Best keto books and websites


I am just starting to seriously research keto. What are the best books and/or websites to go to for info. Besides this one of course! According to Amazon The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson is a best seller.

I am an endurance runner, I run trail ultra distance races. As I am getting older, just turning 51, I have been developing digestion issues. Feeling bloated a lot and get heart burn. I am also about 15 pounds over what I should be, especially being a runner. Hopefully keto can help me with these issues. My digestion issues are really effecting my long runs, hard to process calories.

(Alan Williamson) #2

The Ketogenic Bible is a very detailed book on the keto diet.

Besides cutting back on sugar and grains, probiotics might help with the GI problems. VSL#3 is very good.

(Karl) #3

My favorite book on the subject is Gary Taubes “Why we get fat (and what to do about it)”. While not really a “keto” book, it explains why we’re all in the predicament we’re in. I generally think Mark Sisson makes a lot of good points, but I can’t take him seriously because he’s never really been one of those people who’s been “metabolically deranged” (but he’s dishing out advice to those people.) I didn’t so much read “The Primal Blueprint” from him as much as I “endured” it because once I start reading a book, I HAVE to finish it.

In my opinion, you can probably get a lot more “contextually accurate” information from a couple of movies that are runner-based. “Cereal Killers” and “Cereal Killers 2: Run on Fat” have a “running” focus, which is probably of interest to you.

(Bill DeVore) #4

Since you’re a runner I think you’ll get value from the Primal Endurance podcast. It’s hosted by Brad Kearns who co-authored the Keto Reset with sisson.

Also Maria Emmerich cookbooks are great. I just got her dairy free one from Costco and lots of good recipes.

(Vladaar Malane) #5

It’s not ketogenic specific, but I think the best book is Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code. Because it gives a understanding of how and why obesity takes us in the first place. I think knowing that is important to the keto journey. Beyond that I learned a lot from youtube videos, keto dude podcasts, and we do have a few keto cookbooks we got from the library.

(Rafe) #6

I would also check out a few Joe Rogan podcast. I know Dr. Domonic D’astiago discusses exercise with keto diet, Rob Wolf, Chris Kresser, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Nina Teicholz, and Gary Taubes, are also great ones to listen to as well. 2ketodudes talk to a few of the people above, but in 30ish minute segments. Rogan spends up to 3 hrs per guest and by his nature questions everything!

(Anderson Herzogenrath Da Costa) #7

(Mark Rhodes) #8

Eat Rich Live Long by Ivor Cummings is an awesome LCHF diet but is not strictly keto. It does however really set you up for success and has information plainly displayed and very easy to use as well as being accesibile. The book that helped me transition into Keto was Phinney and Volek’s two books. Maria’s books are something the wife enjoys.

Once you’ve been keto for six months, then read Obesity Code. That’s when it will be useful to you and easy enough to do.


Thanks for the input everyone! I now have some good info to get started.