April 2017 Zornfast 20-23

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #62

Don’t say bacon and eggs in here!!! Lol


I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t think of listening through the website. I’m in the other camp (iPhone) but I could never work out the iPhone app, so I downloaded one called Overcast which has sat on my phone for months unused because I didn’t get it. Not sure if they have an android version.

However, all this extra time not spent eating has meant more time for bashing around on my phone and it’s not as hard as it looks. Search for the podcast, subscribe, bash about a bit to download it and then press play. So pleased.

(Let's get going...) #64

Oops, sorry about that…:bacon: :egg: :man_facepalming:


Good work! 36 hours is great. I’m planning what I’m going to eat in about 36 hours from now.

(Siobhan) #66

Currently at hour 46! Once I leave work Ill be at hour 51 - a new record. Sipping salt water and black coffee. Before I was ebtertaining myself by thinking about how to break my fast but I got bored with it.

Mostly Im just pissed off right now because a coworker is chewing on nuts loudly. Misophonia is a bitch


Pocket Casts is an excellent podcast app, I used the Apple Podcast app for years but was convinced to try Pocket Casts recently, it’s really good.

43 hours in now, I’m feeling fine actually. :punch:

(Regina M.) #68

This is my first morning so it isn’t hard yet, but I am the family cook so I’m trying to prepare as much in advance now when I’m not hungry.

(MakinBacon) #69

I’m at hour 38 now. I brought my hwc to work with me as I usually need just a little bit of something during my fasts. Well… I just realized that I am all out of coffee at work and I have nothing available except water. So… I guess I’m doing a water only fast today, lol. I took my vitamins and electrolytes this morning, so I should be fine.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #70

No no no. Like that^^^^

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #71

Thank you!

(Jessica) #72

Pocketcast works fine for Android phones. It’s even compatible with my car via Android Auto.

(Siobhan) #73

Not eating is SOOOOOOOO boring!!!

30 minutes off from 48 hours in though… 50 will be a new record
Im thinking about making keto cookies and treats when I get home… not for me to eat though. I dont ecen want food right now. Ugh

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #74



(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #75

I’m on hour 37.
My house is completely torn apart.
Cleaning sorting closets and cupboards like a mad woman. My cat is now officially a nerd. Floyd found THIS:

(Siobhan) #76

At 50 hours now! NEW RECORD!!!
I feel fine so Im going to keep going.

(eat more) #77

i think i’m accidentally a zornfaster…we’ll see what happens :blush:

(MakinBacon) #78

OMG, I love Firefly! I was so pissed when they canceled it. I almost can’t watch it anymore knowing it’s just gonna end.


49hrs, and I’ve just cooked dinner for my family and watched them eat it, cottage pie, smells fantastic. :weary:

Think I’ll have some more effervescent vitamins…

(Nathan Hall) #80

Just standing out here directing traffic in my goofy looking hat with a 3 liter bottle of keto-aid. :blush:

(Sierra) #81

I love Dr Fung. And I’ve heard all the podcasts (some more than once). The longest water fast I’ve done was 14 days. I did several 30 day juice fasts in my vegan days (before realizing I’m not glucose tolerant). I’m wanting to focus on 1-4 day fasts right now to increase my insulin sensitivity and to protect against cancer (everyone in my family dies of cancer on both sides). I’m also an older mom and want to stay healthy to see my kids grow up.
It’s so motivating to do a group fast. I’m loving it. What a great commitment tool! The