Anyone found a substitute for simple syrup to use in cocktails?


For some reason, I have decided it would be nice to start drinking cocktails this summer. One of my favorites is Lemon Drop. The only issue is the simple syrup used in the recipes for it.

Soooo, has anyone found a substitute for it? Or would something like a few drops of stevia do the trick.
I favor sour flavors over sweet ones anyway. If I have to I’ll try it without the syrup. Just thought I would ask here in case anyone has found a replacement. I don’t have the ingredients currently so I’m doing the research now, LOL.

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Think out of the box. Angostura bitters or Fernet Branca with any of the ‘new’ gins in soda.

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Just tried this last week, as it’s from Islay:

Have to say, I thought it was great, if a bit expensive.


Gin ideas sound interesting guys, but I basically just like gin with tonic. The Lemon Drop uses vodka. Since I posted this I realized I might be able to use a dash of lemoncello instead of the syrup. Again, will have to get supplies and experiment a bit.

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Lemoncello hmmmmm…Try a packet a lemonade crystal lite, dash of salt, and vodka? Sounds like it might work, how would I know though🤷🏻‍♂️

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Get a life! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Gin is one of the most versatile mixers in existence. Even the old style ‘botanicals’ are tamed by enough grapefruit juice. The so-called ‘new gins’ mix with virtually anything potable - try lemoncello and let us know. Hint: Aviation.


I’m basically a wine gal. I do have an occasional cocktail. I don’t like harder liquors in general. But in the summer a gin and tonic, old school style without a flavoring agent and Moscow Mules or Lemon Drops. I have been using Moscow Mules with diet ginger beer as my go to cocktail during my Ketoed summers.

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If you’re not afraid of aspartame, try Fresca and Tanqueray Malacca or Rangpur. Rangpur has a very nice ‘orange citrus’ flavour that goes very well with the grapefruit of Fresca.

I’m reminded of a story my dad told years ago about his post-war experiences in Arabia (1945-6), ie rum and Coke. You start with a full bottle of coke, take swig then refill with rum. Repeat. Until you can no longer find the coke bottle.

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I hate to say this, then, but I drink my gin straight. Usually with olives, usually run over some ice. It takes a better gin to do this, though. Some of the cheaper gins aren’t so great this way. Although I also had a fancy gin that neither my wife nor I liked, so we tossed it.

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Gin Martini, shaken and cold stemmed glass fresh out of the freezer and rinsed with vermouth.


Scotch on the rocks

I like to keep it simple, keto friendly and I never need worry about mixers going flat.

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Limoncello has a ton of sugar in it. Make simple syrup with allulose. It won’t re-crystalize like erythritol does. I buy Hoosier Farms brand from Amazon and use it to make sweet pickled jalapeños. Works great and there’s lots of fake maple syrups and honey like concoctions pre-made with allulose on the market too although I’ve never bought any. Cheers. :tumbler_glass: :cowboy_hat_face::heart:

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I know limoncello has some sugar, was just going to use a splash. I was looking for the info about sugar substitutes that can make simple sugar, so it sounds like alloulose is the way to go with that, thanks. :cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:

I don’t like any of the fake maple syrups, but I don’t eat pancakes anymore either.


If you like whiskey, I’ve been using a cheap bourbon mixer and Bartletts sugar free ginger beer with a squeeze of lime for a Kentucky “Ketoky” Mule.

Outside of the Ketoky Mule, I only drink water and bourbon.


Here’s a roundup of some sugar free simple syrup recipes, there are also lots on YouTube. I used to make my own with monk fruit, water and glycerine, but now I just use a squirt of whatever liquid sweetener, like stevia, I have around. I found making the simple syrup didn’t taste any better and was much more work.

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We make our own simple syrup from water and bocha sweet. We make lemon drops often! We also make margaritas with it

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Hum, going to try that, I have liquid stevia I like and even some flavors of it which might be nice in cocktails. Thanks for the idea.

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maybe some lemon-aid mio

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I’m not a fan of sweet drinks (save for special occasions, like anniversaries), but my wife might like this. I’ll have her try it out.

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I was just searching the forum for Limoncello. I’ve been wanting to make my own and was wondering what to use as a sugar substitute. Thanks.

My husband seems to be sensitive to sugar alcohols, they leaving a burning sensation in his mouth. I have yet to find anything that he finds is the same as real sugar (even made a cheesecake with allulose).

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Have you tried stevia, it’s not a sugar alcohol?

I have a hard time with sugar alcohols, my reaction is upset tummy, the burning sensation sounds awful too.

Hope you sort it out.