APRIL 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Just passed 42.5 hrs. and just waiting for lunch to finish cooking. So breaking now myself. :slight_smile: :+1:

(Manda) #22

Hey everyone. I do 23/1 and usually EF for about 36-48 hours a week.

(KCKO, KCFO) #23

Pasted the 24 hr. mark for my second 42 hr. fast. So far so good. I am keeping busy with other things besides eating and the obtaining of foodstuffs. LOL.

I am starting to see people out and about that haven’t been around for the last year, and yea, they have gotten vaccinated. The weather is also warning up and I am also spending more time outdoors as well.

Glad to see everyone’s progress.


Yep, that seems to be happening everywhere… hopefully a bit of relief from all the craziness.

I too will be out more, at least in my yard. Probably till the garden in the next couple days, since it’s raining presently. If it’s too wet tomorrow, maybe Monday evening.


The nearby wildlife park is always full with people (at least the part closest to the entrance, it’s a big area) when the weather is nice, nothing changed there except it’s spring now so it’s even more popular…
I always need my walks but now I visit all the nearby places I like, one forest is a bit boring except when it has lots of primroses or orchises and now it’s primrose time. Another has us in wild leek times…

Meanwhile I still have problems to combine carnivore and IF (TMAD with a 3-6 hour eating window would be nice, that’s the most natural for me when I can eat proper amounts). Today’s lunch was early and small again (weekend days are trickier anyway) but I didn’t lose all hope yet.
Zornfast is coming! I probably will start on Monday, weekdays are way easier for me now.

(Bob M) #27

Well, I had hoped to try a 36 hour fast this week. But worked on a home project on Saturday that took all day (7am-5pm, other than eating my first MAD at about 10:30am). Then got up Sunday morning and replaced my snow tires/rims with summer tires/rims. Was so hungry I ate breakfast thereafter. That’s the first breakfast I’ve eaten…since I don’t remember when.

Now, it looks like we’re going on an actual 2-day vacation…in a hotel. We’ll see how that goes. Not sure I can combine this schedule with fasting, but maybe tomorrow I can try for 36 hours. I’ve been having difficulty fasting the day after exercising, but we’ll see…

(KCKO, KCFO) #28

Didn’t make it to the 42 hr. point on that second fast, so I just ate two meals that day, And am fasting again today. Which happens to be the beginning of Ramadan, so hopefully I can pick up on some good fasting vibe, LOL.

I did get well off my bounce up so it is all good.


Well I’m back at it today as well. Wasn’t sure if I was going to Fast today or not, or just do OMAD? But I’m currently at 26 hrs. so I’m just going to roll with it and possibly eat something tomorrow. We’ll see.


Little passed 46.5 now, so will be breaking soon as Dinner is done cooking, so it will put me at 47 hrs.

Happy Fasting Folks…

(KCKO, KCFO) #31

I have decided to try alternate day fasting. Been doing that is week and so far, so good. Came off of a big bounce up, to within 1 lb. of my goal range. There is a good podcast # 179 on KetoWoman.com, Daisy and Karen Ogilvie talking about alternate day fasting if anyone is interested in learning more about it.

KCFO everyone.


Actually decided to do an Ultra-Rare early meal today, being I have a lot planned and hope to be out of the office all day. Just eating before heading out to get it out the way for the day. OMAD. - Also, with the Wife’s surgery this week, I will off some days this week and next, so think I may start a Fast as well

(Laurie) #33

Best wishes for the surgery!


Thanks, she’s quite a bit nervous about getting it done, but with all the issues she’s been having here lately, she needs to do something. From constant pain, numbness, shock feelings, no strength, etc… They say some of it is nerve related so will be making two incisions, one at the elbow and the other from her palm down her arm a ways… Recovery is said to be 12 - 18 months. Sucks.

(Bob M) #35

That length of recovery does suck. Let’s hope she gets well faster or at least feels a lot better.


Thanks Bob, we’re hoping so too. First few weeks might be tough on her the most, but they say full recovery will take some time indeed. It’s the re-growing of the nerves that takes time I believe. :crossed_fingers:

(KCKO, KCFO) #37

Hoping all goes well. And wishing her a speedy and successful recovery.


Thank you @collaroygal


Presently at 30 hrs., but wasn’t planning a longer Fast and will be breaking in a few hours. So should be around the 33-34 hr. mark. - Had dropped in a couple pieces of Top Sirloin into the Sous Vide yesterday afternoon, so it will be around 24 hrs. when I get home later.


Just mentioning it here, since I spoke on it. But they cancelled my Wife’s surgery because one of the offices failed to forward the information that was requested and didn’t provide the stress test on her heart that also requested. So the anesthesiologist refused to put her under without this data. … So we wasted a whole day yesterday driving all the way there for the pre-surgery Covid Test, and now we do not know when we can get it scheduled. Wife’s been on the phone with them most of the day. Sucks.

(Susan) #41

I have a colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled Tuesday, and I started my fast a day early. I am at 27 hours. My sleeping pills are kicking in and my brain is screaming EAT!