Anyone watched "what the health"

(Brian) #82

Thanks for the discussion. I think I saw enough in the video above (An Actual Doctor Watches) that I don’t feel any desire to waste the time watching the whole thing.

What bothers me the most is that some idiot will make that movie an authority in an of itself and it will be used as a source for “facts” by someone who’s seen it.

FWIW, I ate a high carb diet for a lot of years. It didn’t do good things for me. I’ve been eating low carb for maybe 4 months and I’m in way better condition than I was 5 months ago, in a lot of ways, including there being 41 less pounds of me. I agree with a few of the things said, like eliminating the garbage foods, but there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian garbage foods out there, some even being sold as “health foods”. Just as not all broccoli is created equal, neither are all eggs. And “experts” are a dime a dozen, saying whatever you’ll pay them to say.

(Rachel P) #83

Just tried to watch it. It was a horrible load of bunk! Made it 24 min, then came here to see what y’all thought. A total waste of my time. 24 minutes of my life I will never get back!!:rage:

(Duncan Kerridge) #84

I’m in a fitness group and some people are going vege and mentioning this film. I’ve said it’s a load of bunk but the meat is bad for you message is still pretty well ingrained away from the low carb world.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #85

@Duncan_K Keto is going to kill us all, you know. Probably at 98 or 100, but sooner or later . . . .

At least we’ll all have enjoyed ourselves eating all the great food! :grin:

(Chris - #86

They’ll breed out eventually.

(ianrobo) #87

let me guess though Duncan in that group many supplement with fake proteins etc, we do not have to

(Duncan Kerridge) #88

Yep there’s quite a bit of that crap being eaten

(ianrobo) #89

no surprise there and I do not know of any top flight endurance athlete who is full vegan etc ?

(Krystal Bowman) #90

I tried and did not make past the first five minutes lol

(ianrobo) #91

That long ?

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(Tina Emmons) #93

I just tried it after seeing The Magic Pill and That Sugar Film this week. Both of those films showed us real-life medical evidence right in front of us! What a difference! I LOVED, “Eating only one egg a day is as bad for you as smoking 5 cigarettes per day.” That is $@&#ing A-mazing! I never knew that!

(Daisy) #94

I just tried to watch this, after watching another documentary on Netflix that was halfway decent. This one made me so angry that I just shut it off. I made it to the point where the guy says sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, meat does. I was done. Wow.

(Monique) #95

Our close friends went pesco/vegan after watching this film. They bought the bullshit hook line and sinker, and now there’s a very real tension between their way of eating and ours (my fiancé and I are both keto and they think we are shitting all over the planet with our ‘lifestyle choices’).
They keep saying how amazing they feel, how their skin conditions have cleared up, their bloating is no more etc, plant based eating is the only way for them- and the planet etc etc. and godammit, they got THIN FAST.
I do not have the energy to discuss it with them because their commitment is to an ideology, not the science.

(Omar) #96

I think it fits every one from child hood.

But for how long ?

seeing fit and wonderfully figured people on hi carb diet I just say to my self it is sad to destroy such good health and beautiful body.


It would be nice to know how much they had to supplement too. I do think it is doable if you are very careful about getting as broad a range as possible of nutrients AND you supplement. I was won over by Carrie Diulus when I interviewed her. She is keto and vegan and arrived there via carnivore looking for what made her feel best so it really does depend on the individual. What is worrying though is that it is adopted as a woe without heeding the necessary warnings and making sure you are getting everything you need.

(Brian) #98

I’m cautious about that. The internet is polluted with YouTube videos of people who “feel great” when they go vegan. Some do well for a while and over time things go south.

A person can feel great while fasting but eventually, they have to eat or they’ll die.

Maybe some can really do vegan and do it to long term good health. I’m cautious about both ends of the scale, though, both vegan and carnivore, at least long term. Neither seem to be ideal for everyone. Genetics? I dunno.

Just sharing…

(Bob M) #99

Really? I find that difficult to believe. Start eating beans, etc., most people will get bloated, to a large degree. See this for instance:

Of those who stopped fiber completely, the bowel frequency increased from one motion in 3.75 d (± 1.59 d) to one motion in 1.0 d (± 0.0 d) ( P < 0.001); those with reduced fiber intake had increased bowel frequency from a mean of one motion per 4.19 d (± 2.09 d) to one motion per 1.9 d (± 1.21 d) on a reduced fiber diet ( P < 0.001); those who remained on a high fiber diet continued to have a mean of one motion per 6.83 d (± 1.03 d) before and after consultation. For no fiber, reduced fiber and high fiber groups, respectively, symptoms of bloating were present in 0%, 31.3% and 100% ( P < 0.001) and straining to pass stools occurred in 0%, 43.8% and 100% ( P < 0.001).

Those people who ate zero fiber had zero bloating, and a bile movement every day. For those who ate the most fiber, ALL of them had bloating, and had a bile movement once every SIX-SEVEN days.

Fiber is bad for you.

(Bob M) #100

Ughh…Bowel movement, not bile movement.


I agree with you but she is a bit different - not your norm at all. Listen to the episode and you’ll see what I mean :slight_smile: