Best Fatty Proteins

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Available in a health food store near you! :confused:

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This would be cloven hoofed animals that don’t chew their cud. Cows, deer, antelope, goats, giraffe, buffalo and bison all have cloven hooves and chew cud, therefore kosher if slaughtered properly. Pigs don’t make the cut because they don’t chew cud. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I eat these a lot. I usually have shrimp and mussels together, add some other fish, maybe anchovies too, make a “seafood salad”, with some olive oil and vinegar. I personally don’t mind the few carbs in them for the protein and nutrition.

American lamb is grain fed, whereas imported lamb (into the US) is usually grass fed. Costo is a good source for lamb.

Meanwhile, America doesn’t eat enough goat, goose, duck, or offal. Duck is usually cheaper than beef, where I am (East Coast). I love duck, it’s best sous vided though.

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I used to have an aboriginal girlfriend from Fremantle. She told me stories about her 70 old nan who lived with her. She would come home and find like a whole kangaroo leg in the fridge, nan was still a hunter! :cowboy_hat_face: claims that manatees are like a ribeye! Only hundreds of pounds of it. Not legal though since the early 60’s. There’s half a million warnings before you get to the article, scroll down.


So be careful with that road killl y’all. :cowboy_hat_face:


If something needs doing you get Nanna on the job :+1: :smile:

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True. All too true. And I think that’s just awful! :rofl:

Fortunately, plague (Yersinia pestis) can be treated with penicillin. Apparently, it is endemic in the rodent population of the southwest U.S., along with hantavirus, which is much harder to treat.