Artificial Sweetener without a bitter aftertaste

(Frank) #1

Can anyone recommend an artificial sweetener that does not have a bitter aftertaste?

I am currently using Stevia.

(Randy) #2

I use Erythritol. It’s not artificial, it’s a sugar alcohol.
It’s about 70% as sweet as sugar. I add just a bit of stevia to make it sweeter if needed. Using a very small amount of stevia doesn’t seem to add any bitterness.

(Frank) #3

Thanks I have been looking at sugar alcohols.

(Randy) #4

FYI, you can put the granular erythritol in a coffee grinder or nutribullet and make it like powdered sugar, which is better for some recipes.

(Kim) #5

Monk fruit didn’t seem to have an aftertaste for me

(Darlene Horsley) #6

I use Erythritol as well. I can’t stand the aftertaste of Stevia. I do use Truvia which is a combination of the two in coffee. Zylitol gave me HORRIBLE headaches.

(Sjur Gjøstein Karevoll) #7

If I need to really sweeten something I use a combination of stevia and erythritol, the ratio depending on what I use it for. By combining them you get something that’s actually sweet while minimizing the bitterness of the stevia and the cool mouthfeel of the erythritol.

Most of the time I don’t want to make something actually sweet, just to round off some edges to the taste and give the flavor more “volume”, and for that a small amount of stevia alone works very well without adding any bitterness.

(Karen) #8

Monk fruit. Found drops on amazon

(John B) #9

We use Swerve, an all natural sugar substitute. It has no aftertaste, and can be swapped for sugar 1:1. They also have a powdered version, but as like another reader posted, I can put it in the bullet blender to make powdered as well. I’ve made home made BBQ sauce with it, as well as candy coated pork rinds!

(Gargantuan B. Widebody) #10

I use liquid sucralose, but I use it sparingly. It’s seemingly fallen out of popularity in recent years but I like it. I have tested it many times and it does not mess with my blood sugar levels, does not slow or stall my weight loss, tastes better than any other option I have tried and lasts forever. Liquid sucralose is very very sweet so you need only tiny amounts. Here is an article that compares various sweeteners.

(Karen) #11

Looked at this to see where Monkfruit fell. It depends on any additives. Mine’s 0 carbs, but when I bought it many brands had other sugars with it. Read carefully.


(betsy.rome) #12

The best tasting one is new Bocha Sweet (amazon). Made from kabocha squash. Very expensive though.

(Full Metal Keto) #14

Stevia and monk fruit suck. I find with those you quickly consume whatever you’re eating to try to cover up the nasty back bite with the initial sweet flavor. Like chasing after something tasty and ending up with aspirin on the back of your tongue. I’d rather do without sweet if stevia and monk fruit are the choices. I have never tried Yacon syrup. I like allulose, erythritol and xylitol. Sucralose is okay too.


(Diane) #15

I don’t like cooling effect I get with erythritol in large amounts (as in recipes) and most stevia tastes bitter to me. I’ve heard others say that if you try multiple manufacturers of stevia products, you may find one that tastes better to you than others since the way the stevia plant is processed can really affect the taste of the final product.

I find liquid sucralose to be significantly more palatable, but also weird in large amounts in recipes. It’s great for coffee (so my sister tells me) and I use it in whipped cream.

I think xylitol (EXTREMELY toxic to dogs in minute amounts) and allulose are the best alternative sweeteners. Though both xylitol and allulose are much less sweet than sugar, they can be used more like regular sugar in recipes. Allulose is pretty expensive, so I’m careful when I choose the applications where I use it.

Also, I find that mixing several different types of sweeteners mitigates any negative aspects of any one of them by limiting the amount of each that is used in any one recipe.

(Full Metal Keto) #16

True true, the only way I can tolerate stevia is when it’s enhancing Erythritol. I made a birthday cake for my son Sunday and used a mix of erythritol and allulose because I ran out of erythritol, it tasted like normal cake. I have made it with a monk fruit blend or added stevia in the past but it wasn’t as good. You must be one of the hyper tasters of erythritol because I have never experienced it even when I just put some in my mouth plain. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Diane) #17

[quote=“David_Stilley, post:16, topic:28453”]I made a birthday cake for my son Sunday and used a mix of erythritol and allulose because I ran out of erythritol, it tasted like normal cake.

Recipe? With the amounts of erythritol and allulose you ended up using??

(Full Metal Keto) #18

This is the only keto cake I have ever tried, it was so good I never tried another recipe. Although I have substituted butter for the coconut oil every time. Also played with the sweeteners. I have made it three times and the last one was the best. I made a half recipe and baked it in a 7” springform pan. I also added two teaspoons of Medaglia D’oro Instant espresso, I could have added more but it enhanced the chocolate nicely. I used a cocoa powder made for drinking that had some unsweetened chocolate mini chips in it this time but used regular cocoa powder the first two times. For a half recipe I think I filled a half cup almost full of erythritol and ran out so I added allulose to get 3/4 cup total and ignored her use of stevia, it was better without it. It’s a very moist cake with a lot of “hidden” zucchini and the dry mix is half cocoa and half coconut flour.


(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #19

I’m highly mentally allergic to artificial sweeteners. I enjoyed the taste of Swerve, but it made me go into a deep depression. But it tasted great. And trust me, it was the first artificial sweetener I’ve had in years, and I didnt taste it AT ALL. I couldnt even tell the difference, but I really tried to. I was looking for that bitter taste. Couldnt find it.

(Edith) #20

I haven’t liked any alternative sweetener unless it is in small enough quantities to keep the after taste or effect negligible. I don’t like the bitterness of stevia but 3 or 4 drops in 8 ounces of tea, for example, is okay. I find the cooling effect of erythritol annoying. Any recipe in which I use it has no more than about 1/4 cup. Allulose does not seem to have an after taste to me but it bakes a little strange and browns too quickly. That’s why I gave up on keto sweets. I think it’s better that way for me any way.

(Karen) #21

Ditto, the Allulose and the Sucralose. These don’t have a weird aftertaste. Although I’ve made a cake once with sucralose and in that amount it was objectionable. I find it OK and coffee though. Allulose, on the other hand, is pretty sugar like.