Best "Fakers"



George Stella’s cauliflower and cheese is the bomb – you can easily Google it. Tastes better than macaroni and cheese and my non-keto friends devour it. I agree w your guy on the shiratake noodles except for some Asian dishes like Pad Thai.

I also make easy Alfredo sauce that non-ketoers love with sauteed cabbage (believe it or not), or on spiralized zucchini.

I have tried mightily to find a good pasta sub and the above are the best.

Also you can use the fathead dough to make very decent bagels.

Finally who doesn’t love cheese crisps for quickie taco shells or tostadas? I buy the pre-sliced provolone that’s round and nuke it for one minute on parchment paper. Awesome!

Oh also, there’s a recipe out there called Soul Bread that makes a decent sandwich loaf.

(Clare) #11

The best low carb pasta I’ve found is this

It’s pretty low carb and very high fibre and quite high in protein.

The texture is chewy but nice and it doesn’t stink out the kitchen like the zero carb stuff. Works best in stir fries but hell I’ve even used it for carbonara and it’s fine.

(Jane Reed) #12

I have a hankering for Mexican-style foods that include tortillas. In order to scratch that itch I sometimes make “taco skillet” which uses sauteed cabbage as the base, ground beef , a small amount of tomato sauce, a few black olives, plenty of the appropriate spices, and lots of cheese on top.

(Brad) #13

Those are not even close to being keto

(jilliangordona) #14

I love these almond flour biscuits

(Clare) #15

I didn’t link to the one I buy sorry.
I think you’ll find it’s fine.
I don’t eat portions of it the way people do with pasta.
It’s very filling so I probably use around half a portion per serving.

(Arlene) #16

ONLY buy Miracle noodles The other brands just don’t cut it. I made the most amazing mac and cheese recipe out of “Cooking Keto With Kristie”. It used Miracle noodles. I’ve had shirataki noodles and I wasn’t impressed. This mac and cheese recipe with Miracle noodles is really, really good. Evidently you can get the kindle version of this cookbook for only $3.50. The “Crack Slaw” is another outstanding dinner option out of this book. I love the flavors of Chinese food, and this Crack Slaw recipe has all the Chinese Food flavors I have been missing.

(Guardian of the bacon) #17

Loaded cauliflower casserole. Think loaded baked potato toppings over cauliflower​ florets and bake in the oven.

(Guardian of the bacon) #18

Pork rinds nachos. Have to be careful heating and with wet sauces cause they get soggy easy.

(Guardian of the bacon) #19

I made this the other day, everyone raved about it. I subbed raw cauliflower rice for the tortellini noodles and stevia for the sugar in the dressing. I added in some sliced pepperoni.

(Brad) #20

Imo soy is not keto,

(Clare) #21

It doesn’t knock me out of Keto so I fail to see what the issue is.

I’m not a big fan of eating soy products in general and this isn’t something I’m eating on a daily basis - it’s occasional.

But this isn’t a dogma - this is just science. This food is high in protein and fibre and doesn’t knock me out of ketosis and I don’t have to justify myself to your dogmatic standards pal.

(Brad) #22

In general soy causes inflammation in a lot of people, as with anything you can do what you want. That doesn’t mean it has to be recommended or endorsed as a whole.

Canola oil, vegetable oil and many other things don’t kick you out of ketosis, but they are not keto.


And, it’s delicious!

(Siobhan) #24


Swedish meatballs:

Fettucine alfredo… pair with different noodles if you want I’m not picky about mine and the egg ones are more filling


(Clare) #25

I’d agree it’s not a good idea to eat large quantities of omega 6 oils but as with everything, it’s about balance.
Toasted seseme oil is in that catagory but you’re not a Keto heretic for using it. I personally wouldn’t touch anything from MacDonalds but I know there are plenty of folk here who of necessity go there and de-bun a burger. It’s not for me but I don’t pass judgement because we are all here to share what we do.

People like you, with dogmatic views who try and bully other people end up ruining communities like this.
This was a post about decent fakes FFS and I think this stuff is ok.

(Andrew Anderson) #26

N=1 :v:t2:. Any more good fake recipes? I’m in love with pork rinds. They help me fake everything. Add crunch, make waffles, nachos, new fake potato chip, and breading for all fatty meat!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #27

(Clare) #28

Thank you.

(Guardian of the bacon) #29

Whew…I hadn’t been around much lately due to long hours at work. I was worried the keto gestapo had been allowed to take over for a minute there. Glad to see @Brenda has things under control.

Don’t Make this complicated folks. Low carbs, moderate protein, fat to SATIETY. The only real rules we need.