MARCH 2021 Maintenance Check-In


Wow, March got here quickly. Sorry for the delay in posting this month’s thread.

How is everyone doing?

I am currently fasting, I have a few lbs. that want to stay around, and that is not going to happen. Luckily, I have gotten vaccinated and will be able to start up my fitness classes again next week. Looking forward to that. I do walking and yoga ok at home, but other activities, I am not consistent at all. I need the structure of classes.

Feb. 2021 Maintenance Check-In
(Jane) #2

Thanks for this thread - keeps me accountable since I don’t weigh myself very often.

152.4 after a full day of refeeding with 3 meals so should be my post-fast bounce back weight. Still 2 1/2 lbs over my goal but not unhappy as I enter year 4 of keto and that is all I have put back on.

(Central Florida Bob ) #3

I’ll echo Janie with thanks for the thread, but I not only weigh but track on a spreadsheet. Complete with attempts to find a linear fit to the results, which tell me I’m actually losing about an ounce a week, which is hard to believe.

Saw my primary care doc for my 6 month visit. He said, in essence, “you’re bad for business, come back in six months.” Fine by me!

My brother (lives 3 hours away so I don’t see him often) got Covid. In the last year, he got off his diabetes meds, lost 50 or 60 lbs and generally got much better off. He was in the hospital for a few days, but got over it and is now fine. I think if he was in the “before keto” condition it might have gone much worse.


Bob, terrific news about your brother. Yesterday I learned a dear friend of mine lost one of her lifetime buddies to Covid this week. Always glad to hear about those who pull through and are doing well now.

Great news about your dr. visit as well.

Janie, 2 1/2 lbs can disappear over night. Great that you are so close, I am staying in my 3 lbs. range except for the occasional bounce, which a longer fast window takes care of, I’m nearing the 4 yr. mark too.

(Jennibc) #5

Eh, I am up 3 pounds after our Snowpocalypse here in TX that I still haven’t taken off. After about a week of being shut in, without water, we were finally able to venture out and I bought some chocolate and ice cream - bad move. That then started a four day ice cream fest - which is the most days I have sugar in a row since I quit almost three years ago! Then my son celebrated his birthday with friends in the backyard and decided he wanted real pizza, with real cake and he bought some chips. The whole fiasco had me shoot up up almost 6 pounds and while I’ve taken off two I am still hovering at 153 which is 3 above goal (I was 149 before the first ice storm). It’s disappointing that I used the stress of no water and being trapped inside to justify consuming that much sugar. It was interesting though because it wasn’t like a true binge, but still to put on that kind of weight and still be carrying it one to two weeks later is the reason it’s not a good idea to indulge that way.


Just eat what you normally ate before. Life happens, no one is perfect ALL THE TIME. Stressing out about it just makes it worse. (Voice of experience)

Eat what normally works well for you and forget about that awful experience.

All the best sorting yourself out.

(Central Florida Bob ) #7

When it first showed up in our local supermarket about 18 months ago, I got started on Rebel ice cream, which is keto. It was September, hot enough outside to melt aluminum cans on the sidewalk, and the ice cream was very cold. It was a perfect match.

By Christmas of '19, I bought a Cusinart ice cream maker and started down the path of learning how to make ice cream. Since early '20, I make a batch once a week and my wife and I have ice cream four nights a week. We bought a pint of Rebel’s vanilla because the one favorite of mine I haven’t made is vanilla. Neither one of us really liked it. We both thought my recipes were better, but I was having a pint of Rebel every weekend for three months before I started making my own.

The point here is that if you really have got to have ice cream, it doesn’t have to be sugared ice cream.

Add an endorsement of what @collaroygal says about just getting back on the horse and eating normally.

(Jennibc) #8

Unfortunately I had a very bad reaction to erythritol after using it for a few months. I think it disrupted my microbiome. It took a while to get back to normal. I was doing the Keto ice cream from May to August and then the problems started. Better for me to have sugar on rare occasion than to use erythritol. Tried to make a dessert with it again in November and immediate problems.


Sorry this is a bit late, but at least I finally did get it in place.

Join in over there now.