August 2018 ZornFast

(Lonnie Hedley) #82

I ran out of the Lite Salt I normally keep at my desk earlier this week and forgot to bring the one from home.

Realized I’ve been downing coffee and peeing every half hour. Bye bye electrolytes.


Oh no! Something is better than nothing. I tried black coffee today, not a good idea. The fizzy water is much more agreeable.

(Christine) #84


I think I’ve gone like 5x and this is large coffee #2.

(Lonnie Hedley) #85

Only 2? I lost count of how many I had. 5…6? No idea.

(Christine) #86

They were at least 20oz each. I’ll probably grab tea or decaf later. Buzzzzzzzz

(Paul Johnson) #87

I totally started a fast because I wasn’t hungry last night or this morning so…I’m in! With a head start even!

(Lonnie Hedley) #88

24 hours. Ketones at 2.6.

Each month, the first 24-48 hours makes me think “screw this, I don’t need to fast”. But, then I remember that it will get better. Or, I’ll be sleeping soon so it will be easier.



This is how I feel right now! Ugh. I am hoping tomorrow will be better

(Ron) #90

OK, I’m in again! Let’s do it!:facepunch:


Coming up on hour 96, so officially working on day 5 for me. Will be breaking tomorrow at 6:00pm for 120 hrs.

Now I just need to figure out what to break with, and what feast will follow that for dinner.

(Christine) #92

Had to tap out at 48hr. Made the mistake of working out and not realizing it was so close to shark week. My mood tanked and I wasn’t able to stop thinking about food. Even though physically wasn’t hungry.

Keep going everyone! You got this!

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #93

I’m on hour 20, no problems but just starting to get a headache. Maybe some tea will help? And munch on some more salt…

(Lonnie Hedley) #94

36 hours. Ketones 5.5. I feel miserable (true hunger). I may have to break today instead of trying to get to minimum 67 hours.

Will see how I feel a little later.


I am now 60+ hours in. Last night was rough I was HUNGRY. Right now I am feeling pretty good. I am hoping today is better I really want to make it until tomorrow!


Blur that food man!!!

(Lonnie Hedley) #98

Click the gear, then blur spoiler. There is a “what did you Keto today” thread if you want to talk about food. This is a fasting support thread. Mentioning food can make it harder for some.

Thank you.

(Lonnie Hedley) #99

Morning manager meeting I mentioned I might go home early if I didn’t feel better by lunch. Unfortunately? I feel better after a couple handfuls of lite salt so I’m sticking out the rest day.

6pm tonight will only be 48 hours, but this month is a lot harder than last. Hoping perseverance gets me to 67 hours (1pm Saturday). Just seeing what my body tells me later.


This is my first extended fast. Yesterday (day 2) was pretty brutal. I almost caved. Today is much better.

I wish you luck! Glad you are feeling better but sorry you have to stick out the whole workday. You can do it!

(Lonnie Hedley) #101

I don’t “have” to, but I’d rather stay than use sick time. Especially when I’m just hungry and want to lay down. Not many people in the office today, so it’s not like a bunch of people are bugging me with IT issues.

I’m told 24-48 hours is the worst. Each month for me the hard part is a different time. Last month I sailed to 90 hours. Month before I broke at 49 hours and month before that was 69 hours.


Presently, at 117.5 hrs. in. Plan to break at 120 - so in just about 2.5 hrs. Haven’t had any issues, but I did have a slight empty stomach feeling today. Wasn’t nothing big, but just mentioned it since it was the first day I’ve felt anything. First four days were even smoother. … But I am actually looking forward to eating something. That’s a first as well. All other times I felt like I was making myself eat to break the fast. (But this is my first 5 day too)