmon which is environmentally destructive. So I’m going to target that approach.

I saw an interesting video on pickling hard boiled eggs and think I will give that a go this autumn time. Ignore that these young Alaskans add sugar to their pickling juice. I don’t think they recognise their addiction.

A really good podcast recently was the Diet Doctor one on protein. It indicates a change in low carb thinking toward higher protein (2g of protein per kg of ideal body weight per day, in a range of 1.2 - 3.0g/kg/d). With eating a 3 large egg omelette and a chunk of beef 500g-ish, I hit that 2g/kg/d target. The goal is to not then dilute that protein percentage of food calories intake with added fat if one’s goals are body fat loss like mine, or to regulate upward the added fat for people who are at goal body fat mass and in a maintenance phase. Plenty of science-based adjusted ideas to apply to the WOE. I apologise to any anti-measurers for my excitement. I think maths and biology should be friends.

I reckon the carnivore ladies here would not be eating 4 eggs for breakfast. Am I correct?

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Is that just one meal is that all you eat in a day? Although it’s never easy to tell portion sizes on a plate from a picture your portions lately look smallish… maybe I just eat too much lol…

@ Fangs how do you make your alfredo sauce I want to make a meatza . I could use thinly spread bought one

Food for the day flanken style short ribs and packet of chicken skins I think thst was my last pack…they were not bad but not sure id buy again they were expensive…

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Thats old, even for rocks. :sunglasses:
If I remember correctly some of the oldest rocks and fossils can be find in Australia.

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Oh no, 2 meals a day is my thing. About 1kg of meat a day.
At the moment its 1.5kg a day, long workdays, need the energy.

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Hi guys, hope your all going well. I haven’t posted for a while because I wanted to make sure I was sticking to keto/Carni and i am, so yay!!!:slightly_smiling_face: I bought salami today and it’s a tad rich, which is weird cos last year I didn’t notice. I think it’s cos I’m not used to pork products anymore. I’ll get used to it again. I will eventually ease into Carni, but last time I jumped into the deep end so I’ll be more chill.:wink: It’s bloody freezing here in Australia NSW right now, but such a relief after that awful hot summer. I got grass feed ground beef and that’s delicious, but that’s for tomorrow. My main food source is meat, eggs and dairy though. I hope everybody is having a good year so far. It’s hard to believe we are almost into the 5th month.:scream:


Locally, In rural deep south west Western Australia all the meat is pasture reared and fed. Specialised grain or corn finishing is the exception and butchers charge more for that. Some feedlot animals are also finished on alcohol (beer, wine or fermented mashes) as it increases meat muscle fat. It’s important to know if one is a pork eater as it effects the fat quality in the meat. But for ruminants like cattle, sheep or deer the feed feeds the big vat of microbes in the large stomach called the rumen. Those microbes create the fatty acids that grow the animal and they are the important step, a filter, between what the animal eats and the quality of meat produced.

I looked at prices. Supermarket fatty 3 star :star: :star: :star: beef mince is about $15/kg = $6.80/lb = $US5.30. It gets 3 stars because it is minced/ground fattier cuts. :joy:

Good quality steak cuts like scotch fillet or rib fillet are about $40/kg = $18/lb = $US14/lb.

Lamb is cheaper. I get mine given to me by a farmer friend who has over abundance. It takes me about 5 months to eat a sheep.

Seafood/ fish fillets can often be more expensive than beef.


it would be cool to speak to one for a minute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: after that I would be :roll_eyes::grimacing: cause I wouldn’t be able to take it but very cool you just allow them to do them. Way life should be when it comes to what a person wants to eat!

No breakfast for me so. My eggs would be a side dish to a hunk of meat. I had a time when I did steak and eggs. Usually 6 scrambled. I know so many love eggs and do well on them but for me the eggs fall way way down on the carnivore menu for me personally now. Would 4 eggs be all I would eat for breakfast if I ate breakfast. Nope LOL

Very cool on having a shark shocker on your surf board. And the damn thing can shock you a bit, holy cow, that would drive me nuts wondering when I might get zapped…but hey any preventative is a good thing tho out there in the water. That is very interesting tho.

So true on good seafood being pricey. I so wish crab was alot cheaper. King crab is a killer price and something I could eat every darn day in big quantity but can’t swing those prices to indulge, along with like lobster. I read some on salmon farming also and they say those salmon are not as nutritionally good as wild caught plus along with farming practices that do hurt the environment and more, but anything we humans due to raise livestock etc. is gonna have impact. Never read too much on it tho since I am not a fish eating person :slight_smile:

yes when newer to zc I used store bought alfredo sauce. So simple but then I google’d how to make it. omg so simple to do fresh and not get any extra ingredients so that is the way I rolled, plus a jar would end up in the garbage. I use so little of it and only I kinda like it in the family so if I bought/opened a jar and used a 1/4 of it the rest ended up in the fridge only to hit the garbage bin later. I hate throwing money in the trash so it was easier to buy some heavy cream and make it myself so I could super control portion size I make. Cream, butter, fresh parm cheese. So easy peasy. I love shrimp dipped in it and sometimes some meat, like right now I find a little paired with pork is yummy. I don’t make it a ton anymore like I used to cause I ‘‘kinda lost’’ a taste for it now but when I want that taste, yes I still love it.

Super glad you are doing so well. Beef sounds delish, eat it up, it is so good for ya!! We are so waiting for our summer time to hit, chilly here but I want the hot weather, and here you are freezin’ your buns off LOL Just hold tight and eat well, you will start to feel the good benefits longer you stay on plan!

------------------------BBRRR we got a big thunderstorm coming today and it knocked down temps and I am cold. omg come on summer, I need you so much!! So over cold times now. Plus I want to start opening my pool, seems like that time is never gonna come LOL

food yesterday was 1 lb. pork tenderloin
few slices salami
ate up some steak

that tenderloin I ate as my first meal finished me kinda for the day. It was delish and set right, so my second food, I just didn’t jump on it like I normally would…which is good I always say, I just eat as the day takes me at all times.

not sure on eats today. I have another 1 lb. pork tenderloin to attack but my mind is on a steak, so defrost a smaller Tbone and eat that bit of leftover steak I got and be a beefy type day? yea sounds good :slight_smile:

AND WE ALL gotta think of a May month name…everyone throw some out and lets see what sounds carnivore cool for us!

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All this shark talk makes me crave it. Its been a while sinds I had any.

Summertime is on its way, almost time to make salted dryed shark meat.

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Shark is average, don’t get the hype. But that might just be my hate for seafood.


Is there a “correct” amount of meat to eat per day for carnivore health standards? I’ve heard people tell me that I should be eating a set amount of weight of meat per day regardless of how small or large my body is, which doesn’t seem to make sense to me as intuitively a larger person would need more energy/nutrients than a tiny person…

I am 170 cm/5’7" tall and 75 kg/165 lbs aiming for something closer to 65 kg/145 lbs and I’ve only been eating less than 0.5 kg/1 lb of meat per day. Through experimentation, I found that if I increase that a little more, my weight stalls. But once I bring it back lower, I start losing weight again. But some people are telling me that’s an unhealthily low amount of food to eat per day.


Here’s my egg story:

I generally eat 2 meals a day and I eat 3 eggs with each meal, so 6 per day.

I skipped my eggs the other day, and I was so hungry, it was like filling a bottomless pit. I had mackerel and squid along with the steak, then ate another portion of steak, then ate a bag of pork rinds - and woke up the next day ravenous so I ate ‘lunch’ at 10am.

I always wondered why other carnivores eat considerably more beef each day than what I manage. On certain days, I can eat more beef, and I always eat to appetite/satiation - but generally that looks like 250g of cooked steak at a meal. That’s usually the yield from 1.5 or 2 steaks (227g raw weight each) - which always seemed a long way off what others suggested.

But I guess that the 3 eggs with each meal go a long way to filling me up!


And on a different topic entirely, I have decided to give up alcohol for a while. I’m interested to see what difference it makes.


I wish this was me. Eggs are so cheap and if they filled me up, darn right I would be using them to my advantage. Will be interesting to see down the line with more time in if it changes for you??


I’ll keep you posted - I have moved my shopping delivery day, so I don’t have enough eggs this week; I’ll let you know how those meals go!

I am sensing double steak in my future. :rofl:


LOL double steak is never a bad thing :slight_smile:

Are you currently doing the drop off shopping delivery to your home? just wondering


Yeah, I have a weekly supermarket delivery.

I don’t drive due to a head injury I sustained when I was younger. I used to nip into the supermarket on my walk home from work each day, but I changed jobs and my new working hours are long, so I moved to having a delivery instead. That was…something like 2015 or 2016.


how do you like it? any glaring flaws, as in your meat you get when someone else picks it out for you or has your purchases been mostly great cause being a few yrs now it must be working out well.