Back at it..... finally

(Jill Cherni) #1

Hey there everyone, Im new here but not to keto, I did it for 8 mo about 6 yrs ago. Fell off the wagon,/stopped altogether, I only lost about 6 lbs but was down to my lowest ever and felt AMAZING. So now with the whole past 4 mo I have gained another 10 lbs on top of the 10 I gained before. LOL So 20 lbs to lose, started back almost 2 weeks ago and have only lost 2 lbs. Im hanging in there, I do not count macro’s, I know I should, but I eat basically everything on the approved list. Dont send the macro police please! I find it very difficult. I know the apps do all the work for you but when you make a recipe it takes a ton of work to manually enter all the stuff. Im lazy with the apps I will admit. I can enter my smoothies, easy things but when I come to a meal I actually cook I just dont finish logging. I do admit I probably was eating too much the first week, for some reason I thought I needed to. No more tho’. I just read Dr Phinney’s book, thought it would be alot more… interesting but it was filled with technical info to get the MD’s on board. Im already on board, was hoping to find some good practical advice I hadnt heard before. Anyway, I can do anything for a couple months or more to lose this awful fat stomach. LOL Lets get er done people!!!

(Troy) #2

Welcome Aboard🙂

Great start
Not just a Sprint…but a Journey… a new WOE and lifestyle

Good Luck😄

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #3

Wild animals don’t use macro tracking apps and they aren’t overweight. Our food landscape is more complex than that of wild animals, but we also have the power of reason. If tracking works for people I have no problem with that. I track myself on occasion to learn about my food. But if I thought I had to track to succeed, I wouldn’t still be at it over two years later. Without tracking I foresee just eating this way from now on. No need to over complicate it.

This has some nice advice in it:

(Rebecca ) #4

Hello and welcome! I agree with both previous posters. I don’t use a Tracking App either. I follow my instincts for food instead. As for the scale…I want to throw it away, but my husband wants to keep it, so it’s in the garage!! I began a Ketogenic Lifestyle last June 15. I felt fantastic! I had a temporary “glitch” from April until 2 weeks ago (you know, all that pandemic/lockdown stuff!) I came to realize that eating “crap” doesn’t help deal with stress at all…who knew!? I believe it’s never too late to begin again. Be kind and take care of yourself and yourself will be kind and take care of you! I wish you the best!

(Jill Cherni) #5

Thank you, Troy, Ruina, Rebecca! I appreciate your kindness. To give more info about myself I am 59 /148 5’4", post menopausal woman. I dont know if that makes things any different, I have seen “hormonal programs” before but am not tempted to pay $$ for something I did before with success. I am only 20 lbs overweight like i mentioned before but its too fat for me. I feel awful and feel like i look awful, puffy like. ugh I have no health concerns, take no meds but supplements like Magnesium, Vit D3 with K2, Vit C but not consistently, and I like to take fish oil but when I run out it takes me a while to restock for some reason. I dont like taking supplements altho I know some are beneficial. Dr Phinney thinks fish oil is important at least. I usually have a whey protein smoothie in the morning with coconut oil, 1/3 c or so of frozen berries of some kind, sometimes I throw in a handful of greens, chia seeds. I get SOOOOO sick of eggs for bfast but do alot have 3 eggs with bacon, or i’ll saute up some veggies of some kind, onion, broccoli, red bell pepper and cheese in it to change things up. I have had the occasional carb balance wheat tortillias with turkey cheese mayo, pickle in it but wish to find a substitute for the tortilla. Cant find the cheese ones Ive heard about around here in NC where I am at at the moment. I live full time in a camper, just got back out from time spent with my mom here during the first part of the virus. Heading south for the winter! Anyway, I like to keep things simple but most times that makes for lots of monotony. Trying this time around to add ALOT more veggies cause meat gets very old if I focus on that and I want alot more nutrition. Dinner I"ll throw a chicken thigh in the pan and steam up some veg of some kind with butter, or whip up some mashed cauli, that’s my fav. I dont like to cook, I just got a great little griddle to cook outside but havent fired it up yet but finding things to throw on there easy peasy would be great. Again, thank you for your kindness, congrats on your success and helping others along the way, its much appreciated. Blessings to you!

(Leroy) #6

“Monotony” - how long since I saw that word? :slightly_smiling_face: And not many times over the years; decades running fast since my buddy Paul used it in high school, the teacher nodding approvingly and saying, “That’s a good one.” Back in 1976, perhaps.

Jill, I’m 59 too, and it’s been an up and down thing for me, but I really do feel much better when eating low-carb. That feeling better is an immediate thing. Somewhere out there is age 70, 75, 80… There’s an investment to be made, and even though I sometimes lose interest, I know that the older me will be very glad I was eating low-carb in 2020.

(Jill Cherni) #7

Oh Leroy! You are so right! Also, Im a natural kind of girl, I dont think the western medicine protocol is in any way helpful, its hurtful and makes you a cash cow for the rest of your life if you allow it. I DONT want to be at the mercy of my MD, with their drugs and surgery. rolling eyes Not that they dont have any use at all, they are awesome for emergency and trauma, they ROCK in that dept but everyday living, they just suck. So you are right, the older us will thank us for being kind and doing the right thing NOW no matter how monotonous it is.There it is again!! LOL,

(Jill Cherni) #8

So since Im not really counting macros, Im not sure how much fat to eat… I have read that if you want to lose weight dont eat that much or your body wont burn fat cause its getting its “energy” from dietary fat, not body fat… is this correct??

(Bob M) #9

The answer to that is unclear. There are those (Ted Naiman) who believe that a high P:E (protein, in grams; energy in calories – yes, these are two different units, but I didn’t make it up) is beneficial. This means a lower fat.

On the other hand, there are the PKD (paleo ketogenic diet) folk who believe you should eat 70% fat by calories.

Which is correct? Tough to tell.

Personally, I just eat what I want. If I feel like eating more fat, I do; if I feel like eating less, I do. And I always eat what my wife serves and never complain.

I do err on the side of more saturated fat (generally, butter, some dairy, coconut) and less PUFAs (limit oils of any type, avocados, nuts, nut butters; even chicken and pork that’s high in fat, like bacon).

(Jill Cherni) #10

Well for one thing you are one smart hubby! I like the no complaining part!! Im sure she appreciates that. I pretty much do what you do then, if I feel like it I eat more, if I dont then I skip it like draining the bacon fat I did this morning. I kept some but not all of it. Its just a test of some sort to see how my body responds. I think im going to like this forum, all I hear on the FB ones is some sort of keto police scolding this person or that. Everyone thinks they are an expert after being keto for a month. lol SO, I’ll just keep doing what I feel is right and see what happens. Thanks Bob.

(Jennifer M Palacios) #11

Hi Jill! I am new here too but have gone on and off with Keto for years. I seem to always lose about 5-6 lbs and then it comes to a dead halt. I just jumped back on it and hope to lose some weight and feel better. I am at my heaviest and my bones can feel it.

Good luck to you!

(Jill Cherni) #12

Hi Jennifer, how nice! Thank you and blessings on your new keto journey-again! Lol I read here somewhere that when you aren’t losing your body is healing. Healing from all the carb damage we have done in the past. That’s what keeps me going this time around. My laptop croaked and I have ordered some new thing that supposedly fixes it so I’m not in the forum much right now. Hate doing it on my phone. I like a big screen! We can keep each other accountable! We can do this. I’m replying to the notification email I got that you replied to my post so I hope this posts right. Keep at it!! We are a healing machine!

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to Him be the glory forever. Amen Rom 11:36

(Jennifer M Palacios) #13

Nice to hear back from you! Yes, we can do it and we will do it!

Nice to meet you, Jill!!

(Jill Cherni) #14

You as well Jennifer :slightly_smiling_face:

(Keto Koala 🐨) #15

@Jcherni Welcome to the forum and welcome back to keto :wink:. You can do it and don’t need to track. I fell off the keto pony too…and have to restart.:racehorse:…Sorry I play with smileys on here. I am tired. But goodluck.:heart:

(Jill Cherni) #16

Thanks Amy! I appreciate you taking the time to welcome me :wink::grin::cat2: I like Smiley’s too! Especially when I’m tired. Lol we can do this! I’m not really struggling at all just waiting, waiting for something to happen. Either I start to feel better, lose some weight, I don’t know anything. It’s a process, so it’s ok. I do remember how awesome I felt before so that’s what I’m shooting for. :+1:

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to Him be the glory forever. Amen Rom 11:36

(Leroy) #17

I agree - the individual needs to find what works best for them. There’s no way I want to count calories or ‘macros,’ but I do see a big difference once one’s body gets really used to eating almost no carbs at all. So, we get “fat adapted” and then there’s the question of protein to fat ratios, and overall energy deficits or not.

Some people lose steadily, even over years, and end up with impressive weight losses - apparently just from going keto. This forum has several such accounts. For some others, keto brings a healthier metabolism/lower insulin, and fasting is what really brings the fat loss.

A big hurdle is just the basic insulin resistance, if that is present. It started getting better for me, but it did not “go away.” It may never really disappear; sometimes there isn’t any true turning back of the clock, and the elderly me can’t be like the 20 year old me, probably no matter what.

If our bodies are very accustomed to getting most of their energy from fat, then why not just dip into the body’s fat stores if need be? I think it’s a “fuzzy” area where one has to find out for oneself.

(Francine) #18

No macros counting for me, I hate that and I like it simple! Do you know the site dietdoctor? This is really a treasure of information, very easy to understand.
I absolutely love this site, it is the most informative internet site in the world regarding low carb and keto.

(Jill Cherni) #19

Yes Francine, I’ve been on that site. Hate that they started charging for most videos and info! If you didn’t know anything about keto, it would be worth paying $10 to learn a month then quit. I’ve been doing this a while, just need to relearn some new updated research and anything else I might be doing wrong. Maybe I’ll go see what I can learn for free. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to Him be the glory forever. Amen Rom 11:36