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Thanks for those thoughts. I got a similar response from my kids, “but you have already made such progress.” I did clarify with my doctor that my GI problems of old (acid reflux, etc.) were almost resolved completely eating keto, and that the only problems I have with it is transitioning between fasting and eating, and sometimes between eating fasting, and even that seemed better after multiple fasts in August. So she decided to hold off on having me do the fodmap protocal (elimination diet, thinking I might have SIBO but in all my research I really don’t think I have that).

I have been so frustrated with the numbers going up after starting to eat again, I just want answers. Now, it has been slower to climb back up this time, but I have been eating at least one, usually two keto meals plus coffee for the past 9 days now I think, and just this morning I had a very high 295. Until this it was sticking around 250 or less. Approaching the 300s again seems like an utter failure and going backwards. Granted, last night I had kind of an emotional-eating episode regarding dairy (I ate a lot of it, kind of in defiance of this blanket condemnation of dairy that seems to be prevalent at this doctor’s office… it was the nurse that mentioned it yesterday.) They may be right. It could well be dairy messing me up. I am going to have to do an N=1 on that, but it’s like my worst nightmare to not be able to enjoy dairy on eating days!

I still think it is some hormonal issue either related to my hysterectomy or amylin. But before I can get to those topics, we have to know once and for all if I am Type 2 or actually Type 1.5 or LADA. Tomorrow I do the glucose/insulin 2-hour challenge test. After that I plan to eat some keto soup, and then fast. For how long, not sure yet. I am not under any guidelines as far as diet and fasting quite yet, so I am going to go with what I know. A few weeks from now the curriculum of the doc’s program gets to detox, and that is where I will need add more veggies. I am going to do my best to keep the carbs low but nutrition high.

Was that a Ted Naiman video on exercise? Not sure I’ve seen that, at least not recently. I think that strength training is an important element in insulin sensitivity, one I don’t have going yet. Want to know more, and would join in on some of that in September as well.

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Yeah I just made a fathead pizza and consumed most of it :grin:


Ah yes, the dastardly, rising of the FBG. It is disappointing and as far as dairy goes…my attitude thus far has be “Lalalalalalala, I can’t HEAR you!!!” If I can’t eat dairy…I don’t think that I, personally, can hold on to keto. That may sound extreme, but I don’t know what life would be like with only coconut oil, olives, fish, bacon and eggs…but I am not interested in finding out either.

I already have a hard enough time without decent baked goods and I know I would really struggle if I couldn’t eat cheese and ice cream.

I know hormones are all about this, we are so complex and who knows just what is effecting us at any given time…the combinations seem endless.

As for the Dr Ted Naiman, I saw an interview he was doing with this lady? I’m not sure, sorry!

Maybe worth a try watching this anyway?

Keep us posted, I’ll be posting as I continue my own experiment/keto and IF to EFs as September moves along. I hope all will go well for you, you’ve been working hard!

The last 10 pounds
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I have been “meaning to” start the body weight exercises for 2 years now. I’ve followed Ted Naiman for a while and am pretty amazed at the results he’s gotten with very little time but with commitment to consistency. I’ve spent years with exercise routines taking up to 3 hours out of my day by the time driving to and from are considered. Never much to show from it either and so it always felt futile and not at all sustainable. Having such great success on just low carb/Keto alone without any exercise I’ve kinda been allowing myself to be lazy on the exercise side of a healthy lifestyle. If this is for real though, and Ted seems to be living proof, that one can get incredible results simply with high intensity body weight resistance training to failure a few times a week, it’s like this is to exercise what Keto is to nutrition. In reference to this type of an exercise program Ted makes the following comment in the video “It is incredibly shocking how very little you actually need to get results.” This is exactly the kind of statement I make when trying to describe my success with Keto. I’m pretty down to earth and if I were to graph my outward displays of emotion, the resulting picture would resemble a 9 month weight loss plateau. However, when I talk about Keto, out come comments like… amazing, incredible, awesome, you really just won’t believe it! So, that single sentence in the video has really resonated with me. Although I’ve followed Ted and have been eyeing this for a while, I feel like another piece has clicked into place for me. My notes from the video:
-High intensity, to failure, 3 times per week
-Horizontal Push/Pull
-Overhead Push/Pull
-Consistency! (results are slow to notice)
-Nail fat burning. Nail fasting. Nail mitochondria.

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I’m over six days into an extended fast (might stop at seven, might go longer) and I’ve been thinking of breaking it with an egg fast, so this thread is very helpful. :smile: