April 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane Srygley) #21

Ok the plan is to get through all of today and up until at least 7am tomorrow morning. I’m already struggling. It’s tough to fast at work, for some reason… Last week I had no problem with fasting on Wednesday but I’m struggling already and it’s only 7am! I gained a couple of pounds this week due to stupid eating (keto-friendly but still stupid) especially on Monday. I want the reset of a 36-ish hour fast… but I think I’m also pissed at myself for the weight gain. I HATE fasting just to make up for a weight gain! I want to fast to make progress and MAINTAIN my weight on eating days. So fucking frustrating :frowning:

(Susan) #22

I have only been losing any weight for a few months after the Zornfast (after doing in the 90’s this 100 goal will be my longest yet but I did a 97 before so not that much longer).

Don’t be too hard on yourself, Jane --everyone is mega stressed atm and this increases our Cortisol levels, which is frustrating for losing. Be kind to yourself and if you cannot do it, don’t. Fasting should never be a punishment --I love it personally, but I also know that it is not for everyone.

(Mame) #23

I am not fasting this week. (really honing in on the not overeating on plan foods) but I am cheering everyone on with everything!

You know I have never had a sustainable weight loss from fasting even 9 days of it. But I as I work to improve my metabolic health I will keep on using fasting as a tool.

kcko all!! :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:

(Mame) #24

Looks like I will be out of the house for work tomorrow, so I am thinking a nice, easy 24 (or so) hour fast.

Anyone else interested? I want to give my metabolic system a nice break from all the TMAD I have been doing. I totally understand if others are too stressed to push though.


I wasn’t here around lately as I was so bad with many things including fasting. I probably did IF, it’s usually very hard for me not to… But with a very big eating window, like 6-8 hours. Not like it’s a bad thing as long as I eat little… Nope, my weight is in the usual range and around the top at that. It will change but now I actually wish to make some proper fasting. I don’t know why, my forever stalling has little to do with it, I just need carnivore to change that when I don’t need to care about fasting (it happens automatically, of course) but I read stories, get curious, wish to get the benefits… I don’t know why it’s so hard for me lately. Even my ZornFast went badly. I had a 23 hour fast only! But it seems, my body and mind aren’t ready for a longer one now.

I want to go back to my sweet spot with 19-23 hour fasts every day. That feels nice, I don’t fully understand why I mess it up without a good reason… Same with my diet, I enjoy it then spontaneous chaos ensues.
OMAD is impossible now, today I had a nice plan with a perfect cute lunch and I got satiated after eating 4 eggs. I ate some more food but I had to stop soon. So unlike my old keto with way more carbs… It’s fine, I surely will be hungry in 2-3 hours as usual and will have another meal. It’s still good, possibly even better as I tend to get hungry or fancy a meal in 3 hours even after a decent sized one that should be enough for a day, actually.
My body will decide, I never force fasting, I do it only when I feel like it (both my body and mind must be okay with fasting). I can make educated guesses based on my experiences what will happen but there is no guarantee at all.

Today I’ve read about very long fasts… Some folks bravely do it despite hunger and very low energy all the way… I am the opposite. Anything feels not good, I stop. But I am very sure 4-7 days should be easy for me - when I am ready. I am more stressed now, I don’t have determination (I wish to fast sometimes but it’s not a strong desire) and the slightest temptation breaks through very easily (I don’t resist temptation anyway but it’s for real ones, not slight ones. My diet is restricted since almost a decade, not all the time but usually, I have some control and good habits). I lost momentum on ZornFast (I was hungry for a while so I had a perfectly good reason to break my fast) and I couldn’t really try it again as usual. I just couldn’t care, it was almost scary. And it’s not like I have it hard… Others are in a way worse situation. Still, I am affected enough.
So, some days should work but the second day is tricky. In the beginning I face the shock of my body due to missing a meal, a delayed one is fine but a missing one? That’s tricky but still not a big deal if I planned well and I am ready physically and mentally. One day later it’s probably even more serious and I am already elated I could come this far… But if I can resist, the next few days should be easier, fasting is the new norm. Then I stop due to various reasons, I never even want to go beyond a week. But 3-7 days, it tempts me. Not strongly enough but it does. I want that at one point, maybe even regularly though very rarely. Or a 48 hour fast every week or every other week, it sounds good. I am sure I would benefit from it but as it’s outside of my comfort box and I have my weaknesses while not feeling a real need to do EF, it just doesn’t happen. I focus on the right diet anyway (regularly fail but bounce back. the fails usually feel too good so it’s hard :D) but slightly longer fasts must follow!
I am nothing if not stubborn (and patient regarding this, at least. I am very impatient regarding certain things).

(Mame) #26

Having my little fast today. I’m at 19 hours and will be going to 24 or so… Depends how long I need to stay here at work.

Went around 25h, I think…
measurements before dinner - bk=2.5 bg=75 gki=1.67

lol you would think with numbers like that the weight would be melting off!

I hope everyone is being really nice to themselves!

(Mame) #27

Super interesting to me that it seems there is very little interest in fasting at this time. But it makes sense as well.

I am not fasting for the rest of the month but concentrating on other stuff. I will at least 2 days in May…at least that is my current plan.
However I thought my blood measurements were fascinating today and had to share. These are simply from a 18hour typical TRE

bg=74, bk=4.4, gki= 0.933

I don’t usually see a gki <1 without fasting 40+ hours… wouldn’t it be awesome is it was predicting a big ol’ scale woosh down!

(Jane) #28

Wow - impressive numbers for only 18 hours fasted!

I am starting a 36-hr fast tonight after dinner… doesn’t look like I will have anyone fasting with me here but that’s ok - have my hubby for support.

(Jane) #29

Started my 36-hr fast 2 hours ago and will break some time Thu morning.


(Mame) #30

I know I impressed myself. But does the scale slide down? Nope. :crazy_face:
Who knows perhaps I will limit my blood measurements in May. I love numbers and data but I don’t know that they are useful to me right now…

Anyway, I hope you have a good fast @Janie and reset and perhaps have some impressive numbers yourself. It’s looking like May 6 for my next one.

(Jane) #31

I’m 21 hours in and a bit hungrier than usual, but I kinda expected it since I haven’t been as strict lately. I was the past 2 days since only fasting 36 hours so I can get as much autophagy as possible. Should kick in at 24 hours with my starting glycogen stores low, so hopefully my body will be doing some maintenance tonight while I sleep.

BG: 89
BK: 1.5
GKI: 3.3
Boz: 59

(Susan) #32

You are one of our Fasting Queens on here, Janie =). You have inspired me so much with your Keto WOE, fasting, alternate meals you make, etc. I am sure that we are all out of sorts for various reasons with this Pandemic. Best wishes =).

(Jane) #33

Awww… very kind of you to say that. I miss my longer fasts when I am in Ft Worth on business.

26 hours in. Last blood tests as my morning numbers are always lower so not wasting the test strips.

BG: 87
BK: 3.3
GKI: 1.5
Boz: 26

(Mame) #34

nice numbers! what a difference 5 hours makes!

(Jane) #35

Thanks. BG didn’t change by much but my BK increased nicely to help out the ratios.

(Mame) #36

Has the May 2020 thread been started yet? I can’t find it?

(Jane Srygley) #37

I don’t think so! You can start it though. I did last month.