April 2017 Zornfast 20-23

(Sierra) #41

Is it over? R u asleep yet? Turn on music and clean the ceiling fans!!!

(Regina M.) #42

I’m joining in a day late. I’ve done a 42 hour fast before. I want to make it at least 72 hours this time.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #43

I tend to clean and organize when I fast whilst listening to podcasts.

I have completely torn my bedroom apart and found A LOT of clothes I don’t need anymore.
WAY too big.

That place is a scary time capsule. Found notes from 2006 when I was losing weight by apparently limiting salt carbs and fat. WTF. I do not remember that.

I also cleaned out a kitchen cupboard. There are so many keto ingredients in there it looks as if I mugged 10 keto households. Christ.

(Nathan Hall) #44

I had planned to do some cleaning and fixing around the house this weekend, but the wife has signed us up to help with a school bake sale (of all things) tomorrow and Saturday. Thankfully, I’ll be directing traffic and won’t have to handle any of the sugary garbage. Not that I would be tempted to eat any, just that I want as little to do with trafficking harmful substances as possible.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #45

I hear ya. When I was newly ketogenic 3 years ago, if someone asked me to bring a certain carby food, I did, even though I wouldn’t eat it.

Now I feel as if I am contributing to others harm by ever serving it! I won’t even buy treats for my grandchildren ages 10, twin 5 year olds, and a 3 year old.

They were happy with keto treats tho.


(Sierra) #46

Hour 26. Going strong! Although day 1 is the easiest for me. It’s night of day 2 and evening of day 3 thats the worst for me.

(Sierra) #47

This is fun!!! I’ve never done a fast with other people! How many of us are there?

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #48

I think there may be 12 on this thread, but likely others quietly lurking…


Lol :wink:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #50


Back in the 2KetoDudes FB group, we counted over 50 participating once, maybe more. I’ve been doing a group fast every month for over a year. It started spontaneously.
It was completely unplanned to fast as a group event. One day I had talked about fasting (back in my old Keto Ninjas FB group) and was very excited because I had just read The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. His focus is fasting to reverse T2DM.

@richard joined me, and before we knew it, others were joining, and asking when we were going to do it again!

Ahhh memories. Richard and I were both wondering if we could go 48 hours, let alone 24!!

Now, Richard Morris and I have both succeeded in a record 10 day fast. You kind of build up to longer fasts.

For now though? 3 to 4 days is a comfortable amount of time. Autophagy peaks at day 3, so I definately want to get there.

I plan to start incorporating a fast/feast cycle into my routine now, following Megan Ramos instruction. She’s Dr. Fung’s right hand lady.

Listen to this podcast about the fast/feast method and why it works:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #51

That’s is a good amount of time! There are peak benefits when you get into the third day. Excellent increase in autophagy then.


I’m in.

I’m a bit late seeing this, but that is fine because this timing works perfectly for me!

I finished eating before 7pm tonight and plan to eat at 4pm on Sundays.

This will make 69 hours fasted with just water, electrolytes and one tablespoon of bone broth daily to help transport electrolytes.

Thanks for the push.


Guilty. I am a lurking faster.
I got impatient and started early - now at 68hrs (but who’s counting :wink: )

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #54

I love it! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

(Newimprovedme ) #55

36 hours down…36 more to go…or more

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #56

As of this moment, I’m at hour 32. I plan to go 88 hours total. (until 4 pm Sunday, Minnesota time)

So, 56 hours to go. I got this. The first night is the hardest for me. Once I wake up? It’s smooth sailing the next 3 days!!!


I am up to 52 hours and am finding right now hard. Sunday seems like a long way away.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #58

Time to implement strategies.
First, I would eat some salt. Just toss a pinch in your mouth. Then I’d make some coffee or black tea. Distraction is critical, and try to avoid sights and sounds of food. Up your water intake. Consider taking additional supplements, potassium and magnesium help me. Sleep, rest, nap if you’re tired. Start a non food-centric project.

These are all strategies I use. The hunger normally will pass fairly quickly. At this point it’s a mind game. You need to talk yourself into this, not out of it.

Ketogenic podcasts and books help. I get caught up on all mine while fasting. That and organizing projects at home!
www.2KetoDudes.com for podcasts


Thanks for the tips. I really want to do this. So I’ll keep on. There’s really no competition when I put the reasons I want to do this up against the reasons for stopping.

Actually I have made some progress. I read about the increased mental clarity… I have finally worked out how to use my podcast app! It’s all true! Brain power!!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #60

I still haven’t installed an app for podcasts, and I’m on three of the dudes shows! Lol.
I listen to them right from the website.

Maybe you’ll have pity on me and walk me through it. Which app did you install? I have an android.

(Let's get going...) #61

Well, I made it 36 hours. I felt great and I’m looking forward to the next Zorn Fast but I could not pass on the bacon and eggs I made for the family this morning! Good luck to all still going.