Anyone watched "what the health"

(Jeff Ryan) #1

I saw this show on Netflix so I was curious to see what they had to say and what diet they recommended. So 15minutes into I thought it was a joke and they would shed some light into the ketogenic diet but unfortunately it was not. So 30mins went by and they still recommended a high carb diet with a very very low fat diet! I couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped watching it.

Has anyone else watched this doc?

Have you watched "What the Health"?
What the health?
Movie: What the Health
What the health?
(Sophie) #2

I haven’t and now I won’t bother. Thank you! I hate wasting time/money on crap. What I did watch yesterday was 2.5hrs of Dr. Stephen Phinney for the first time. OMG, I adore this man!

(Sheri Knauer) #3

I didn’t watch it but wasn’t it made by a group promoting veganism?

(Keto in Katy) #4

Think so.


I was wondering about it. Thanks for saving me the effort and time.

(Trisha) #6

I couldn’t make it past the first 15 minutes. It made me so angry.


Lol - I thought the exact same thing. I was sure I had read somewhere that is was worth watching so I was convinced they would start talking sense at some point but no! I lasted about 15 minutes then skipped to the end. Fair play - being vegan suits some people obviously as demonstrated by the fit people at the end but it is not for me.

(Keto in Katy) #8

Several years ago the wife and I went vegetarian (not vegan) for a few months. I felt like crap so I asked her to cook us some ribeyes and it was hallelujah time baby.


Thank you for sharing the video of Dr. Phinney!

(Griffin Mekelburg) #10

Just listened to Tortorich go over the first 3 minutes, thats how long it took to find nonsense lmao, all based off studies that have been proven to have been falsified. Just more lies from the scared industries threatened by us meat/fat lovers lmao


This doc is a joke and clearly backlash against the latest proven health science. Honestly, everyone needs to get ready to see more of this type of talk as the word gets out and people become educated on the truth about nutrition. :fist:

The biggest takeaway is simple: avoid processed foods. done and done :laughing:

(Deb N.) #12

I was curious and, typically for me, skeptical. 'So glad to see your review of it; it is def. NOT on my watch list now. Thanks a bunch!!! :slight_smile:

(Gabor Bellak) #13

I watched this documentary last night and it was pretty similar to its predecessor “Cowspiracy”. In the movie they mix truths wtih half-truths and lies, to make a convincing case for adopting a “Plant based whole food diet” (without defining what that really is and isn’t). I think nobody really believes that eating the meat of stressed, malnourished and ill-treated animals is good for your health…especially if you then process it! And probably the milk from the same animals might be harmful- so they definetly have a point… But then they also state things like eating sugar is not bad for you, that human’s are not really omnivores but herbavores and other very questionable “facts” which I personally don’t believe.

(Ren) #14

I tried to watch it with an open mind. I got 30 minutes into it before I turned it off. It is a plant based diet propaganda film.

What really had me call bullshit was the guy/doctor that said sugar doesn’t cause diabetes. It gets used up or stored in your muscles and not in fat…

(Mark Myers) #15

If you have Netflix give it a hated it rating.

(Tim) #16

Almost as cringe-worthy as the new Bill Nye Episodes. Could only make it about 5 minutes in.

(Suzie) #17

I just watched “What the Health” on Netflix and nearly threw away my bacon and heavy cream. Any reactions to the science presented in this documentary?

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(Tom Seest) #18

Have not watched it, and probably won’t. I like bacon and heavy cream. Please ship your stock to me, before throwing it away.

In all seriousness, scientists have been both wrong and right for centuries. Scientists also have biases, just like everyone else. Just keep that in mind when viewing or listening to anything.

How does bacon make you feel? How does heavy cream make you feel? Do you feel bad after eating either?

(Suzie) #19

But that’s the documentary’s point. It explains how cheese is addictive so of course I feel good after eating my crustless pizza. The message of the doc was that the pharma industry wants people to eat as much dairy and meat as possible because it keeps them in business.
What about the merits of going to plant-based keto?

(Tom Seest) #20

So. I should feel bad, when I eat things that are good for me? That makes no sense to me at all. I avoid foods that make me feel bad. I never felt good eating a box of twinkles or a gallon of ice cream. I enjoyed eating them, but felt horrible afterwards. I don’t feel bad in anyway after eating 12 pieces of bacon.

I do not see any evidence around me of the pharma industry pushing dairy and meat. They push pills for non-existent problems.

If you want to try plant-based keto; go for it. I don’t believe it has any merits personally, but if you do; try it.