Aussies - get 40 percent off the Anova sous vide cookers


(Running from stupidity) #1

If you go to the linked site - IN CHROME, NOT FIREFOX - a message window will pop up on the bottom right offering a 40% discount. (iIf it doesn’t then there’s a little “message icon” thing you can click on and it pops up.) Shipping is included in the overall cost, even if you’re off int he boonies, i.e. Perth and so on.

After replying to the message, a person will reply with a unique 40% off discount code. (Some have reported 30 percent, but I just got 40 and others have too, so just ask for the 40 percent code.)

I just ordered one as per the image below. I got the WIFI rather than the BT because WIFI is a far more robust system, and it was only an extra $18 or so, but if you’re good with BT, it’s even cheaper.

I already have a sous vide (Breville tank-type), but it’s usually in use for steak, so I got this to be able to do eggs, veges, etc. when I need to do shorter times at different temps, and so on. (Experimenting, you say? Perhaps…)


That’s a single-use code, but I had no issues getting one, just responded and they sent it within a couple of minutes

What did you Keto today? Part Deux!
What did you Keto today? Part Deux!
(Running from stupidity) #2

Not AS good, but still decent, I think. You’ll save the difference back in the first couple of steaks anyway.