Bacon - cured or uncured? Nitrates or no nitrates?

(Jim David) #1

Just wondering about people’s bacon criteria? I try to get uncured with no nitrates when I can, but my 2 main criteria is 0 carbs & a higher fat than protein ratio.

(Michael Iafrato ) #2

I like uncured. I also like it thick cut, usually from the counter.


Great question. Especially would like to learn more about whether nitrates is a problem or not. I see so much conflicting info out there.

(Carla) #4

Just a reminder to be aware that some (many? most?) commercial brands of “uncured” bacon use celery juice in their processing. Or some other, equally natural source of nitrates. That way, they don’t have to list a scary chemical ingredient and can claim their product is all-natural. But if the meat has that characteristically pink-cured color, it almost certainly has nitrates in it.

I for one think the concern about nitrates in cured meats is overblown.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #5

I don’t worry about the nitrates, I go for taste and avoid bacon with added sugar beyond sugar used during curing.

(Scott Shillady) #6

This is my go to, cheap and fatty, no need to waste money on nitrate free. There are a lot more nitrates in spinach and broccoli, don’t touch that shit

(melartweaver) #7

I don’t avoid nitrites or nitrates, but my father in law does. If he eats them his face breaks out in a nasty rash that lasts for days. So no processed meats for him–I suppose that’s a good thing? We eat processed meats all the time…

(chris.coote) #8

Quick answer: You should avoid an excess of them if pregnant, breastfeeding, an infant or elderly.

Personally I tend to avoid them as our family leans toward an organic diet.

Nitrates/Nitrites tend to be more a problem with drinking water from farm fertilizer run off than from cured meats. The EPA has contamination levels set at 10mg/L for nitrates and 1mg/L for nitrites. Back when I participated in a south central PA town, we had to relegate one of the towns springs to fire department use only because of its high levels.

(chris.coote) #9

No added sugar is my only firm criteria right now…

(G. Andrew Duthie) #10

From our own @Brenda:

I prefer bacon with no sugar, but if that’s hard to find, I prefer bacon. :slight_smile:

Also moving the topic to the Food > Meat category.

(chris.coote) #12

A nice summary from Cornell, with a good number of citations…

(John Nunez) #13

There is actually more nitrates in spinach than bacon.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #14

True. And have you seen the amount in celery?
It is very very high.
That’s why companies are making $ hand over fist on gullible “nitrate free” bacon buyers. The companies use celery powder to cure it. Lol



(Genevieve Biggs) #15

Keep that celery away from me. Ban it.


(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #20

Especially when it does this…

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Wtf. I always wonder what was going on in the head of the cover artist when an assignment like this comes down. Yeesh.

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@Becky, your meme is being thoroughly enjoyed over on the 2KD FB group. Could you please post it in the humor section of this forum too? You can blame me if you want. Lol
Thought I’d let you take credit.

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Crackin’ me up! I wasn’t sure if it went too far with the “ribbed” comment and general nastiness if you really think about it… but figured it be okay with a Zorn string, people can let their hair down with you! On the way to posting.

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