BewareEasterBunny -- DangerousCarnivoreApril

(Vic) #241

Your standard 50y old fat boy, with high blood pressure. Close to a heart attack and pre diabetic.
Worst of all, not realizing it was my own fault, not just getting older.

Well, we are passed all that now. Skinny, fit, low blood pressure, healthy.

Now happy with my 3 years into my massive eating disorder (according to some).


Damn, you were a wreck like me HAHA
I so hear why you came here but ----don’t get this out of context----I think women are more ‘totally emotional’ and find auto correct thru sugar and food intake in that we are a ‘tad more of a mess’ but lately—in full truth—younger men are more into this issue now thru just sugar intake and ‘what life is now’ vs how I grew up. We were ‘hard core’ life is NOT about shades of gray thru any social media crap like my kid is experiencing…but that is ‘an iffy thing’ I think overall and not set in stone vs some one explaining it a tad diff to me :slight_smile:

changing times and I see it across the globe at what expense? and truths behind nutrition and more to think more clearly? huh not sure on it :slight_smile:


not hungry now yet but made 2 lbs shrimp for me and hubby later.

this and my defrosted Tbone should be fab, or just shrimp only? my appetite is very low, again which I am fine with, cause it is norm to switch around for me…

be interesting to see my food intake for tomorrow…chicken has no play for today as I thought LOL

(Vic) #244

Goat meat, chicken, fetta and junk cheese

(Karen) #245

Stair runs done and my 13th virtual mountain completed. Then to CF and weight training was poer cleans snd hang squat cleans followed by the workout of thrusters and toes to bar. Went to work for late shift and home and in bed now! Tootsies sore and arms are so so ouchy from the thrusters, flippinhell do i hate thrusters. But if i don’t like the workout its necause i need more practise so i go and torture myself.

4pm before my first hunger pangs started so i tucked in to the sliced beef and followed that by sliced ham. About 6.15pm i started on the chicken. Had some feta cheese when i got home. Not eaten half enough today really but hey ho i meeded my bed more than i meeded my food!

(Linda ) #246

Todays food short ribs flanken style a bag of chicken skin then later pork rinds…


I know that feeling :+1:

-------------so I made all those shrimp. Didn’t eat but 1

just didn’t want them. will probably eat some today. hubby tucked in to a good bit of them last night with his steak.

for me…Tbone and small cheeseburger patty and few slices salami

OMAD for me which is more rare but appetite is flinging around a bit, so that is normal tho.

Shrimp today with ? Hmm. The store has ribeye steaks on a low sale. Need to hit store later and grab for freezer, so it might be ribeye and shrimp for today? probably. My mind is on ‘some different taste’ I am wanting, hmm, no clue on that but in my mind I got alfredo sauce floating around…yea, maybe some alfredo over my shrimp with that steak. yum.

all going very well in zc land for me. feel strong, on plan and overall good place.


is there an average national price in the US for different cuts of meat? i see some places in the country that sell for like $6/lb if you buy the entire cow but also like $20/lb for a single cut at some supermarkets

(Heather) #249

I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s posts. It seems that we’re all cruising along on plan.

DH is down 30 pounds so far and he couldn’t be happier. He told me, “I finally get it.” He feels so much better–much less bloat and no gurgly stomach after eating junk. His two week bout of diarrhea came to a close, which he was thrilled with. Now, he’s working to figure out what time of day to eat. He’s “feels” like he’s eating until he’s full, but then gets hungry later, which is sometimes at 3am - LOL.

DD is doing well too. She’s had a few slip ups here and there, but she knows what her triggers are and it working to reign them in.

April was “stay off the scale” month for me, but May came and I’m right back on it. :roll_eyes: Holding steady, but I would like to drop about 15-20 more pounds, but I will be patient. My once a week workout seems to be good for me. I don’t find myself as hungry as I seemed to be when working out 2x per week. I cut out eggs a while back and reintroduced them a couple of weeks ago. I had some times where I would just eat yolks only and that seemed to sit well with me. Then, I went on to having the entire hard boiled farm fresh egg and I did okay for a while, but now I am noticing more bloat and an itchy rash on the top of my foot. No more eggs for me, which is fine, as they aren’t my favorite.

I’m always learning and growing through this WOE, which I love. I also love watching my family learn new things about themselves.

(Vic) #250

Bbq Pork and mixed meat sausage.

(Karen) #251

Well my tum didn’t stop rumbling when i got into bed and for first time ever my head kept telling me i needed food! So eventually at 12.45am I had to get up and found a little jar of potted chicken. Wasn’t sure it would work but it did and I dropped off for a couple of hours. Not a good nights sleep overall.

Did my stair runs and went to CF feeling pretty knackered but managed to get through the workout which was all CV.

Did a steak shop on the way home from CF, live steat shopping now :grin:

Picked uo some Lamb loin chops too and had all 4 for brunch.

Dinner was some chicken breast fillets and ham with some cheese and followed later with some anchovies. Definitely eaten better today. Don’t want to be worrying about not having enough fuel to do the CF workout in the morning!!

(Vic) #252

It happens, I get it a few times a year. Have no idea why but when it strikes its eat or no more rest.


@daigo1, my area jumps around on red meats alot. One store can be 11.99/1b and another could be 13 but around 11.99 seems normal around me. Good sale is $5.99 but most sales are around $7-8 from normal price. Not sure on entire cow, we did our own beef cattle so I never had to cost in a cow for total price but if you grow it it comes in cheaper than buying one and processing, but processing is best to call and just learn on the cost etc.

Wonderful! Loved reading this…he gets it :slight_smile: Now he has to hold it HAHA but he will cause he feels the difference and down 30 lbs is just amazing! So glad your DD is finding her way, and she is and will!

15 to 20 is my last bit and now it is more only 15 and I will be happy and ever so slowly you will drop it cause I am doing just that right now so hang on :slight_smile: we got time and eat well while doing it.

yea, the real rumble and grumble is too much :slight_smile: glad you had something. I get a gnawing I could eat feeling and can easily let that go but when a real rumble comes, oh yea, no matter what time, it is time to put something in that empty tum tum!

----------------wow April is flying by now and the end is near!

I ate so weird yesterday

shrimp with some homemade alfredo sauce
can of tuna and tin of sardines
1/3 lb cheeseburger patty

and my guts started to say…dairy! too darn much. Luckily I got it processed but I could feel the cheese and cream happening down there a little LOL but got thru ok. I pushed that dairy line a bit.

didn’t eat much but this morning I woke up to…you are gonna eat alot of heavy dense meat and I got Tbones that need eating so I will be having a good eating day. A few days of much lower eating just hits me but now I feel back to regular programming.

and, and, and lost 1/2 lb on the scale. WEE. Ever ever ever so slowly I am losing those last lbs I want gone and body finally showed it on the scale! Like I told Heather, little by little, inch by inch, 1/2 lb by 1/2 lb :wink:

and darn if I wasn’t a monster dummy. I missed my ribeye sale. omg I let the one day go and thought today, but sale went off the day before. What was I thinking, I wasn’t…ugh…sale now is $9/1b Tbones. I might buy a few to give me a cushion in the freezer but I am kickin’ me for not saving more money. oh well. next ribeye sale I won’t miss! :slight_smile:

feeling good. will eat nice today. cheese is NOT in my day LOL I need that gone for a day to help the guts and just concentrate on beef and ?? Maybe some pork? will see what I chow on.

(Linda ) #254

and, and, and lost 1/2 lb on the scale. WEE. Ever ever ever so slowly I am losing those last lbs I want gone and body finally showed it on the scale! Like I told Heather, little by little, inch by inch, 1/2 lb by 1/2 lb :wink:
Congrats such a great feeling when weight moves in the right direction.

Food for me yesterday was beef short ribs and beef ribs, chicken skins, and pork rinds…
Seemed to be more hungry yesterday but it was colder yesterday could be why.


is that like grass-fed, etc.?

(Vic) #256

I gave up on grass fed years ago. To much of a hassle for way to little unproven benefit.


no I don’t buy grass fed unless I hit a markdown price is SO great I nab it. I shop all meat at the market…sale or markdown or whatever great price I grab it :slight_smile: Being a farmer before we retired I did all my own hogs and beef cattle but when we shut the farm I said, done…so now I buy whatever I can get at the market and don’t think twice about it. I do fine on ALL purchases, I am one who has an almost cast iron gut truly and can chow down on darn near anything from anyone LOL I always liked that about me and while GF is ‘considered’ better with its omega 3 vs 6 ratio and all that jazz, I find I function just as great on regular old store bought! So that is me :slight_smile: everyone kinda just has to follow the path they desire on what meat purchases they want!

--------------so I got 5 packs Tbones. eh enough to help the freezer.
at the higher sale price I couldn’t bring myself to wipe out the meat section on it :wink:

I also got 4 pork tenderloins. I paid full price for those but I find me wanting them. I got 4—nearest 1 lb. sizes I could get. I like knowing I am eating 1 lb of pork loin and being done with that. But when a sale hits and they take a buck off that lb. I am going on all in and nailing a ton of those babies.

I was all about pork in my first 2 years then I dropped it and heading into year 4 I find me loving pork again :+1: Plus the darn price diff. is fab on my wallet so if I can enjoy eating cheaper now then darn right I will!

bacon on good sale. nabbed 8 pks. hubby inhales bacon and for the fewer times I do eat it, I feel like when I want it we are out…SO I HID 2 pks way below in the freezer for ME…yes I hoard meat when required…do not think less of me :clown_face::skull_and_crossbones:

I do hate shopping tho, so sick of grocery store in that prices keep rising and my wallet keeps screaming :star_struck:

(Karen) #258

@Fangs good on you for dropping that weight. I think some people forget just how much 1/2lb is, of you pick up a 1/2lb of lard that says it all.

Stair runs and CrossFit done and dusted and nearly killed me off today lol. Thats 5 days on the trot at CrossFit and loving it… it is soooo good to be back in the box and so pleased I just kept on stair running throughout which has really made it quite easy to keep up in the classes. Not as strong as I was last year but not fussing about that as it was to be expected not having a barbell to train with at home.

Lovely afternoon at the garden centre with Raymond. They do a good earl grey and it was gorgeous sunshine. Nice to get the summer dresses on again. Bought a lovely square wall fixed parasol which will work out so much more practical and cheaper than the pergoda i was umming and ahing about and won’t block out the light from my kitchen. Just as well the car roof comes down and it wasn’t raining!! :laughing::laughing:

Todays food:

Brunch was chicken fillets

Dinner was sirloin steak, back bacon and 2 fried eggs followed by some cheddar and brie.

Work this weekend but only day shifts so not too bad… think I can handle that. Need a rest from CrossFit and this forces the rest! So shirt ironed and pack up at the ready and an early night in store.

(Vic) #259

Bbq Steak with a big piece of fat covered in cheese.

(Vic) #260

I got an interesting week comming up.

2 of my team are going home an the 2 replacements are a vegetarian and a vegan.
This is going to interesting :smile: the adventures of the vegan and the carnivore.
I’ll make shure cooky makes 100% plant food for the man. Having a carnivore boss is going to be a dream come thru for him. :laughing:
Ofcourse I will be very respectful and see to it that he always has the food he wants. Same like with any other religion based food restriction.
And its an opportunity to learn more about the mindset of Vegans.