APRIL 2021 Maintenance Check-In


How is the Crew doing so far this month?

I have a few lbs. that are acting as if they want to stay around, haven’t bounced downward in a few days. Soooo I am going to do a 72 hrs. fast and see if they decide to leave. I will use coffee and broth is needed. I really do not want to move upwards.

Hopefully being able to get out side more and move more will also help me in my effort.


MARCH 2021 Maintenance Check-In

I haven’t he vaguest idea on this very day, my scale got stupid, today it seriously told me I am 79kg. Maybe 80. And after I ate, drank and dressed in warm clothes, it decided I am 76. Maybe 75. Mechanical scale and old but I surely won’t buy another as it doesn’t really matter. My pants tell me I am still thicker than a year ago and I wasn’t exactly slim then… Oh well, I am nothing if not super patient at this point.

So it seems I stayed 76kg (I have this since my truly mysterious big December gain) but I slowly started to lose it on carnivore I am sure. I just can’t measure it yet and looking at my food intake, it’s truly slow as always. I don’t do big deficits ever but it’s fine.

(Trudy) #3

Thanks for this thread. My weight was around 62kg (maintenance 63kg) but have had a huge weekend of overeating and alcohol, resulting I 64kg this morning. I find after losing almost 50kg my weight can go up by a couple of kg overnight and have learnt not to panic. KCKO :heart:


The scale showed 74kg the next day and my pants feel around that too. So I consider this my current weight :slight_smile:


The best lesson for sure.

I didn’t make it through 72 hrs. so after I broke around 42 hrs. I had a refeed day, and started another 42 hrs. that only lasted 36 hrs. so I just decided to start doing alternate day fasting. It is Ramadan, so there should be good fasting vibes around this week.

Almost forgot, I came down to my goal range from that bounce with the fasting I did do. Its all good.

(Jennibc) #6

Finally lost the few pounds that I put on in February. It took a couple of months! But then we had friends over on Sunday and d’oh I went up 3 lb overnight even eating low carb. I suspect it was the salt in the food. Down 1.5 today so within my 2 pounds either side of goal weight. That’s what I aim for. So I guess I have been maintaining for the most part 18 months! Yay!

(Central Florida Bob ) #7

Seems like congratulations are in order for pretty much everyone for getting over temporary weight gains and ensuring that they really were temporary.

I’m still in the maintenance weight band that I’ve been in for a while, but life enforced a couple of weeks in which I couldn’t do my weekly 42(-ish) hour fast and my weight has crept closer to the upper end of that range but is still fixable with one of those fasts. I went back to a fast last Thursday and it was strangely uncomfortable.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I picked my weight to enforce the maintenance cap too high. The long story is that way back in November of '19, I had been pushing weight loss and had gotten to pretty much 70 pounds lost - on a good day. My weight loss plan was Alternate Day Fasting three days a week, Sun, Tues, Thurs. (keto at all times) and was pretty much stalled. My wife was suggesting that I was getting a bit too OCD about losing weight and to be honest, I could see it too.

So I declared, “OK, it’s time to do maintenance.” By the end of 2019, I was up to 200. I thought that was a fairly normal response to eating 7 days a week instead of 4, maybe even just water balance. I kept an eye on my weight and by May of '20, I was up to around 210, (from 70 to 50 pounds lost if you’re counting) and that’s when I started my weekly fasts. I’ve been doing that for nearly a year now and kept my weight steady.

My problem is that I’m at a weight where my clothes just don’t fit comfortably. Some pants fit better than others, but I think clothes are like that. I’ve been thinking about going back into weight loss mode and getting back down to 200. Drop 10 pounds and make my pants fit better.

I’m just not sure what to do. ADFs three days a week, again? More fasting? Less fasting? My default is TMAD - no real food at breakfast, just two mugs of coffee with a teaspoon of HWC in them. I could do OMAD but that never seemed to matter, and I’ve come across some people who say OMAD is worse than TMAD and definitely worse than longer fasts in making your body cling to weight.

So - opinions anyone?


I have good luck when I get into the ADF mode. You might try that for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

(Central Florida Bob ) #9

I had good luck with it, too. It has been a couple of years since I’ve done it, but here I am on a Sunday fast, with plans to do Sun, Tues, Thurs every week, at least through the start of June before I decide.

(UsedToBeT2D) #10

I think our bodies, even in Keto, are designed for moderate weight gain/loss. You need to put on some reserves for the next food scarcity. Not to worry. KCKO.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

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