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(Vic) #201

Oh I miss raw milk, as a child we got it from a farmer, granpa would cook it and the fatty skin on top was for me.

Sadly I wouldn’t know where to buy it today.

No more milk rounds from the farmer.

(Karen) #202

Hahahaha nooo lol I just wear my socks, no shoes and I am like a fairy running up and down. Fortunately my stairs are on the outer wall! :wink:

(Karen) #203

I really love eating cold meat off the bone too. So satisfying and finger licking good.

Love the seascape, will you be fishing those salmon while they are around?

(Karen) #204

Aww thank you Corals. I found that running up and down the stairs in shoes made me trip up and also i was thinking I would wear the carpet out so I run up and down in socks which I found much better and quieter lol. If you haven’t a stair carpet as some households don’t then you could always get the socks with the little grippy pads underneath. When i first stopped wearing my trainers i did it in bare feet but it made the skin so hard it became a bit painful. I was so glad when the first lovkdown ended and i could get to the foot clinic to get them rejuvenated lol.

Anyway I am sure you will find what eorks best for you.

(Linda ) #205

Food yesterday and a small bag of chicken skins
Yes it did come spinach included but i figured since it was limited and hardly any in there id do it and count it as one of my rare treats…

Todays food short ribs and chicken skins

(Vic) #206


Cooky cami in today with a few life chickens, butchered and bbq them. Combined with a bbq steak makes a simple healthy meal.


food was
few slices taylor ham
8 oz ribeye steak
2 cheeseburger patties

nothing spectacular on the food but it was yum as usual :slight_smile:


scored some NY Strips on low sale price, but not the lowest darn it.
My moms store in her location always puts meat down a $1 cheaper, store location and graphics etc but I will bring a cooler to her home when we go shop and visit (93 yr old mom here) but I will score ALOT MORE NY Strip steaks at a $1 per lb less…hey frugal gal here, I need every penny I can save. SO looking forward to that shop trip with mom.

omg I love my meats and seafood and fowl!!! and ‘eh, fish’ a rare bit LOL

(Karen) #209

Tried to post thos yesterday bit it qouldn’t let me.

I can’t imagine not seeing fresh milk and cream on the shelves, mind you it was a bit like that at the start of the first lockdown when groceries were flying off the shelves and getting stacked up in some greedy persons larder

Got up yesterday morning and felt like i had been run over by a truck! Doms had dedinitely set in from saturdays CrossFit! YIKES! Stairs runs eased it off a tad bit but still felt bruised lol

Had a great day I took my son out walking along with my daughter. Super chilled day and a great meal sitting out in the beautiful i had forgotten what that was like! I ordered a cheese and bacon steak burger w/o bun and Ben ate my chips and Sian ate my onion rings. Very tasty and filling.

At home later i had ham and eggs, some crabmeat, cheese and some slices of beef.

Tired and in bed now

Got up this morning still feeling a little bruised and stiff from Saturdays CrossFit but got those stair runs done and again it eased off the stiffness. Went to this mornings CF class and did some snatch training before doing the workout of the day (WOD) which was a nasty nasty killer of a WOD. Rowing and Pull ups for 25 mins solid. Think my glutes are going to have something to say about that tomorrow lol. :astonished:

Brunch was Steak, bacon and eggs again, I am liking that combination and will do me until I get fed up with it.

Popped over to Raymonds this afternoon and we sat in the sunshine with a brew, then off to get my rear tyre changed where again I made full use of the sunshine then home to my garden. You may remember that I spent 3 full weeks working to get control of the jungle well I can’t believe how many plants have returned that I haven’t seen in years! :grin: can’t wait to get it overhauled in August.

No idea what I am going to eat this evening. I bought a bag of very big king prawns yesterday but as I haven’t defrosted any they won’t be on the list :roll_eyes:

Oh well suppose I had better see whats in the fridge … more steak bacon amd eggs me thinks :rofl:


I do my shrimp frozen from the bag. No diff. then a defrost cook at all to me ever. They cook and are fine :slight_smile: Easy peasy and quick.

WOW on that fun meal out. Loved you gave the others the sides…I do that all the time :slight_smile: My family loves it but I cringe. I say I won’t eat yet my hubby will inhale what I won’t touch so while so un-nevering on just that from my POV they love it :slight_smile: cool LOL

being a farmer weed control is out of control truly HA
ugh and another ugh for you :slight_smile:

steak and bacon and eggs, oh SO PERFECT, there is no oh my on that HA

(Vic) #211

Turkey and beef sausage for dinner

(Karen) #212

@Fangs do you nor f8nd cooking the shrimp from frozen that there is too much water. I like to saute mine In butter but that wouldn’t work if the were frozen…

Dinner was 6 chicken thighs followed by a bit of leftover cheese and followed an hour or so later with some bacon.

The bacon tastes so salty when eaten on its own. Tastes so different when eaten with eggs and steak!


Food today was leftover chicken from yesterday.

Tomorrow I’ll go with fish.

I’m postponing adding cheese to give this my best shot. I want to complete 2 months before adding stuff.

I’ve also cut the butter a few days ago. It’s just meat and salt at the moment.


How are you feeling now @Corals ? I’m so impressed with how you are sticking with your trial and giving it your all. I’m looking forward to hearing your assessment at the end. I’m toying with the idea of giving it another try, but the only problem is that I’ve learned that if I cut out all vegetables, I really overdo the dairy, which might be even worse for me than the vegetables… Or maybe not… Who knows??

(Linda ) #215

Todays food was ribeye steak and steamed shrimp with garlic parmesan basil butter and a bag of chicken skins.

Down another pound this morning on the scale inching my way down slowly.
Raining here today in florida so quite muggy …

(Vic) #216


Congrats Azi. I lost lbs fast when I started and rolled along but the last lbs I had to lose very slowly and that was fine by me…if I eat so great and lose a lb. then to me all is right in the world :slight_smile: Congrats, keep rockin’

@Karen18, yea I water boil fast. I put the smallest amt of water in a big pot. Boil and throw in frozen and it goes fast…but I boil a tad longer cause I actually like my shrimp ‘chewy’ and overcooked I guess one would say :slight_smile: For sautee I would put a lid on frozen. When you lid it you steam them at the same time. I truly found ‘all my fast’ shortcuts to cooking cause in full truth I despise cooking :slight_smile:

@Carnivoor, turkey leg! I almost bought turkey legs yesterday. I saw a few packs and thought I haven’t had turkey in years and then I said NAH, I put my money on the steak buy instead LOL Your pic looks yummy.

------------food was 10 oz steak, 1/3 lb cheeseburger patty, 8 slices bacon

Had some cravings last night. PIA. I have eaten lower for a few days cause just not hungry but that opens me up to possible cravings. So today that ain’t gonna happen, I am eating heavier today to be sure my body knows it is satisfied and full :slight_smile:

NY Strip steak and alot of other meat options and I will be sure to eat well. I like my lighter eating days but I also know if they drag out too long I open myself up to outside influences, nope, ain’t going there :slight_smile:

Be interesting to see what I do chow down on today!


Was feeling wonderful until yesterday morning…
Eats have been spot on, so nothing bad there. It’s my lower back. I’d been working in some planking every morning, and a few leg exercises. Had 3 days off work- and was enjoying the sunshine on Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday afternoon, hubby brought 3 round bales from the farm up to the house.The idea is to amend the garden soil, and attempt a modification of the Ruth Stout gardening method, as well as get rid of some of the invasive weed species that were taking over the south east corner. So, to do this, we start at one end of the garden, and unroll the hay bale to the other side. It was me and one of the kids unrolling for the first two, then me and hubby with the third one. Did fine, except for getting noseful of hay particles. Had to take a Benadryl to stop sneezing at bedtime, so I took only one. That knocked me out in spectacular fashion. When I finally made it out of bed, the lower back was a little sore. I sat at the counter to have coffee and eggs around 10am, and when I got up - almost fell over. The pain was absolutely excruciating, and my back went out. Ended up on the floor. Rufus, the pup, thought it was playtime, and proceeded to pounce on me non-stop- absolutely relentless in her efforts. Hubby came home from work and had to tug/pull/yank my right leg to alleviate the pressure on the lower back. I was fine for a while, and got a little house work done. But the pain came right back. Ended up popping 3 ibuprofen to get the inflammation under control. Slept pretty good, and feeling okay this morning. Going to make an appt with the Chiropractor this week though. I’ve not been in there in over a year, as the planking had solved most of my issues. But, this is debilitating. Not weighing myself this morning as I know full well what ibuprofen does to me. I get very bloated and retain water (or something.) Anyways…going in for an 8-430 shift. HOping to make it through.
Take care and have a most blessed day, all. SB

(Karen) #219

@SecondBreakfast I feel your pain. I have had a troublesome back since being in a serious car accident when I ws 16! I have been managing the pain through exercise for a number of years but of course certain things knock it for 6 and I have to visit my wonderful Osteomyologist. (chiropractor by foundation but also does alternative therapies and he really does have healing hands) I hope you managed to get through your shift and have a good session with your practioner.

Not a great sleep last night, up 4 times for the loo and then woke at 7.20am. Had the alarm set for 7.45! this always happens too and for the last few days I have woken finally at the same time.

Stiff again from snatches yesterday at CF but tho stair runs really get rid of the majority of the stiffness. Then off to CF and blow me down flippin calorie rower again. 40cal row 50 wall balls 40 cal row 50 strict handstand push ups! I am going to be seeing that rower in my sleep!. It was good though even if it did kill me off!

Got home and had chicken fillets for brunch … approx 4oz. Followed by some feta cheese.

Out in the garden tackling new weeds and cutting back the apple tree and pulling more ivy, 3 hours later … back killing so a well earned sit down outside in the sunshine with a nice brew.

Dinner was sirloin steak, 2 eggs and bacon. Didn’t care much for the bacon, new pack, unsmoked and slices too thick for my liking. Didn’t realise the last pack was smoked, far nicer. Finished off with some mini baby bel cheeses.

A late shift at work tomorrow and know I will be on feet for the entire shift. Planning CF class beforehand so hoping back doesn’t feel too bad in the morning.
Got some leftover chicken fillets packed up ready to go and some ham and beef slices which should see me through.

(Vic) #220

Fish and steak for dinner.

Cheese for desert