Beta blockers and keto


I been on Metoprolol or beta-blockers on keto for the last three months, not only haven’t I lost any weight when I check my urine which is daily I cannot get into keto. Now mind you prior to the beta blocker I lost 185 pounds in 20 months on keto. I have reduced my daily intake of calories by 500 In the last month I am consuming a total of 2500 cal and a maximum of 5 g of carbs per day and I still cannot get into keto or lose weight. My question to you is there a correlation between beta blockers and the ketogenic diet that stop someone from being on keto and losing weight?

('Jackie P') #2

Yes there is but I can’t find the science. I know Dr Berry did a YouTube video of medications that affect weight loss. I stopped my propanolol on the strength of it, and also my BP dropped so I didnt need it.

(Edith) #3

How are you measuring whether or not you are in ketosis?

(Bob M) #4

I am on carvedilol (another beta blocker). I’ve been on carvedilol the last 6 years, low carb 5.5 years. I’ve lost about 60 pounds. Some people (Dr. Davis) say beta blockers cause reduced weight loss. I was originally able to get high ketones while on carvedilol, though after 5.5 years and switching to a higher protein diet, I rarely get greater than 1.0 BHB (blood ketones), unless I’m fasting multiple days.

Would I have lost more weight faster without beta blockers? I don’t know.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #5

I’ve had no problems. Though I did reduce my dose thinking I could lose more belly fat. I’m at maintenance weight wise and getting rid of the belly fat with body weight and weight training.

(Bob M) #6

And if you’ve lost 185 pounds, that’s freaking amazing. It may not be the beta blocker, it could just be your own body resisting more weight loss. Lowering calories may not help. Do you fast at all?


I started weaning off Metoprolol 8 days ago and am down 7.6 lbs in that time. Weight loss has been very slow before. My weight loss doc did suggest the other med someone mentioned they took as a good alternative that didn’t cause weight gain or hinder weight loss. Maybe ask if you can switch if you can’t stop the Metoprolol.

(Full Metal KETO) #8

I took this for a short while after a severe peritonitis from a superbug related to dialysis. I used cannabis for nausea and carvedilol caused my blood pressure to shoot up to 200/90 in about 1 minute for several hours. I would have to lay down for several hours till it passed. I finally figured out it was the pill.

I took metoprolol for a few years earlier than that and had no effect but probably contributed to ED.

I took felodapine (calcium channel blocker) after my kidney transplant and had the same reaction that the carvedilol caused, a feeling like I would die after 1 puff of cannabis.

These are seriously dangerous and harmful drugs in my opinion there are better options for BP if you need meds. I wish I had been more educated about beta blockers when I took them.


(Randy) #9

I take lisinopril (ACE inhibitor), and I don’t think it has effected my weight loss. I don’t test for ketones.


Thank you for the Dr. Barry video on YouTube it was very informative and eye opening.


The same way I’ve been measuring for the last 2 1/2 years I use keno sticks.


Thank you for your response, I research carvedilol and its a newer generation of beta blockers but this particular brand has no side effect for weight gain. When I speak to my doctor I’ll ask him about carvedilol.

(Edith) #13

The reason I asked is because over time, as the body becomes more efficient at using ketones, the ketone sticks become ineffective at measuring ketones. The ketones being wasted are what is measured by the sticks.

Maybe try measuring blood ketones to see if you are truly out of ketosis.


I don’t fast but my first meal of the day, breakfast, is around 11 a.m. second meal usually by late afternoon early evening. In between meals I would drink a bulletproof coffee that keeps me satisfied until my next meal.


How I wish you were right, unfortunately the scale don’t lie LOL since I’ve been on the beta blocker for close to three months I haven’t lost a pound of weight. Trust me this is very frustrating especially I been cutting back on calories and that’s not healthy.

(Bob M) #16

I have never had high blood pressure. I have idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, aka heart failure. I’m on an ACE inhibitor and a beta blocker, and have been for 6 years as of this July. This year, I tried decreasing my beta blocker to half over four months and also my ACE inhibitor to half, and I’m actually back up to both at the original level. Though I was going other things which may have affected this, I got some irregular heartbeats, which I have not seen for years.

So, I’d love to stop both drugs, but I have not been able to do so. I will retry later.

(Edith) #17

Well, it was a thought. :woman_shrugging:. I hope you and your doctor figure out something.

Congratulations on what you’ve accomplished so far!

(Bob M) #18

After 5.5 years on low carb/keto, I have found this to be the same for all methods. I have used multiple different BHB (blood) and urine monitors, and one breath (only ketonix). I used to get >3.0 mmol/L blood and in the 60s+ on my first generation ketonix. Now, I’m rarely above 1.0 mmol/L, usually below 0.5 in the mornings, and my ketonix reads maybe 40. I gave up years ago on the urine variety. I had many tests where the urine variety said zero and both breath and blood were high or at least in ketosis.

Here’s an example from three years ago. The first row to the right of the time is Precision Xtra blood ketones, then ketonix, then urine:

Here’s another set of data from the last few days. The first row to the right of the time is the Keto Mojo (blood ketones), the second is the Precision Xtra (blood ketones), and the third row is ketonix. And this is with taking 1 tbsp of MCT oil per day, which I just started doing. You can see how much lower I am now in these values, even taking MCT oil. (Note: you have to compare the middle row, the second row to the right from the time, with the previous values, as these both use the Precision Xtra; the Keto Mojo reads double this for some reason.)


(Full Metal KETO) #19

Yes, that’s what they told me, it’s good for your heart and blood pressure, not for me though, like I said I seriously thought I was on the edge of a cardiac event. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Bob M) #20

I’m in agreement with you about beta blockers. In fact, no drug you take is good. They are all bad (let’s ignore antibiotics, etc.).

Looking back through my records, I see a ton of 3.0+ mmol/L BHB in 2016. I see NONE after about 2018, unless I fast at least 3 days.