Anyone watched "what the health"

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so a question to you, do they look all that, from the outside, try and be neutral and how do they look ? Also do they supplement ?

There are some things you can not argue with, I guess some of us in Keto are like that and then you just band it around and get nowhere … Of course I would argue fishing does far greater harm than and animal farming does … if they want to be not ‘shitting over the planet’ then have to drop fishing … and I wonder if they would ever tell you when they cheat ?

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To be honest I just don’t get how they are so healthy. They eat a crapload of processed refined grains, hardly any vegetables or legumes, HEAPS of sugar- proper processed sugar, cakes, biscuits etc, and they stay away from most fats. They eat like sparrows too. I know outwardly they look healthy, but I worry about their inner health.

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Also would they admit how hungry they are ? Because we know in our WOE hunger is not a problem

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They’ll often proclaim they are ‘starving’ and they graze a lot. So I’d say hunger is an issue for sure!

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Surely they must realise being hungry is not a good sign ? It means your body needs something ? As you say in the long term they will cause danage

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They definitely don’t see it like that unfortunately. Anyways, that’s their choice and I’m glad they are happy and I hope they are healthy too.

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Someone posted a YouTube video from a guy who had a vegan channel but ended up going carnivore because of his digestive problems. Wish I could find it again, because it was very touching watching him grapple with the tension between his moral vision and his need for health. It just goes to show that everyone has to find what works for him or herself, and not rely on what other people are touting.

There have been a number of posts on here about people who found that keto didn’t work for them. They gave it a shot, found it didn’t give them what they needed, and moved on. More power to them!

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Vegetable Police? Is probably the guy you are looking for ? Canadian living in Thailand?

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And “therein lies the rub.” Constant hunger, a sign of hormonal imbalance. Constant grazing, to keep insulin high and keep hormones out of balance. A never ending cycle. They are on the road to diabetes. I ate a very high carb diet for over 50 years before it officially showed up in me. I went back through my medical records and see results of BG readings over 200 and 300 and I was never talked to about diabetes. Urge them to continually get their HbA1c tested every three months. Most likely they will witness a gradual rise over the years. Then maybe they will open their eyes and take action.

For some people politics is more important than their health. And a lot of problems we face health wise has come down to politics.

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That’s what I tell people, there’s something for everyone. The Mediterranean diet or Asian diets that consist mainly of fish and rice work for a LOT of people. I live near a “Blue Zone” (Loma Linda CA) where the life expectancy is longer than average due to lifestyle and most of them are vegetarians. I felt hungry and deprived eating that way and was still overweight with T2D. It’s just so frustrating that in this day and age, people still think there’s a “one size fits all” way to eat for everyone on the planet.

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According to Dr. Joseph Kraft, you were probably diabetic for at least the twenty years before your diagnosis, but you didn’t know, because they weren’t testing your insulin.

Probably because they don’t include a lot of sugar or refined grains, I would imagine. Sugar is poison!

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“…their commitment is to an ideology, not the science.” - That is a brilliant statement.

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That is probably true!

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As is the processing of grains.


Exactly. My father lives in Thailand and it is somewhat similar there, except they do mostly eat meat and fish. It is often a small amount though, mostly due to cost. The last time I was there I went to stay with some of my step mother’s sisters in the North and we ate at local restaurants. There are a lot of dishes with the bits and bobs that most Westerners don’t want to eat!

I think there are another couple of factors though which have a big impact on health and they have nothing to do with food. Most people look at food as the only thing to “blame” or that needs changing. Yes, it is often the biggy but don’t underestimate the value of other factors. On average, most Thais get more exercise, especially the poorer ones simply because of necessity. They are often on their feet all day and or walking a lot. Maybe not a direct factor, but regular exercise (especially the consistent every day type) does positively impact BG and general health and wellbeing by improving circulation etc. The other important factor that is really normal in Thailand is family and community - in general, they are a very sociable and caring culture. My step mother’s mother for example lived with one or other of the sisters after her husband died. She never lived alone. Community and human contact also has a big impact on our heath.


9% of Thailand’s population has adult diabetes, landing them just behind China’s 10% where it’s pretty much an epidemic, and it’s a fast growing concern, as it is with many in East Asia. Problem is that while some do show their weight issues by carrying around their fat, many become “skinny fat”, and since people equate skinny with healthy, lots of East Asians don’t even know they’re obese until they’re diabetic. And most Westerners don’t know it’s a huge problem because “Asians don’t get fat” or “but they work so much harder than us Westerners.”

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It’s those refined grains and that refined sugar, I’m telling you! Taubes points out that in the 1960’s, Japan’s sugar consumption was at the level it had been in the U.S. in the 1860’s, before the diabetes epidemic had begun. Now that the Japanese are getting just as much sugar as Americans are, there is just as much bariatric surgery being performed in Tokyo as in New York.

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All the reports I’ve heard about rising diabetes and obesity rates in China, are tied to the rise in consumption of Western foods.

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Well there are Burger Kings and KFC’s even in the very rural cities and at all the train stations so not surprised.


Well yeah, same thing has happened in China that’s happened in America: wide access to refined grains and refined sugar. Predictable results for those who know what to look for. But instead we are going to get think pieces about how 130 million Chinese people suddenly got lazy, like us fat and slovenly Americans who don’t appreciate hard work.