APRIL 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Hopefully that goes away and all goes well. I was thinking of Fasting today myself, but we had actually put some stuff in the Sous Vide last night for today. So if anything, I may start after tonights’ dinner.

(Bob M) #43

Let us know how that process is. I keep ignoring the calls for my getting a colonoscopy, though they keep getting more incessant. In fact, I was thinking of making an appointment sometime soon.

(KCKO, KCFO) #44

Dave, I am thinking of doing the same thing, Starting after dinner tonight. My house smells like bacon today, I needed to cook up some while it is still fresh. I bake it, keeps better that way.

So I will join you in fasting from dinner time onwards. I want to do at least a 40 hr. fast, longer would be delightful, too.

(Susan) #45

Hi Bob, I had one about 10 years ago. I don’t remember the procedure itself but I do recall having to be close to a bathroom the day before for the cleanse.
I will keep you posted.

Why wait? Early detection for things means catching them before they become harder to deal with. I recommend you do it soon.

(KCKO, KCFO) #46

Please do get one. My mom and half sister both had colon cancer. My mom’s was late 2nd stage, she survied for 10 more years. My sis, was early stage 2, she had about a foot of intestine removed, but is fine now. I get checked about every three yrs. I had had a total of 5 polyps removed, all pre cancerous.

This is one of those things that is not so bad if caught early on, but can easily result in death if you don’t. You will need to so some liquid fasting, take a cleansing agent (this varies with the dr. I’ve had to use two types) and as stated before, stay near a bathroom after taking the cleansing agent.

I have a couple of tests I need to do sometime this year, that is one of them.

Go far it.

(Bob M) #47

Thanks for the information.

I have no history of this type of cancer in my family. I’m concerned that for someone in my situation, there are more dangers than benefits:

In the past, colonoscopies have been proclaimed to be more than 90 percent effective, although Allison and others point out there has never been a thorough study on the accuracy of colonoscopies. Shaukat said three such studies are under way, but results aren’t expected for seven years.

No study on the accuracy of colonoscopies? And I’ve read in other locations that the detriments of taking out a polyp, which may or may not be cancer, is high.

Furthermore, if you’ve listened to Dr. Seyfried, he says that anytime you do a procedure like this, you run the risk of spreading cancer.

Anyway, I will get one, but in my mind, the cost/benefit for this test (for someone with no family history of this) is unknown.


Yep, it’s always nice when the house smells like Bacon! … But sounds good. I was just telling the Wife I was actually wanting/planning to Fast today, but wasn’t thinking about it last night when we put the 2" personal Roast I made up into the Sous Vide. I had purchased a large full piece when we picked up some more steak (Top Sirloin and NY Strip) the other day, and instead of making it as a whole, just sliced it into 2" personal pieces. 1st time trying any in the Sous Vide.

And yep, we also bake ours in the oven as well. Cleaner, easier and get it all, if not most, done together instead of by the pan size. Plus we use Parchment Paper so it’s easy cleaning as well.


I went back to carnivore(-ish), it didn’t mess with my IF yet but I probably should forget about tiny eating windows. But it’s fine as long as I don’t have too many meals. 2MAD is my goal but even that is a bit challenging.
I try to stay very close to carnivore for more than 2 weeks this time (I never managed that) and I hope that my body will find its balance and I finally will have the type of IF that feels natural to me and stay somewhat consistent. It was no problem on keto but carnivore is different. But I need both I am sure. I am so tired of trying and failing to do both. I am more determined now.

(KCKO, KCFO) #50

Oh i use parchment paper. When I first heard of baking it, I immediately thought, gotta keep the drippings in the pan, not the oven. Makes it easier to drain the dippings as well.

I’m off to get my first cup of coffee for the day.


Just passed 16.5 hrs. presently, and simply just a little wiped out and sore from all the work I’ve been doing. I did finally get to go and pick up and hang the last couple pieces of drywall for the basement yesterday. Now just need to finish the mudding and sanding, which is always a treat. :pleading_face:

I’ve been getting back into doing some Artwork lately, mainly what I’ve really missed, pencil sketching. So I’ve been setting up 1/4 of my basement for this, and trying to put time in whenever possible. I still have quite a bit of stuff in there, mostly from my Wife’s Mom when she passed, and my Grandmother as well. We ended up getting a lot of stuff from this, so we are going through it all… again. We have done this a few times since acquiring it, but there was just so much to start with, it’s been taking time. - Not to mention it’s that time of year for the Garden. I tilled it weekend before this past one, but weather hasn’t been cooperating much, so have plants that I need to get in, probably tonight, before starting any work on the basement. Getting a new drawing/drafting table has helped with getting me back into it as well.

Happy Fasting Folks… :slight_smile: :+1:


Just coming up on 35 hrs. … but dammit I’m still doing this crazy early ass mornings thing. Woke at 3:45am and like usual can’t go back to sleep? I’m up at 5am normally anyhow, but for three or four weeks, been waking up anywhere from 2 to 4:30am or so and not being able to return to sleep. Also not sure if I will be breaking today, or not. Sitting here debating if I should take something to work or not?

Edit to add… Well, guess I will go ahead and break around Noon today after-all, putting me around 42 hrs. - Wife also woke when I got up, and even though I kept telling her to go back to sleep, she decided to stay up and offered to make me some Scrambled Eggs. So I made up some stuff to go with it. But that’s fine, my knee is really hurting as well, so I’ve been taking Advil for the past couple days. … Came home & went right into the garden yesterday for a couple hours which didn’t help. Then came in and worked in the basement mudding the drywall until after 9pm. Hoping to get the rest done tonight after work, but also have a Cheese Cake order I need to make when I first get home.

(Bob M) #53

Mudding drywall?


Yeah, also called ‘spackling’. After hanging drywall, you have to ‘spackle’ the joints and any nail/screw holes you made, smoothing it all out for painting. Drywall has tapered ends so you can join them using spackling compound to make one smooth transition of wall. If not done properly, you will get cracking in the joints. This can be from the house shifting, etc. … Putting it on isn’t bad, and a little fun to a degree. But sanding it smooth & cleaning up the mess afterwards is horrific. It’s like sand multiplied by a 1000. Damn stuff gets everywhere, in every crook or crevasse no matter how much you mask off any areas.

Ran a quick search and just linked the first video that came up, but I found it funny how many times he starts mentioning how much the sanding part sucks. :slight_smile: I agree! I have done my share of it over the years. - I think I’ve hung over 30 sheets just in my house alone, not to mention other works before.


(Bob M) #55

Oh, I know what it is. I’d list all the projects I’ve done on my houses, but we’d be here all day.

But I’ve never done more than minor patch jobs with drywall. Like you, I think the sanding is a bear. And you’re really benefited if you have nice tools to help. A lot of know-how helps too, as getting everything perfectly smooth can be tough. There’s a learning curve. Corners? Ugh. And the ceilings? I’m not going to tackle those.

So, for large jobs, I usually pay to have this done.


Oh, ok. I wasn’t sure and thought you were asking…

Yeah, and it doesn’t help to be a perfectionist whilst doing such works. Which, I admittedly am as to being as such, which I’m sure extends the time needed to get it done too. - But I do know when it is done, its done right. But I’ve always been that way with everything I do. And I have always done all my own work. … It’s not that it saves money, which it really does big time, but it’s more the idea of just doing things myself and guess there’s an inner pride of sorts to any finished works? Whether regards to my Artwork, Carpentry, Customizing or basically anything. And I actually like doing them.

Though some things can be done well and probably worth the time that it saves, not to mention the mental and physical tolls on doing it yourself. … For me personally, I would be more aggravated paying someone to do something that I know I can do myself. Not sure why, just always been that way. Believe me, that very same discussion has been had many, many times over the years. :slight_smile:


Broke at 41 hrs., since I’m working on something that’s taking all my time, and didn’t want to start into the bigger part and then have to stop. So elected to eat first so I can just continue straight through.

(Bob M) #58

At some point, we could have a conversation about this. But I don’t want to derail the IF thread.

I’m attempting a 36 hour fast. Will I be successful? I’m not sure. I haven’t been successful much this year at all.


Yeah, that’s easy enough to do isn’t it. … After breaking today, told the Wife I’m good with what I had for lunch, so skipping dinner. Don’t usually do it, but may just keep going once tomorrow gets here.


Only did a little over 25 hrs. Just a bit worn down and the project I’m working on is driving me nuts and giving me a headache. So just had to get out the office for a bit, and decided to grab something.

(Bob M) #61

25 hours is good. I was tempted to break last night after getting home, as dinner was just made. But I took my daughter to dance class, went shopping, picked her up, came home, and it was already past 8:30pm. I just had to make it a bit to go to bed.

Got up this morning, exercised. Had no problem exercising. Though I got a bit dizzy twice, which means I had low blood pressure. When I got to work, I measured 101/64, which is low.

I also had the beginnings of a lower leg cramp while sleeping, but it didn’t get there. I know Dr. Fung says you don’t need electrolytes for a single day of fasting, but I find I do. I’m not sure why.

Forgot to put: made it about 36-37 hours, with exercise at about 33 hours.