August 2018 ZornFast


Funny…we all seem to be a little different in that regard. I DO love being around food in general, and find I do more cooking and preparing when I am fasting.



Same here. … If I’m not making something for the wife and son, I’m sometimes creating things. Doesn’t seem to bother me at all. But I do try to make sure not to mention any foods in this thread, as it’s requested.


Well well…

Good to know I’m not alone. My wife is less bothered by my fasting than she used to be, so I don’t hide it from her as much anymore. She used to ask me if we happened to go out to eat (during one of my extended fasts) if it would bother me. It might have at one point.

Never does anymore…

“I can always eat later.” I think that’s my mindset now.

BUT I DO GET IT, oh yeah. Using the spoiler is easy enough.


I don’t really have a problem being around it or cooking. I just really didn’t want to read about it :slight_smile: I’ve made it through the pot luck at work today. That is an accomplishment.


Well, I finished my fast at 120 hrs. and had a bite to eat a little over an hour ago, and all’s well so far. :slight_smile: As I said above, I actually wanted to eat something tonight and it tasted great, but my stomach said it was enough about 3/4 the way through. And it definitely knows better than me! :upside_down_face: (First 5-day fast in the books!)

Good luck to everyone still rolling along!

(Lonnie Hedley) #108

I had to bow out a little after 46 hours. My body said to, so I listened.

(Ron) #109

23hrs in and doing good. It’s normal dinner time and no cravings. Down 2lbs on scale this morning.


Finished my fast at 72 hours. Good luck everyone KCFO :smile:

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #111

43 hours in and doing well. I’m a bit hungry now, but not bad. If the first 48 are the worst then I am quite optimistic about making this a month routine.


Ron, I decided to do a “double” too. The first one went about 55, with some healthy fats added. Then a day of feasting (which was decidedly unpleasant by the way…) and now I’m back at it again. You were actually the inspiration for me to do another one, but feeling like excrement on the Re-Feed didn’t hurt.

I guess I’m right at 36 hours this time, also adding a bit of Cream and my home brewed, Avocado Baconnaise. I can eat that stuff by the spoonful. CRAZY!

(KetoQ) #113

Just completed and broke a 60 hour fast. Good luck to all still out there.


So my plan to reboot with this fast a little modified than originally. Did a 44h and then went to a lovely feast last night and enjoyed every bite! And now back to a 42h now to take me to Sunday. Still wrestling a bit with fasting/weight loss/maintenance. Am feeling healthy and happy but still looking at another 20-30 lbs that would be terrific to lose - but the body seems to be holding steady and saying otherwise. But do agree with fasting periodically for autophagy benefits.
Thanks to all for reporting in - does help a lot knowing you’re all out there doing the same thing. Cosmic energy and all :grin:

(Ron) #115

40hrs in and doing well. No weight loss this morning, not seeing the results the recent earlier fast produced. Wonder if it has something to do with back to back fasts? After tomorrows breaking I will be ready to take a break and give my body some nutrients. Did add bone broth to my coffee this morning for just this reason (experiencing a slight nausea), hope it helps.
Hope everyone else is cruising and enjoying the rewards! :crossed_fingers:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #116

Practicing intermittent fasting on my camping trip, no multi day fast though. Dr. Fung says to fit fasting around your life not fit your life around fasting. :heart:

(KCKO, KCFO) #117

Brenda, I am doing IFing protocol from the FB Group support for fasting, OCN. It is turning out to be an interesting experiment. The eating window is adjusted daily. I came to realize I don’t have to worry about how many hours from my last meal to when I can start eating. I get up, eat when I want to and just fix my window for the day by when I started eating. I just natural don’t want to eat until sometime between 10 and 11 AM it turns out.

It is also good exercise in no snacking. I came to realize I had started to snack after dinners not every night but enough that I needed to stop it. and this seems to have put a stop to that bad habit from coming back. With fasting, it is ALL GOOD!

Campsite looks lovely, enjoy it.



“Brenda, I am doing IFing protocol from the FB Group support for fasting, OCN.

What is OCN?

(KCKO, KCFO) #119


It is a FB page, free, no fee, for fasting support. Dr. Fung does now have a program with a monthly fee, includes more info, videos, coaching, etc. OCN has some moderators who follow Fung’s protocols with peer support from other members. It is already getting large membership numbers. I like that that do a weekly challenge, one of the mods puts up the fasting protocol and you just join in.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #120

Yep. I’m an admin in there too :crazy_face:

(Ron) #121

Broke fast tonight. (48hrs) Just didn’t feel as good as my previous fast so think I will take it easy until next month. Hope everyone is doing great! You’all got this.:+1:

(Sarah Tilford) #122

I started a 72h fast yesterday, so I’m slightly off schedule from you guys, but am fasting around my work schedule. Currently 30 hours in, plan to go until Tuesday night.

Anyone else still fasting?