April 2022 Monthly Group Fast (April 20 to 23)


This is the monthly group fast for everyone who likes support while fasting, doesn’t matter if you have never fasted before or do it regularly, you are welcome here.

Be kind and stay positive
Blur out specific foods mentioned
Ask questions
Answer questions
Encourage each other
Share your victories and your concerns
Have a good time doing it.
Keep Calm and Fast On

April 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)

Thankfully it’s not this week yet… I still have time to go back to OMAD if my body cooperates (it’s always my plan, OMAD normally and THEN a new step on the monthly fast! it never happened yet)… It doesn’t seem to do it now, I have multiple small meals at the moment (but in a smallish eating window, at least). Oh well, in the worst case I will do OMAD this month too but that’s so basic, I would like to go beyond.

This week I plan to practice not eating when not in a need for it. It’s extremely hard for me for some reason but easier for the first meal. I try not to eat until 4-6pm every day this week, it sounds realistic but I was hungry earlier today and I was cooking and baking in the previous hour… Maybe tomorrow will be better :wink: And I have a big, good “last meal” on the 19th and we will see.

Try to collect more determination in the next week too. It’s spring, I feel more capable now anyway…


Started fasting last night 6 PM. So far so good. I have several items on my genealogy plate I will be digging into over the next few days. I also have gardening tasks that need some attention.

Hoping more people join us @Shinita .


I don’t know if my modest (but for me and now serious enough) OMAD plan already works, I had a not so big but not very small meal after 5pm (I did my best to eat much but it’s not always easy) and now (19:15) I am okay-ish… Not fully satiated but we will see.

OMAD will be great for now, I strayed far from it in the last days again…

Garden work arrived for me as well. Like mowing the… mostly weeds, the grass is cute compared to those… We finally got rain lately and the plants went totally crazy. I need to mow the “lawn” (not cute and weedless enough for that word I fear but it’s fine) only in front of the house right now, not even on the property. Living here means we don’t have roads, we have more grassy-weedy land to mow… And that is the worst, I spend half of my lawn mowing time on that little area… But it’s a nice, sunny and quiet almost-hilltop, I can’t complain :slight_smile:

I will draw and paint too but those are my normal things, I just neglected my rock painting lately (and never started watercolor. It confuses me. I am used to acrylic paint but I only use that for rock painting). I planned to make Easter eggs and didn’t. But I always was very insensitive regarding timing (except job or art related deadlines, I respect those) and didn’t care if I put up my Christmas tree 5 days after Christmas… What does it matter? :smiley:
As for digital drawing, I frequent a playful site with a very restricted style of painting and compete with others :smiley: I have one hour, a few tools and so limited colors… Today’s word is cockroach so I do my best to draw a pretty one :smiley: Well okay, not my best, it’s not THAT important for me but I feel challenged :smiley: I learned to draw quite a few animals there, for some reason I am a… social artist. Especially when playing with others is involved. Just painting all by myself isn’t that fun even though animals, humans and shiny objects and clouds (I rarely draw others, even neglect Nature and I would love to paint it right but it’s hard, too few rules, humans are easier despite really not…) are very exciting. I need to be social about it. So I am improving now.
If I do anything pretty during these days, I will bring them.


Well, I ended up eating because I had to take sinus meds that require something else on my stomach, so I had a OMAD.

I did start fasting again after that break. Will see how it goes, I am doing more yard work, back to my fitness classes and doing some basement clearing out. A lot more activity than I had been doing earlier this year.

That drawing website sounds interesting. I have very little talent when it comes to drawing/painting. It sounds like you really enjoy your talent and use it.


I’m done, all my days ending up being OMAD, not at all like what I had planned but several factors came up and I just could not avoid eating (meds, family stress, etc.) So a big fail for me. I do plan to just do some fasting next week when things will hopefully be more normal for me.


Oh I don’t have a talent, rather an antitalent, that’s my problems :smiley: I am lost even decades of practice and don’t even feel a beginner artist… But I have a bunch of knowledge and with the right tool and when I am not rusty, I can copy well. Not like it’s something to be proud of, that’s not art to me, well borderline.
Talent isn’t needed for an artist (it’s awesome to have it, though), just hard work and that’s needed even for talented ones. I have some skills and useful stuff (my inner critic is very good. and critical. how I survived the first decade when I drew awful and I saw it clearly? :smiley: I was a hero. I stopped for years sometimes but not in the very beginning).
But I don’t start to say I have no imagination and visual memory, it’s not the thread of my self critic. And I did have skills, I just had to work super hard and long for them and I still have no idea what to draw and how all the time. But some people have it worse, I saw people practice forever with NO improvement. I am lazy and I may forget visual things but if I practice to draw kids for months, I pick up something…

In the end I did no rock painting but fixed a lock and it wasn’t easy…
I painted a frog, it would be so, so prettier with some proper program, forget pressure sensitivity just give me opacity and if not, at least the right colors! :smiley:

Well. I admit I didn’t try SOOO much this time, I was stressed about various things. I didn’t eat without hunger though, I had no night eating so it’s something… My eating window was pretty small but I just couldn’t eat a big enough meal to pull off OMAD even when I ate as much as I could. I was pretty close to carnivore and a big meal is harder there for me (unless I use items I don’t want as they aren’t satiating enough. So maybe they wouldn’t work anyway, I just would have a big OMAD-sized and a small meal).

It was okay for me but I keep working on OMAD as it’s so great when I actually can do it!

So I am not disappointed much. I keep kicking. I do this with art too (when I don’t stop it for a long time)… I am a very stubborn and sometimes very patient person. I am rather impatient originally but I had to accept I must work for certain things for a long time, even if I see no improvement at all.

(Abel Coto Fernández) #8

I have started Fasting, today, i want to do a two-tree week fasting. Last year did two of 6-7 days. We’'ll see how it goes. I will not force it. If i can handle to do it just 10 -12 days fine. Then refeeding half the fasting days or like, with broth, vegetables etc, slowly including meat etc, but low carb, i want to try to not eat more than 30g of carbs from vegetables etc, to still be in ketosis, and then start keto. Perhaps that way i don’t have to wait much to be keto-adapted. I discovered this forum yesterday, but know about keto since months XD

(Robin) #9

Well, that’s quite a complicated way to become keto. If it works for you, more power to you. Most recommend waiting to fast until they are fully adapted. Some people never fast. It’s truly such an easy thing, you don’t need to take complicated steps to get there.
Just keep your total carbs below 20 and you’re good to go. It’s a pretty natural process.

Is your main goal weight loss or medical health? How did you decide on this approach? Just curious. And welcome!


Agreed, more extreme is not always “better.” We are back on the wagon again, last week was <20g per day and this week will be 36 hour fasts today, Wednesday, and Friday.


(Robin) #11

Hey, good to see you again! Glad to see you’re hanging in there. Back on the wagon…. We’ve all been there.

(Abel Coto Fernández) #12

I want to lose weight and improve my overall health, as I am about 30kg more than I should be, and type II diabetes, well controlled, but still obesity I think is not good, and I must do something.

I have been reading about keto, and about fasting (Both intermittent and longer), and doing intermittent fasting 3 times a week for the last 3 months.

So, it would be much better to start first with keto, doing maybe some 36h fasting every week, and in a few months maybe a longer fast of 5 days and then move to 10-12. I was not thinking of continuing with fasting if I felt bad, of course, but of course, maybe even 15 days would be too much, and above all it seems to be bad the days when you still have glucose in your blood. With keto, being able to eat, maybe it is better.

And not being adapted to burn fat, it will not be as effective, although there is also autophagy (which is the most interesting part of fasting, because of studies on insulin resistance, fasting, and diabetes).

Although there are scientific studies, that a fast fat loss, helps to maintain that loss longer and motivate (if then to increase calories, you do not get to eat badly etc), it is not what matters most to me.

I have almost everything looked at keto, except for the list of things to eat (well, low carb veggies, fats and protein sources, but I wanted to make a more detailed plan).

I see myself doing 10-15 days of fasting perfectly fine, but of course, maybe it’s more appropriate later on.

Thank you, is always good, to receive advice, and think things. I think i will just go to keto + IF, and later add longer fasting.


As others have said, welcome and we are happy that you are with us for your journey. I am confident that you will find Keto and fasting as life changing as I have.


The 5 day fast is perfectly doable once you are ready for it. I try to do a couple per year. Part of the secret is have stuff to do in the evenings, and don’t label hunger sensations as “hunger.” If you have ever done body scan meditation, you know that they like to observe body sensations without labeling it (e.g. as “pain”). The same goes for hunger during fasting. If I feel the sensation, I think “I feel something” or “I think something is happening,” but I don’t think “I’m hungry.” If you freak yourself out you will give in. Of course if you truly can’t make it the five days then just cut it short and try again some other time.

(Abel Coto Fernández) #15

Thank you. I have been thinking, and other than IF, I will do a 36h fast, per week, if I feel I want to, not forced. I have finally fasted since yesterday, and today, and I feel great, no hunger at all, maybe something like, craving, when I see the chocolate yogurts my gf bought 3 days ago, but I am committed :slight_smile:

I’ll go shopping tomorrow, and start at dinner, or Thursday.

I don’t know if doing a short fast prior to starting keto, there is any advantage to start directly but I figured it wouldn’t hurt anyway.


Sounds great. I think the fasting is easier once you are Keto-adapted. Keto does the work but the fasting turbo-charges the weight loss. Also I feel really energetic during a fast. If you don’t know Dr. Jason Fung’s books on fasting, look him up on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold.

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

Welcome to the forums, Abel. You might find this thread very helpful.


Just a reminder some new to keto find fasting is hard and not really necessary. I lost most of my weight before I started fasting.I couldn’t drop the last 15 lbs. so I started fasting. Within a month, I was lower than my original goal weight. We are all different.

Intermittent fasting is a good way to start out fasting. I am fond of doing 6hr/18hr. fasts. An occasional 36-48 hrs. and a monthly fast where I try to go as long as possible.

Wishing you all the best.

(Hekmat Mahboubi) #18

I was away for 3 weeks on holiday, over indulged in food and booze. Time to drop the extra 4kg gained.

Completed a 36hrs fast on Tue (dropped 1kg), started a new fast today and hoping to extend it to 72hrs fast.

I think I need to spend more time in the gym.