Anyone watched "what the health"


It was unbearable for me to sit through the atrocious Cowspiracy documentary with very bias views and fact twisting, so no I’m not wasting my time watching this one also.

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Heck, I didn’t even make it through fifteen minutes of Jimmy’s breakdown of that flick. Just listening to someone mention all the irrational, baseless crap canvassed in there triggered me to start throwing onions.

I had to cut ties with a friend over his militant veganism. In the space of a few months, he descended from empathic sensitivity straight into some sort of bizarre, almost religious fervor about saving animals. It was pretty obvious to me the way he threw ethics and science together into a food processor and hit puree but others mostly noticed how mean he got. Also, his skin turned kinda grey, just sayin’.

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I watched ten minutes and when the doctor claimed that sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, I was done. This is the rebirth of the Lipid Hypothesis coupled with the Vegan Religion.

I just want to put all of this debate to rest. Challenge them all to a national study of the various diet platforms. Let’s pump a bunch of people full of sugar and compare them to the group of LCHF folks eating Ribeye Steaks and Butter - then let the chips fall where they may.

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ROTFL - OUT LOUD!! Thanks for that! :rofl:

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Hey, I’m dead serious: grey. Curiously, it was same shade of cement another friend turned when he OD’d on creatine during an intense body building phase years back. Wonder if there’s a connection.

Anywhoo, Vegan Guy’s eyes are so sunken now that you can’t tell what color they are, anymore. He looks like the living emoji for a stroke.

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I took a break five minutes in and made myself some bacon.

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@gatita same here.

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Just had a friend of mine suggest watching it. He sent me a text today, and said I really needed to watch it. So I went to Netflix, and it shows I had been watching the first 5 minutes of it. So I watched another 5 minutes of it and realized quickly why I stopped at 5 minutes previously. It had a definite vegan, in your face, slant. Half truths galore.

I kept sending my friend texts as I watched it, refuting almost everything they said. Not to mention the stuff they were leaving out.

It did have one bit that needs no corrections at all. Within the first Nine minutes, one fellow, in assuming a doctor, says this… “we are in the business of treating sick people, not curing them”

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Lots of good debunking on various blogs if you need some ammo.

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Ironically with all the BS pseudo science about Health in this movie, the primary reason to question the meat-based agri-industrial complex is the ecological disaster they are creating.

  1. Huge and unsustainable production of greenhouse gases (not just cow farts, but also in the full supply chain of intensive, grain fed, meat farming)
  2. Massive overuse of antibiotics (80%of the world supply) leading to antibiotic resistance far more than human use.
  3. Horrendous pollution around intensive feedlots, barns etc.
    And this is all before considering the terrible conditions for all but the small minority of free range and organic livestock, the poor food safety in industrial meat processing, and the unnatural modifications to animals (not so much GMO but 8oz chicken thighs… really?)

Having been brought up in the UK and now living in the US one can see some of the extremes here before they get to the rest of the world (which has its own horror stories). Cheap, chlorinated monster cuts of chicken, low quality ground beef with bonus organ meat, etc. the UK just exposed bad food safety abuses in its largest chicken processors and all kinds of nasties (e.coli, salmonella etc.) apparently inhabit many US chicken plants largely unchecked.
I refuse to listen to the stories of how brutal it is to be a pig these days… because I love bacon too much… but it doesn’t make them untrue.

Of course with enough money, we can eat grass fed, free range and organic but that is only cool for the wealthier segment of populations.

The long term solution seems to be lab grown meat which is where a ton of investment is going these days and making promising progress… or of course Soylent Green (the original, not that modern imposter :wink: ) but that’s all a long way off.

I am still eating meat and loving Keto, though I do do feel better that ‘reasonable protein’ is meaning I’m slowly reducing meat consumption compared to my prior habits.
To me, ruining the planet for all humans has always been a stronger argument against current meat production than made up Health claims or even animal welfare.

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Assuming the standard practice became pastured cows with vegetables grown alongside, instead of monocultured plantations that deplete the soil, and feedlot cows that result in sicker animals, it would actually be both good for the environment (grain is what causes the cow farts, cow manure helps prevent soil depletion), affordable, and completely doable - most land is grassland that we can’t really do much if any farming with but we CAN put cows and pigs there. Plus cows, as opposed to fields, wouldnt destroy the ecosystem there.

Check out Peter Ballerstedt.
I don’t think lab meat or soylent green is in the future. A return to basics makes much more sense and is actually sustainable if done right.

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The flip side of this is that the world population is still growing and is getting richer and demanding more meat as diets ‘improve’ and pasture raised livestock is less efficient in producing meat than grain fed, feedlots, batteries etc. and would require vastly more land and significantly raise the prices of meat making meat a luxury again, out of reach for much of the world. Maybe that’s a good thing but it wouldn’t even be equivalent to today’s availability.

I remember an underrated sitcom a while back called Better Off Ted about some minions working for a global evil corporation in R&D. They were tasked with creating lab grown meat, did it and then tested it on one their number. They asked him how it tasted and he immediately broke down and said “Despair”. If that’s the case maybe not… :smiley:

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You must have read my mind. That was exactly what I was going to post, including mentioning Peter Ballerstedt. You phrased it a little better in one spot than I would have, otherwise it was almost word for word what I wanted to say. Amazing!

Naturally, I think you make an excellent point. :thumbsup:

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It sounds horrible! I doubt I could make it to 30 minutes.

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Good tip to read Ballerstedt - interesting stuff. However, convincing in many ways and obviously supportive of the Keto WoE, he is basically only dealing with cows (he loves those cud chewing critters) which covers about a quarter of world meat production. Then he posits some pretty theoretical changes that might be able to increase grass fed beef production (in the US), few of which seem likely or plausible given the tiny demand for grass fed beef (<5%) and the food industrial complex desire to churn out cheap crappy hamburgers etc. The missing link in his theories is the practical economics of converting the current system (which IS irrefutably massively destructive to the environment). Nor does it deal with the 73% of other meats that he doesn’t like so much but the rest of the world obviously does.
Lab meat seems more likely (if not as good) than believing that legacy agribusiness will be able to make the vast changes required to make grass fed other than a luxury niche. That is where the hundreds of millions of $ is going right now because capitalism rarely tries to repair the broken, but rather replace it.

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We should remember if eating the proper fats etc then overall we eat LESS and spend less and that’s the real driving force. Crappy carbs, wheat etc only encourage us to eat more and the food companies make more, always gollowvthe €$¥£

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I couldn’t force myself past the 20 minute mark. I had to force to get past 10 minutes.

After trying to watch that piece of lèsè wreck of a ‘documentery’, more like a ‘docuhack’, I stumbled up a shinny. Sure, its also a piece of lèsè, but at least they included references and a few names to research, and that makes it shine a little. Sure, you can buff a turd and make it shiny, but in the end its still a turd. That’s not saying i did any follow up on it, but to quote, "But you took that end, and you - well, you took it. And that’s - Well, I guess that’s somethin’. " - Jayne Cobb

Almost forgot the name of the second lèsè, its called “Whats with Wheat”. Feels like a bunch of hippies with non-GMO agenda, but they at least spell out the reason. Non of this, “its just bad for you cause we say so”. Actual reasons, legit or not, but they included their reasons.