April 2017 Zornfast 20-23

(Newimprovedme ) #102

I made it to 72 hours…the last 2 hours all I could think of was what I would eat to break the fast…lol


Past 88 hours now. I’ve been fasting since Wed night, and water fasting since Thursday night but I’m going to re-introduce a BPC in the morning and some bone broth and keep going until my body says stop. Maybe to take it to a week, but if my body says stop earlier, I’ll stop. I’ve found it almost happens automatically. I get the “it’s time to eat” message so if I get that, I’ll listen to it.

I’ve been reading Dr Fung’s protocol pretty religiously as a kind of stay-the-course measure, (along with this forum), so I’ll go back on to his EF plan.

It’s been really great to do this with other people. I’m very sure I wouldn’t have got this far without the motivation here. Thanks @Brenda! and everyone. All things being equal I’ll be back next month.

Made normal waffles for kids and friends for breakfast here. That was a bit of a challenge, but I got through it. Yay me!


So what did you eat???

(Newimprovedme ) #105

@Audrey I had egg noodles ( 1 egg omelet cut to resemble noodles), small piece of butter poached chicken and some sautéed mushrooms…all covered in a creamy sauce.


YUM!! I tried putting some extra Us and Ms in there to express the extent of my appreciation but the program didn’t like that. :grinning:

(MakinBacon) #107

74 hours in and I feel great physically. Not hungry at all, and my energy levels are up. But the mental aspect is getting to me. The physical act of eating is so pleasurable to me, and it’s hard to skip meals. But I can do this. Gonna break my fast tomorrow at lunch.

(Sierra) #108

I don’t know how long to count my fast. I fasted Tuesday night to Wednesday night. Then ate one meal, then started this fast Wednesday night. Wasn’t sure how long I was going to go. But getting lots of muscle cramps and weakness even with mg and multivitamin. So I ate ground beef, liver, veggie soup in a bone broth base with berries, coconut cream and bakers chocolate for dessert. Oh…and a glass of red wine. I’m still breastfeeding a 26 month old so I’m not pushing my body at all. I know fasting isn’t recommended when breastfeeding but I really think that’s for people with small babies, not two year olds. Anyhow, it’s been a good one and I’m looking forward to next months fast!

(Sierra) #109

@Audrey. Your doing great! Homegrown tomatoes and all! I thought for sure your next post was going to be what u ate, but girl! YOUR KILLIN’ IT!!! Strong work!


Thank you!! They weren’t my tomatoes, they were @Regina_M’s but I thought about eating homegrown tomatoes, and I need all the encouragement I can get, so I’ll take it. :laughing:

I can’t believe you’re doing this while breastfeeding! Much respect.

I am certainly thinking about what to eat when I end this.


I stopped mine at 72hrs, I wanted to go for a run and felt too tired. I had bacon and eggs.

(Regina M.) #112

Oops. Sorry for tempting you. I’ve made it 60 hours now. I can’t believe this is so painless so far. I’m thinking the Keto-Aide is making the difference. I think I’m going to try for 96 hours and see how I feel.

(chris.coote) #113

Was feeling a little shaky at 63, and am going to be on the run with the kids until 74 tonight, so expanded to include a dose of HWC.

(MakinBacon) #114

I broke my fast a little early this morning at 86 hours. It just felt like it was time, so I listened to my body.

I broke the fast with yummy, delicious, glorious, BACON!!! nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom. :bacon: :yum:

I lost a total of 5.7 lbs during this fast. I usually gain about 50% back after fasting, so that would still be a net loss of about 3/4 lb per day. Not bad!

(chris.coote) #115

Found a chance to break at my standard ZF 68 after all :blush: see you again next month!

(Becky) #116

I love the bass! I want to fast and listen to live jazz! Call me jealous!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #117

Excellent use of the spoiler.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #118

Same here. Perfectly normal. Good job.

(Nathan Hall) #119

Just want to say congratulations and good job to those who persisted. Hope you enjoy a well earned breakfast. :smiley:

(What The Fast?!) #120

Question - I see a lot of reference to 20/4 fasting, but then also hear that people eat just one meal on that schedule. My question is…if you’re only eating one meal, is it more of a 23/1 fast, or do you eat multiple times in that 4 hour window?

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #121

For me, it is very relaxed. Sometimes I eat right at 4, sometimes I eat closer to 8. If I am cooking, because I get home from work some days at 430 or even as late as 6, I may begin eating WHILE I prepare a cooked meal. I just try to be DONE eating by 8 pm, so that I have the longest period possible of abstinence. This keeps my insulin lower for a longer period of time. Low insulin is my main goal.