Artificial Sweetener without a bitter aftertaste

(PJ) #22

I generally despise LC sweeteners which is too bad. I don’t like stevia. I don’t like monkfruit. I don’t like erythritol alone – and it requires a ton as it’s not as sweet.

But two brands – the powdered (confectioner) form of Swerve – and “MonkSweet+” – are really pretty amazing. I have used them both in baking and in fat bombs and they have been really good. The confectioners swerve… it tastes like powdered sugar, period. The MonkSweet+ is granular and would make a good sugar.

Something about the combination here – they use the intensity of sweetness in the plant to compensate for the lesser sweetness in the erythritol.

Of course you gotta pay for that – and in my case, I have to get them from amazon as nobody anywhere near me would sell such a thing.

(Full Metal Keto) #23

No Walmart? Swerve is usually available in grocery stores near the coffee and maybe near baking stuff. Lots of diabetics use those products. :cowboy_hat_face: