August 2018 ZornFast

(Alexia Falcone ) #123

still going …day 6 …feeling pretty good this morning :blush:

(Alexia Falcone ) #124

I love that part… planning the feast :relieved:


Yeah, sometimes I start thinking of too many things, and then struggle which I want first. :slight_smile: Though I’ve been starting with a spinach salad each time, I do like to try other things for the first meal. But that can also lead to finding those things that are not good to break with. (So far it’s just been eggs that give me issues)

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(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #127

Day 3 a little and day 4 even more my carb brain kept saying to me “Doritos?” Not a craving really, just a reminder they exist. I just said “no” each time. Finally I said “Enough! We’re having bacon and cream cheese when we get home.” That seemed to satisfy all parts of my brain.

(Sarah Tilford) #128

WOOHOO get it girl!!


Ruina, If I might ask, what app is that you use to track your fast?


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I tried a few apps and I liked this one best. It was the simplest to use and visually the cleanest. But what made me decide on this one is that I can edit the start time. So this morning I wasn’t hungry. This afternoon I realized as been fasting for 14 hours, still not hungry so roll with it. I can change the fast start time easy peasy.


Thank you kindly. Will definitely check into it. :slight_smile:


@collaroygal can you pls shoot me a link about that?


Going to be wrapping up August fasting here shortly. Presently in over 62 hrs. in, but not sure if I will take it to Friday or break before? Taking a 5 day weekend starting after today, so may spend a couple nights making some stuff for the weekend.

(KCKO, KCFO) #135


thanks, @collaroygal!