Anyone found a substitute for simple syrup to use in cocktails?

(Tania M) #21

I don’t care for the after taste of stevia. I’m also curious how much sugar is in the store bought version. .

(GINA ) #22

I know this is an old question, but I bought Toranis SF symple syrup to make lemon drops. They use Splenda.

(Joey) #23

If you believe their label (see below), this product has no sugar whatsoever, it’s organic, and it doesn’t include other sweeteners (unlike some other brands and concoctions, like Walmart’s own “brand” of Stevia knock-off). Again, read the labels carefully.

I can’t speak to an aftertaste problem as we use it at home for various recipes and no one has complained about such an issue. Perhaps it comes down to just how much you use in a recipe? :wink:


This is individual too. If I mix pure stevia with 1000 times as much other sweetener I actually quite like (we have stevia-sugar alcohol mixes here, a few hundred times as much sugar alcohol than stevia. it was super awful so I diluted it more and experimented with) and use this sparingly (my sweetness perception greatly changed), I still will hate the taste of the result, it’s overwhelmingly bad. Stevia is simply impossible to use in my case, it’s so bad (and not even as sweet as it’s supposed to). It seems I am very sensitive to overly sweet sweeteners (way sweeter than sugar), I hate them all, some more than the rest.
In my case erythritol is the only sweetener where the amount decides if I will hate the result but it seems my relationship with it changes with time, odd.

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

I use drops, dry stevia has fillers added in all the brands. I like seeing stevia extract on the bottles I buy.


I have finally settled on using allulose for my simple syrup. Half and half water and allulose, heated on the stove until it dissolves. Has the perfect viscosity and is slightly less sweet than simple syrup. I use it to make my keto Grand Marnier.