Another Carnivore Thread


I got the jealousy factor of the family eating ice cream and I don’t, you know that social vacation mind game HAHA but I didn’t eat any, cause in truth, it isn’t food to me anymore. All that carby crap and icky plant matter isn’t food to me at all…being carnivore ya gotta throw me the meats! :wink:

------vacation is going well. holding zc extremely well. leaving to come home tomorrow…taking a bit of the day to drive around and explore what is out this way…eating lunch out…will get naked burger probably. Home for ribeye on the grill later.

sadly come home friday…pack early, not too bad of a ride and home back to the normal routine :slight_smile:


YAY, @Fangs !!! You’re killin’ it! Enjoy the rest of the vacay, and the ribeye!

This week has been way better in terms of clean eats. Finally getting the groove back. Working 6 days this week, and next. If I can re-teach my stomach not to growl, then I should be fine throwing in some IF and EF protocols to ease meal prep, etc.

Still no fridge. I sent the LG liason lady the pic of handwritten (invalid format) receipt. She would not accept it. So, she emailed me and said that she has retained another service provider to come out and perform a second repair. I became silently livid reading that. (Thankfully, I was in the car by myself at the time, so I didn’t frighten anyone.) I wrote back a multi-faceted reply stating all the reasons this was an unacceptable solution. Basically, their “solution” is to replace the defective linear compressor with what? ANOTHER defective linear compressor!!! But, when the first one failed, not only was it the compressor itself, but also the evaporator and hoses, and the condenser. The failure of one part creates a domino-effect, so you basically have to rip out all the guts and replace them. They’d end up paying more for service fees than the refund.

WELL…I just got called into work early. Going to have an 11 hour day. Cheers for now!

To schedule a repairman is a joke. Between my working 6 days/week, my husband traveling for work, plus getting hay done, and taking a cow to a butcher - there is no way this could work. So, I texted my dealer and ask him if he could whip up a commerical receipt that I could just take a pic of and send to LG. I explained what LG’s next steps were going to be. His wife never replied, so, I was going to go down there today. But, about 15 min after I texted, I got an email from the LG lady and said that they just received an uploaded commercial receipt for my unit! So, I replied and asked them to confirm that they will now issue a refund so I can get a new fridge. Currently in waiting mode once again.

My new Samsung was supposed to be delivered to the dealer on the 28th. Have not heard back on that either. So, when I have a check in hand, I will go pay for the Samsung, get it delivered here (when, I do not know.) And turn this LG behemoth into a shelving unit in my basement.

My blood pressure has got to be through the roof by now! LOL!

(Scott) #1908

I don’t check in as much but after two years of LC/HF and the last four months of carnivore I thought it was time to do a lipid panel (NMR) and get a CAC scan done. I am 58 year old male. They called to say with a CAC score of 2 I have less than 10% risk of Coronary Artery Disease. She said it only measures hard plaque and not soft “But with your LDL levels I don’t think there is any soft plaque either.” Great news
LDL-P 434
LDL-C 83
HDL-C 116
Triglycerides 59
Cholesterol Total 211
HDL-P 46.4
Small LDL-P <90
LDL Size 21.3
LP-IR Score <25

I have no doubts that LC/HF and now carnivore seem to be treating me quite well.


Hooray!! I am very happy for you Scott. You are doing everything right and your body is giving you great benefits! Great post!


don’t worry, zc will keep your blood pressure low HAHA

I tell you that story of yours and this fridge is a nightmare! I feel for you on it but remember one day it will be over :slight_smile:

-----------------so everyone, heading home today. vacay was fab but too short. super hot great weather for kayaking and swimming and just having fun. Stayed on my eating plan but a tiny bit bloated up from some beers and other booze I had :slight_smile: not much of a drinker anymore but I had to party a tiny bit on this fun trip…but did very well on plan.

get home and get laundry started on swim towels and more…boo! booooo! :wink:


Re-routed a conniption fit into a texting fit yesterday during my lunch time. Got this blathering text message from LG’s service dept. “Hello, We are your LG Repair Liaison Team. First and foremost we want to apologize. The process to locate service in your area may take some time…Due to Covid-19, it may take some time to reach an agent on the phone…” Had 4 more exchanges with them, as there must be some sort of automated part where you select a letter to indicate your selection of options. Finally started getting human responses.

[Nearly every time I have a conversation with anyone from LG, they pull the Covid card. I’m sorry, but, completing a return authorization via computer, and sending a computer generated check should be a basic business function. No one has to do anything but type and complete forms… But, if they are going to continue to invoke the Covid excuse, well, then, two can play at that game, so…

My responses went something like "Hello, this is your LG customer who has been without a refrigerator since June 8. Due to Covid-19, I am not comfortable allowing people in my home who have traveled from areas with high infection rates. …(lecture)… Furthermore, as I have already had 6 visits from YOUR serviceman for refrigerator repairs in 2.5 years, and 4 of those being related to the linear compressor, the time for more repairs has expired. Please contact your head shed and have them issue the refund now. "

That is the shortened condensed , cleaned up version. Venting off at the “repair liaison” may not have been enough,so I sent another message to the lady at the head shed. She explained that her “dept” did not issue refunds, but she re-did the claim with the commercial invoice and already sent it Return Authorizations to move things along faster. Reading that little tidbit made life slightly better for me (and co-workers who’ve had to put up with my fits…I swear I heard one of them call me “Dragon Lady” behind my back. ) Anyways. We shall see what today brings.

Carnivoring is going well. Had coffee, hard boiled eggs, salt, 5 pieces of chicken with skin, Though, last night I was craving sweets, so I grabbed a handful of black olives (aka salt bombs) and ate them to re-route my cravings. 7 or 8 olives aren’t the end of the world. Just needed that little bit of saltiness before bed.

Not really sure about eats today. I got written in for a mid-day shift, when I was supposed to have today off. I think I may end up with a little overtime in my next check.

Rufus needs to go outside, so, I will report back later. @Fangs . … So glad you had an awesome vacation, and got to party!!! YAY!!!




Thanks Fangs, it’s so nice to be thought of.
Hope you all are doing well.
I’ve been kind of in my own little world lately and going through some interesting life changes.
Still carnivore and have no intention of changing that; early next month will be 1 year.
I did shorter carnivore stints prior to that but Sep 2019 is when it kind of clicked.

Interestingly, it just occurred to me that I went carnivore on or very close to the anniversary of my dad’s death. Hmmm, I think I’ll have a steak in his honor for my carniversary.

Sleep is still so much better.
My brain is firing so much better, I just want to learn stuff now which can cause issues sometimes. :smile:

(Carole) #1914

You look great and feel great I’m sure I’m starting carnivore tomorrow! Wish me luck!


Awesome! Good luck with it and let us know how you’re doing.
It takes some getting used to but has been so worth it for me.

(Carole) #1916

Thank you! I will keep you posted


Very cool. Great way to honor someone actually cause in truth, loved ones would only wish nothing but the best to our health for us so…you steak on!!

Oh I think of you bob cause you always had great interesting posts and I am super happy for ya to come in and say how well you are doing. Interesting changes? From what ya said they all sound like good ones :sunny: Very happy you are doing so well!!

I am like you, some small things I do, like my boozy vacay, can cause issues and when we are so tuned in on zc, anything we do we can truly put them in perspective on how they make us feel and I love that part about zc. It is simple to dial in and handle some issues easier!!


There was a recommended article on my browser homepage today entitled Fat Burning Zone? The Best Way to Exercise to Burn Fat.
I glanced over it but really, exercise isn’t going to fix 20 years of pizza and ice cream.

Just eat a proper human diet. To me, that diet is carnivorous, but it doesn’t have to be. My entire ancestry is Northern Europe and Scandinavia with a bit of Ireland thrown in. My body is that of a prehistoric hunter because there wasn’t much to gather that far north. When I eat fatty meat my body is happy
There’s a good chance that once your body gets over the shock of recovering from all the filth you’ve put it over the years it will gladly reward you with energy and desire to exercise or do other strenuous things.

(bulkbiker) #1920

Agree 100% well said… whoever flagged it needs to grow up.

(Ron) #1921

There is more at play here than just trying to protect myself from a virus.
While I will tend to agree that the cloth mask is little if any protection from catching the virus, it has other more important benefits in my country (USA) than just that. The economic impact from Covid has seen dramatic declines and efforts to reopen and rebound have been stalled due mainly to “fear” among the general population. Also impacting the situation is state and federal guidelines that are fueling the flames. Businesses and business owner are closing and/or requiring mask mandates for allowance into their establishments in an effort to protect themselves and their employees. Employee’s are refusing to go to work for fear of being infected, and the list goes on and on. In this country it is the right thing to do to wear a mask as a “united” front to repair the damage and heal the devastation this pandemic has caused within our nation. Now maybe where you call home is not being impacted in this way so the mask becomes minor in your world but to assume that it is insignificant everywhere and for every reason is irrational and some what ignorant. You do have the right to have an opinion but you do not have the right to attack others in defense of that opinion as they have the same rights to have opinions as you.
And this in my “opinion”.

(Polly) #1922

I’m sorry @mtncntrykid Ron, after reading your post, I do not really understand what your opinion is.

You tend to agree that a cloth mask provides little if any protection from catching the virus but you think it should be worn by all decent citizens as a symbol that folk are united in the fight against the pandemic?

I am afraid that from my perspective, Sweden did a better job than my home country [UK] by not locking down. For them the pandemic seems to be over, for us we have flattened the curve and are now awaiting the second spike.

The link I posted to Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s recent blog and which I re-post here:

  • reinforced my opinion that Sweden did a good job.

I agree that we are all entitled to our own opinions and that there is nothing to be gained by being rude or agressive with other members.

I also think that enforcing a code of behaviour which puts a strain into people’s lives, even though it will have little effect on curbing the spread of the virus in the long term, is a strange way to govern a nation. Flattening the curve to prevent the health service from being overwhelmed was what the British government decided upon. We all accepted the restrictions and the curve was duly flattened. The area under the curve will remain the same whether steep or flat. Those vulnerable to the virus will become sick and die. That is not heartlessness it is realism. There is no way to eliminate this virus. There is no vaccine. There has never been a vaccine to a corona virus.

My opinion, FWIW, we should use the time that was bought by the lockdown to improve people’s health by promoting the consumption of real food and shutting down the fake food industries in every country.

(Polly) #1923

I agree.


I couldn’t agree more on this. Exercise will not burn fat and heal the body as the ‘experts’ put all of this on exercise ya know. Healing and foods eaten to do just this for the body is way more important than exercising.

and darn it…your blur…I read the first part then the 2nd part is a super blur I can not read…but I gotta say if Mark said he agrees 100% I know what you posted is in full truths :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I kinda get a gist of what might have been said from the other reactions, but I won’t comment since I just darn it can’t read what was posted LOL, ugh ya know my toes are curling on this HAHA

(Ron) #1925

It should be worn as a means to “slow” the spread of the virus (not to protect oneself but those they come in contact with) but more importantly to adhere to government and private business requests in the effort to “reopen” our country and the economy.

You can also click on the blur blur to read the rest of the post to help you out. :+1:

(Peter) #1926

Masks are mostly about protecting others, which gives us an interesting insight into the mindset of the rabid anti-maskers.