Another Vegan Thread


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Don’t shoot the messenger😬

I’m :running_man:t2: For cover now!
Thank goodness for cat-like keto NSV Agility and speed these days


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I personally don’t care how others choose to eat. Vegan, keto, carnivore, SAD, low carb. Do whatever makes you happy is how I see it. Just don’t preach about it.

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So true!
Preach it sister

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #4

I don’t care what anyone else eats or doesn’t eat nor why they do or don’t. The problem with vege/vegans is that so many of them try to impose their choice on the rest of us. They have a religion, I have a diet.


Cognitive dissonance? It’s one opinion. I personally don’t see any problem with loving animals and eating animals. But a vegan can have it just fine. If they eat plants in front of their pet plants! It’s exactly the same as eating cod in front of our goldfish.
I like animals and plants alike. Fungi too. And I like some people and I disike other people… What does it tell about me I wonder…
One can like the same animal they eat later too, I guess they can’t even imagine that level. Peasant kids didn’t have separate pets, yeah, they might like the horse (though horses were eaten sometimes too) but a nice little chick is cuter. My Mom was a little heartbroken when her Mom took away “her” chosen chick and raised it with the others but she probably ate it later. It’s called life, I guess even though ours now is different. (Though I totally would eat very nearly anything if that would mean I survive. I like living and I am selfish.)

I always liked normal vegans and disliked the bad sort but it’s true for people in general. I don’t try to persuade others to eat the way I do, no matter what my actual diet is and I expect others to respect my own choices. Intelligent, open-minded discussions are okay if I am in the mood.
But I don’t hate even bad vegans, they never hurt me, well maybe annoyed a little but I had very few bad encounters and they way more like funny as they were so few and so silly. Hating isn’t hedonistic and I focus on other things. Some people must have it way harder, I’ve read stories.

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It’s easy to understand why there might be loathing for vegans. First, they are liars. Nobody likes that. Then they pursue political leverage to impose their morality on people who disagree with them. They want to elimminate me. Okay, fine. I want the same to happen to them.

(Karen) #7

Very interesting article. There are some interesting points. I have a vegetarian daughter. She made the decision in middle school. She doesn’t expect anyone to accommodate her dietary needs. She just adjusts to whatever she is served. Pretty much.

I have a friend who is militant vegan. It looks different. We went to a restaurant. I ordered bacon and eggs. She ordered oatmeal and stirred raw spinach into it and tried to convince me that it was delicious. :nauseated_face:

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(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #9

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My turtles eat each other’s poop, but they don’t try to convince me it’s delicious. Even if they think so.


Life is too short for oatmeal and spinach… :wink: we are feasting like kings :slight_smile:


Vegans are nice people. Good-hearted and caring in my experience. Anxious about the world around them and have, despite a great deal of passion, a proclivity for non-violence. :broccoli:

I see you hiding in the enchanted broccoli forest from the Moosewood cookbook.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #12

Maybe so. Even so, eventually religious fanatics get intolerant of those who don’t buy into their line.

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Caught me😳

Cover exposed. Drats!
Just soiled my vegan leather running pants
Oh well


Fruit leather is a sticky situation in humid climes.


I understand what you are saying.

Equally, not all vegans are fanatics.

In any claim staked (“steaked”) in a nutritional identity we will witness passion and fervour. Some is from the good of sharing a personal discovery (1). Some is restructured in terms of identity, ideology and belief. (Have you (collective) ever been tempted to buy a t-shirt that proclaims your nutrition bias?)

The ones that get my goat :goat: are the ones who court publicity or celebrity by appealing to the worst in human psychology. The ones that make bold unsubstantiated claims. Or the ones that get shouty and bully goat gruff. These specimens exist in each spectrum :rainbow: of nutritional health pursuit.

Shouty vegans, shouty CICOs (psychos), grunty paleos, slightly vociferous vegos, loud low carbers, [add your own] and keto krazies. Once in a while one just has to cross to the other side of the path to find a more TRANQUIL WAY!

Please give back my goat.

I WANTED TO TYPE THIS WHOLE COMMENT IN ALL CAPS but that would be too shouty.

  1. No one wants to hear it

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…The political is turned inside-out and becomes interpersonal?


I like to think I am really open-minded in most cases, including food and I saw so many things.
So I can imagine (not the right word, it’s a guess using my experiences, not actually imagining it and thinking it possible) she likes that food. Maybe her tastebuds doesn’t (but that’s possible too) but some people are extremely good at manipulating themselves, it often happens with food. I imagine some interesting mental gymnastics.
People do love oatmeal and spinach (not necessarily together, I never heard about that, raw or not raw). I dislike both and together it sounds pretty bad but still way better than chicken feet all alone and people LOVE that in this country (many people do and many people get freaked out. it’s not even food, it has nothing just not too tempting skin and bones and claws!) but I like things others couldn’t stomach too. We are different. And we all should accept that. I mean your friend, of course, it’s a natural thought you consider that food NOT good at all :smiley: It’s surely not for you or me or most people… Bacon and eggs sounds way more nutritious too but it was only just one meal…


Vegans are people, there are good and horrible ones alike among them. There are wonderful, nice ones but many are extremely hateful, closed-minded arrogant morons. They love to think they are great and others are ignorant fools living in sin. Once I saw a vegan blog where the worst type vegans came together and praised their woe and talked about others with disdain. I am lucky as my other encounters were positive but it seems it really was luck, there are lots of bad ones. And they are louder so even if most vegans are nice, it doesn’t seem so. But I believe most are more or less okay :slight_smile:
I basically like vegans and their dishes too, I even eat some very low-carb ones sometimes but I cook carbier ones as well.
And I laugh at their insane ideas when they try to make fake baked meat from watermelon or bacon from rice paper. I am all for fun and experiments and certain crazy things may work but there are limits. But sane vegans can eat their plants normally, behave with others normally and the smart ones probably likes facts, not dogmas.

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[quote=“Keto6468, post:7, topic:97953”]
She ordered oatmeal and stirred raw spinach into it and tried to convince me that it was delicious. :nauseated_face:

Let’s see…Bacon & Eggs V Oatmeal & Spinach? Bacon & Eggs for the WIN!!

(Karen) #20

I don’t mind what people eat. I just wish I didn’t need to be pummeled with judging disapproval for my choices. :unamused:

I know she’s worried for my health. Me too.