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Hi Wendy!

At the moment, I have nothing good to say about my experiment. The food isn’t half as nice as keto, because I like my veggies and cheese. I also haven’t felt anything better in my health and the way I feel in general. To top it all, I’ve put on weight. I’m also having muscular cramps and they’re getting worse. I had them with keto, but eating more veggies had helped me to almost completely eliminate them.

So, I’m sticking with it just because. I wanted to be sure I was in ketosis to be able to say I’ve tried everything to have the supposedly magical fat adaptation and my exercising performance increased, etc.

But I’m only getting weaker. I can’t run anymore. At all. Mountain biking still works, because I push myself to do it.

So, soon I’ll just give it up. Since I’m already coming from keto and over 1 month carnivore, if this fat adaptation thing was really what it is claimed, I should have felt it by now.

I hope, if you decide to try it again, it works for you!


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear! A few days ago it sounded like you were doing well, but I know all too well how symptoms fluctuate and how hard it is to know when/if something is working. So many variables! That’s what makes strict adherence so important. And you’ve been doing a great job with adherence, so whatever your final assessment is, at least you know you tried. I also need to really try (without dairy!), but I’m not ready yet.

Wishing you all the best!

(Linda ) #223

Todays food short ribs and chicken skins, followed by another short rib.

I’ve noticed if I change by food slightly by adding different cut of meat or adding shrimp im back to bathroom issues …not sure why hopefully that eventually stops happening.
I Also noticed that if im out and about I forget about food and eating…keto was easy not to eat but I still thought about food… Yesterday went shopping and had an optometrist appointment didn’t think about food once til my husband said what we got to eat im hungry I looked at my watch and it was 6.30 pm had already taken out ribeye steaks night before so no need to eat out.:)…
To be honest to the disappointment of my husband alot of the food I’ve eaten out has not tasted as good as I remembered and I’d just as soon as eat at home now loll


Wow SB that is one horrible situation that hit you :slight_smile: I remember ‘moving round bales’ by hand also, ain’t easy at all LOL We took early retirement from the farm, just slowly shut it down, sold off all livestock etc and tractors/equip cause I have to say, it can wreck the body for sure. We are a ‘bit crooked’ our decades of farming :slight_smile: You take care of your body! Glad you are better now tho, heck I was throwing around 70lb square bales when I was 9 mos. pregnant, NOW I can barely lift one and I don’t wanna HA You hang in there!!

So sorry to hear about this struggle. fat adaption is not what this plan is all about tho. It is about internal healing and re-setting your body and hormones and more. It takes time and that time is individual to all of us. Fatigue was a biggie change for me also and I came from extreme low carb into carnivore and I went well into tough fatigue for quite a bit, then I would bounce up and down on energy til that one day, boom, I was ALL energy and pizz and vinegar and never lost it after that til about month 7-8 or so I went insanely exhausted for about 2 weeks and then one day woke up as right as rain and never ever had fatigue again. So that was my walk.

and the ‘standard’ way into carnivore is 90 day trial. 3 months. But alot of people who really want to see this plan will commit to 6 mos…but sadly many can’t even make it a month and that is where the trouble lies. No person can put a ‘time limit’ on what it takes for actual great benefits from the plan. We don’t have that control at all, our bodies do. I know ‘trials’ are great to ‘try’ something but if time is too short for the body to truly start healing and adjusting then it is what it is if a person cuts the trial earlier on ya know.

But I feel you. All normal changes with adaption time for many carnivores. But it is very personal on how much time and commitment one wants to commit and IF YOU did so well on Keto ya know, and you do go back, it might just suit you very well.

Only biggie is rest when needed, I sure did and the next is don’t push exercise til ya feel better and third is eat. Eat very well. This is critical for our changeover. Wishing you the best of the best you can get :slight_smile:

yes this is a perk I love about our carnivore plan. My life was food and when I could eat, now it isn’t and for me personally, oh boy I love it! Cool

oh boy I know this. Our lives were eating out for ‘fun’ and now I don’t care about it one bit and the price vs what my steak costs at home and I like my food better and eat home just like you said. I don’t miss this part of our lives but my hubby sure does, which is why I get ‘dragged’ out now to restaurants LOL so I just go and order the most simple thing I can just so ‘he can eat’ the crap he wants HAHA

---------food was 10 oz steak, 1/3 lb cheeseburger patty, bunch of pork tenderloin slices and darn if that little pork tenderloin wasn’t so delish, it was :slight_smile: and I ate that whole tenderloin. yum

Feel great. Feeling strong, all good. All zc good things but remember guys, I got time under my belt LOL so I am ‘thoroughly zc’ now…everyone hang on :slight_smile: Time on plan changes us but darn it does take its own timeframe for each of us!

today thinking meatloaf (just burger meat mixed with eggs) and chicken or eating up another pork tenderloin. Either way it will be good!

(Vic) #225


Beef liver, bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Also had lunch, just some chicken.
Today is a 3 meals day.

I also found a place in the city where they sell life bunnys and chickens.
Going to ask cooky to get a few bunny’s, slaughter and cook then.


wow that would be one great cook taking on butchering for you, might have to pay the cook more for just that LOL
rabbit is yummy. Nice addition for an option. Hard to find rabbit around here, it isn’t a rabbit eatin’ area unless one raises them at home or is a hunter.

Cool tho, can’t wait to see how that meal turns out for you.


public service announcement :crazy_face:

I posted a good read about ‘what to expect the first 30 days’ of zero carb eating in the Zero Carb Information Video thread we have running.

it is from a now long term zc vet who tells a bit about her near 20 lb weight gain and her expectations and more…just a good read.

over and out :sunny:


Hey @Corals … maybe I can offer a bit of insight and help here. Fat adaptation can take a while, and also might need a good nudge. For me, there were the number of years I’ve been overweight, all the yo-yo dieting, my age and who knows what else. So, the nudge I needed came from a few Jason Fung videos, Dr. Boz & Dr. Berry discussing both Intermittent and Extended Fasting. Now, I know not everyone here is on that same boat - with the whole fasting thing. But, my N=1 is EF +Carnivore.

I started with Intermittent fasting. 18 hours off, 6 hours of eating. Gradually moved to a 23:1 schedule. or OMAD (One Meal A Day.) I made that OMAD one helluva of an OMAD. I wasn’t carnivore yet, though. Then I’d fast 24 hours. or 36 hours, then 48 hours. I worked my way up to 7 days. Took me a few months to do it, but, I did it. And the weight fell off. But, I had to “train” my body to burn its stored fat first. Fasting was/is the mechanism that trained my stubborn body to function as it should.
THEN, I went carnivore, and WOW, was that a game changer. That’s when the joint pain disappeared completely, my skin looked 10 years (or more) younger, and energy levels went through the roof.
The weight loss blew me away. The fat /weight just melted off. It took me some mental preparation and a lot of willpower, but once you get going - wow! I felt free from food addictions, which was amazing. And, it doesn’t take much to knock one down off that high - so I have to be super careful. That’s why carnivore works best for me now. At restaurants, I order a plain ribeye with a side of butter.

With the implementation of fasting in conjunction with carnivore, It was easy to imagine how our ancestors might have gotten along- eat until you are full. When the meat is gone, they’d fast until they got more meat. Then eat again. Sometimes that was hours, sometimes it was days. Their bodies just naturally burnt off the fat they had stored up, until their next meal hoofed it across the field. I reasoned out that that was what my body was missing or forgetting how to do. So, I began a practice I call “Intuitive eating”. Just eat when I was truly feeling famished.
With refrigerators, freezers and restaurants - we don’t have to wait at all to eat. That was my struggle…well, that along with having to cook and feed other people in my house. But, it toughened me up. I did get a lost a bit over the holidays, and am paying for it in having to re-teach all this stuff to my body.

I just wanted to throw it out there as maybe a different method you could try and see if that might work for you too. Hope it helps! SB

(Vic) #229

I do, Mozambique is the 7th poorest country in the world wit a GNI of 1200. This means the average income of the population is 100us$ a month.
Cooky gets 300us$ from me and now and the I give him someting extra. He also gets to eat what I eat, so he has a few pounds of meat a day for his kids. ( they know the value of protein)

So he is happy and unstoppable, don’t have to ask.


wow scary tho to hear of such hardships of others with income and more but it is a wonderful career this person took on, getting meats and more for take home and also providing you guys with delish meals…so far Cooky is treating you very well with your carnivore style!

win win for everyone, I love that. Ya know at some point in our lives we all need a damn good win ya know LOL

Happy and unstoppable, darn good attributes for sure!! :slight_smile:


Hey @Fangs … those hay bales are back-killers! We did the square bales for a while. Oooo…that was tough - did it while pregnant too. Not my brightest idea. But, we switched over to round when we got a good deal on a round baler. The bales for the garden were a little soggy as they were on the bottom of the bunch, so very heavy, moldy and dense.

Made it through my shift for the most part, but started getting sore a couple hours before I left. Woke up last night- for hours- in pain. Had to take more ibuprofen. Not great this morning, but calling the Chrio for appt. He was closed yesterday. Going to fast for a bit, and see how we go.

Have a great day, all!!!


oh darn cause if you are like me we HOPE that we heal super fast, and we usually do LOL but sometimes ya know and hope the Chiro can help you!

Yes we did round when hubby hit a good deal on used baler. Easier and not easier as you know. Squares are fab for XYZ and bales are fab for ABC! I tell ya you need both on a farm LOL

omg I hate moldy icky hay. we built 2 big hay barns to combat that. I hated seeing ANY OF MY HAY rot or change in any way…alot of darn hard work on that stuff LOL

hope you get yourself sorted out and BE KIND to you know as much as you can. I got the ‘weirdo sciatic nerve’ crap and when it nails me it does but then I heal a bit and do ok and then boom, that ache and nasty again and one just can’t ‘walk away from that pain’ ya know, so wishing you the best you can be :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your journey!

I’ve never been overweight and have done OMAD most of my life. Even when I used to eat low fat. I’ve also exercised a lot, since I was a child. I was doing IF before it became fashionable and with everybody trying to convince me not having breakfast and dinner would kill me.

I’ve started keto over 1 year ago. Carnivore, almost 2 months. All of this time, OMAD, say, 80% of the time.

So, I really think if there was such a thing for me, it should have happened by now.

I’m completing 2 months of carnivore and probably moving on. At my age, every minute should be lived to its full. Life’s too short. I want to have energy again. After carnivore, I’ll probably try upping carbs till I find my energy back and can run again, or at least jog. From experience, I don’t need that much to be able to at least jog.

I’ll keep as low in carb as possible, though, because I fear if I don’t control my carbs, I could end up developing diabetes. But I’ll find a compromise somewhere. I also don’t want to depend on supplements to get things nutrition could provide.

I’m not complaining or anything. I’m just on a journey to try to improve my WOE. I’ll try things that sound like a good idea, like going carnivore, and see what makes me feel even better. We can always learn something and change our ways if we find better options.

Perhaps I have some condition, bad genes, or something, that makes me have less mitochondria than normal people. Who knows?


No you are not complaining LOL at least not to me but this IS WHAT adaption time is all about but if you feel you want to ‘go back’ and bit and ‘see’ then heck yea, if you gain back more then super cool, your body says that is the sweet spot…if you feel off again in any way thru adding back, think our way again BUT there is that point where each of us as individuals know what fits them :slight_smile: and you sure will find your way cause you got smarts, I can read it in your posts :sunny: and you will find the best you, I don’t have a doubt about that!


Thank you!



Hugs back to you :slight_smile: You got this on a very personal level and I can’t wait to hear about your future! Your cool and are doing ‘all this change’ in the right way, what suits you in your current life! :+1:

(Vic) #237

A few years ago I did this experiment in the summer of carnivore + 1 piece of fuit a day.
Could be anything but no more then apple size portion. I always stayed in ketosis, even on a banana day.

It didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for me so I returned to 98% carnivore.
Perhabs its something for you to try.


and I NOW know me on carnivore. 4 yrs in and best path I ever have taken! Benefits thru the roof but I put in my time, believe me!

I can eat mushrooms easily but I researched then and the ‘bad’ vs what I got from eating a few was meaningless but it always trumped toward don’t eat LOL

I can eat a few berries but when I do that ‘sugar intake’ within, hmm, 2 days sends my body saying eat more sugar. So while I can ‘willpower’ thru a few bites of some fruit I like, it nails my azz big time with cravings returning and I am ‘one of those’ who will binge out and be creamed by adding back sugar.

Ask me how I know me. I walked me and found me on carnivore and what it takes for each of us BUT SOME can add back and do ok…more power to them! I wish I was one but I am not and won’t ever be!

I am one who must be here for optimum for me. Others find their path for sure on what suits them at what age, what environmental issues and stress on their body, their lifestyle they want vs what they might need against how can I make this work, the mind games we can play thru years of ‘diet and fail’ and more comes into play along with ‘real med’ issues some face and it is physical overcome----so know you. It has to be this way. Know you but learn as you find you of course :slight_smile: is key.

I can’t and won’t ever leave carnivore. It is my body path and I give it an all emcompassing PASS for what it has given me. I dont have a bad thought on my approach at all into this lifestyle that works SO well for me.

just chat again :slight_smile: just be you at all times but the body tells us, all must listen!

(Vic) #239

I concider myself lucky, not having any of those cravings anymore.
I do binge now and then, but the cravings are always cheese and meat with greek yoghurt.

So a movie with a pound of carnivore snacks happens ones in a blue moon.


yea you are not coming into this as wrecked with insulin issues my body has I guess? and yet I am longer than you on plan and yet I must stay point and stll ‘deal’ with me a bit. I got ‘emotions’ against food choice that does rear its head and this is personal of course as we all walk it.

Could I backslide and gain back my darn near 60 lost? and screw the last 15 I want gone. I KNOW I CAN! But if I keep eating big meat and loving my food as I do I have ‘some control’ and with a clear mind that zc gave me, yes I am more easily combative against going back. I can’t go back. With yrs of reseach on how plants take and destroy our insides, how can I think of eating those again? This keeps me here, my research and my benefits I gained. Done deal to me but I think about it LOL

Some of us are SO there and some of us even longer term need more time and I think, year 5-6-7 I might ‘come into my super total own’ I need for me.

So yea tough stuff going down for all of us I think