May 2021 Maintenance Check-In


Wow, forgot to post this month’s thread, so sorry.

I am struggling, Had a lot of stress lately, unexpected company and a dog that I am allergic too. So I’m up a few lbs. the allergy meds always do this to me. UGH.

The guests are gone, the weather has decided to be nice too, snow and rain depress me and we had lots of it over the last couple of months. So trying to get back on track now.

Good news is I finally decided it was time to go back to the fitness center and have gone to my first class and decided to go to some others as well. With better weather, upping my steps as well. I walk with DH 2x a day, as he uses that to help control his T2D.

Hope everyone is doing well.


APRIL 2021 Maintenance Check-In
(Central Florida Bob ) #2

I’m not sure I should post this, since I’m trying to lose about 10 pounds and not maintaining the same weight, but … hi!

I’m in my third week of ADFs, which aren’t exactly alternate day fasts. They’re three days a week, Sun, Tues, Thurs. That’s really for convenience because of some things we do on Friday and Saturday, and it’s just easier with the eating schedule I picked. Currently at hour 36 since I last ate.

Results are promising so far, but I fully expect it to take until August to drop over 10 pounds.


@CFLBob, of course you should be posting this. We all bounce up and down during maintenance. I’m battling a 5 lb. bounce myself, trying to get it to level off. I’m doing several days of OMDaily fasts.

Your plan sounds like a good one to me. All the best with it.


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