Are you overconsuming fat on Keto? - Dr. Eric Westman

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #41

Unfortunately, it’s hard to apply common sense to these things, because what seems intuitively true doesn’t always bear out. For example, the common notion of “artery-clogging saturated fat,” while intuitive, is wrong, once you look at things in more detail. But “artery-clogging carbohydrate” just isn’t the sort of image that is likely to catch on, even though it’s closer to the truth.


If it’s about the satiation, the type of fat and protein matters too, at least for some of us.
Added fat and cream doesn’t satiate me. Fat tissue is as good as protein.
But chicken can’t satiate me. I was very hungry after 11 chicken drumsticks/thighs (with skin, of course) some weeks ago and while some of them were smallish, it was more than a big enough meal for me calorie and even macro wise. But some very fatty pork? A modest amount satiates me very well. Ruminant meat works well too.

I’ve read about differences between pork, it seems the breed matters and how the animals were fed… I live in Europe and I prefer pork from a farm, once the seller in the shop of the farm talked about how important is the correct breeding, they always butcher mixes, the parents aren’t the same breed, it’s supposedly much better. A pig bred for fat (like Mangalitsa, it’s a quite fatty pig and popular here) is very different for a pig bred more like for the meat… Let’s hope it’s enough for me (and it’s not like I live on pork. that wouldn’t leave room for my several eggs per day, to begin with). Pork is my favorite and never caused any problems but my body is pretty sturdy, it mostly has problem with carbs. Never with meat.

(Roberta Worley) #43

I eat butter
I eat cheese
I eat some fruit
When I please.

To my body
I do listen
It speaks
And then I eat
If I really feel the need
Then I will repeat.

(Kirk Wolak) #44

For the record, I literally got 5lbs of excess beef fat.
And Pork Loins.
I froze the fat in cubes, and cubed the pork (LEAN).
I made my own sausages from this…

And I still suffered inflammation. So it could be something about the protein as well.


Kirk Out!