Another Carnivore Thread


Both part is potentially extremely complicated and difficult, actually. What if one hasn’t the vaguest idea what they NEED? I am sure most people doesn’t know or feel that… But at least most of us have some idea if we need some food… When, which kind and how much, that may be trivial or totally not…
And of course, carnivore may be impossible, hard, tricky, easy or natural, it’s very individual.

I know that but if my body wants its fuel, it never helps :smiley: It’s awful to feel too tired to even walk… Okay, it happened this way once, way before carnivore and I was aware it’s too little food - but ONLY because I tracked. I ate until satiation, good food, I felt no hunger or other urge to eat at all. And then extremely low energy in the middle of my walk. Sure, my body had energy to be mostly okay for weeks but it is stubborn when it wants its stuff. I learn from these and realize what is my minimum calorie intake my body accepts if I can satiated with it and eat accordingly… Normally I don’t need to worry about eating too little but carnivore, especially with much meat (or not eating while nicely satiated) is too effective sometimes. And my body gets upset in 2 days and then chaos ensues. Nope, I will avoid that even if I need tracking for it. I wanna feel right all the time.

I would understand sweetness change if I wouldn’t eat sweet things… But I do. But well, sweetness change even for people who eat lots of sugar just not added sugar… It’s very interesting, actually. My high-carber SO with his 20 desserts per week (not counting the big amounts of fruits) needs his food just as sweet as me last year, after about 9 years on low-carb, we both changed A LOT. But I changed more recently. And these changes never disappear, no matter how we eat for a while.
I feel sweetness in most things since long but it surely will change more… Hopefully I won’t end up feeling everything sweet as that would be horrible. I need my normal food definitely not sweet! But there is no reason to feel items with zero or close to zero carbs too sweet even when it has some salt… So I don’t worry about that.


No clue on that part :slight_smile: I tell ya Mark, how the plan is being warped on truly what carnivore entails is frightening out there, but I am sure many don’t have a clue but very low carb or keto entails too sometimes LOL


Well, see that is the thing. I am talking about zc plan. So on zc one knows what one needs LOL One needs very good meat and seafood and good fats. One just simple eats as much of any of that as they want, or eats a smaller amt if they are not hungry. We on zc are not guessing if we ‘need anything’ else ya know. We know we want to dump veg. We know we don’t want to supplement with food to ‘get vitamins’ as the civilized world sells in pill forms etc…we know we are eating just animal products. So if it is that narrow, it really is basic. Eat or don’t eat as your appetite warrants and one can easily gravitate toward do you feel you want more fat or not in that meal. Carnivore/zc is one of the most less tricky, natural plans there is vs. counting carbs and kcals or being keto and doing everything in your power to stay in active ketosis. Carnivore is just eat animal foods any time, any amt, and eat what ya want when you want it :slight_smile: Of course if one feels they need it, go get a mineral/vitamin bloodwork panel done beforehand and find out if any of those values are low and you can easily work on straightening those out.

It’s awful to feel too tired to even walk…-----------yea I get this. no matter how we go about it, having that super fatigue hit is never a good thing. But a lot of times this is a combo…adaption changes which can be rough and we know can carry feeling fatigue and then when one hits that point of eating less thru our changes, or too tight control on not eating a lot when we should be eating more…those really can nail ya. I know I had kinda super fierce tired when transitioning into zc from very low carb. More than I thought I would…It wasn’t deadly bad but more than I thought since I was SO low carb coming into zc LOL but what was weirder is when I got super tired around month 7-8 on zc. I was perfect, eating great and all and boom, I was so exhausted for like 2 weeks I could barely move. Every zc person said just deal. Eat, sleep/nap, relax thru it and I did and one day it was gone and never looked back. No idea why? But thing is I tell ya, I was close to saying screw zc and it was not that long of a time in all, but I was so tired I almost could not function thru my day. So big changes do happen thru adaption and eating not enough and more for a lot of us. Our adaption/appetite will roll as it much ya know for each of us on our bodies timeline. We can’t fast forward this, change it or wish it away. It is what it is. We just have to get thru it and eat, eat, eat well while doing it :sunny:

Yea the changes with us all when we go low carb or zc or whatever and our sweet detector changes a lot LOL

best we can do is just make changes, truly hold them and work out if they suit our lifestyle or not, how we feel with adaption and such just means sometimes it has to be worked thru to get to the other side where the good benefits are hiding. Eh, all we can do is work on ourselves best we can, which is what all of us are trying to do anyway LOL


Summer has hit finally. I am going to just chill thru summer. Relax and eat well and enjoy.

Time to be in the present, enjoy the day, live life best I can and just smile thru it all…yea working on some mental health days for me HAHA


Not everyone works like that. Some people are never hungry and never has any appetite. There are people with eating disorders or unhealthy bodies. But we don’t need to go that far. What if we use the wrong food and eat too little or too much? Carnivore doesn’t magically solve that…


agreed. I was discussing an individual who could heal and change their health to improvement, the basic person, but yes, I agree, there are eating disorders and disease that make ANY eating plan almost useless. I do get that for sure


Meds are another huge problem for many hitting ANY new plan…LC, Keto or ZC or heck, it don’t matter.

Meds for every symptom to ‘control’ disease thru unhealthy eating and ‘maintenance meds’ that could be avoided from eating better have SUCH massive side effects and one we know is NOT losing weight when we change our eating.

So remember as we heal to eat to wean off meds, the meds we are ON still can F us up as easily as if we never started ‘healthy eating’ at all.

So this is where the ‘very individual’ aspect of how we chat with someone is key. Might be on some ‘simple maintenance pill’ and never think it could cause a whole of trouble it can for your body and yet we take it like water on auto pilot cause the ‘doc’ says so ‘to cure’ us when it won’t…treating symptoms of the big wrong is not the right to any of what our bodies require.

eh, just chatting out cause doing a lot of tv and the med pill ads are scary as heck and my friend for darn near a year…since her hysterectomy has no weight loss even tho trying SO hard with extreme low carb…………she dropped her ‘hormone replacement’ pill and lost 11 lbs. in 3 weeks. So those darn pills…ya know…live with some of them or thrive best without some of them? Again personal life some hard into play here :wink:


Get your freezers ready and have space.

We know July means BBQs for the 4th in the good ol’ USA and a lot of meat goes on sale now.

I know I am looking for big sales and will grab what I can…heck meat prices are rising very sharply here and I am not happy as none of us are LOL but when the sales hit for the 4th holiday…I am grabbing and freezing for sure.

Hope ya’ll can find some good sales soon and jump on them.


Hey there, Lovelies!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Heck, I really hope its been a great summer for everyone all around!!!
Temps have been extraordinarily warm up here. Over 100F- which might not seem unusual for some folks- but up here - it is pretty rare. We’ve had gobs of relatives up visiting, our honeymooning cousins, and more arriving tomorrow. Lots of boating, sunbathing on the beach, touring around, eating out, and a little cliff diving into Lake Superior.

So, on Friday, hubby and I had a wedding reception to attend. I worked all day, changed my clothes at work so we wouldn’t be late. Met my daughter and her date there. I was getting a bit peeved because my husband was texting during dinner, but he finally put his phone away. They had smoked turkey and beef brisket - buffet style - so you know I was an all out carnivore with that kind of spread! We left the reception after about 90 mins because the music was SO loud. So, we drove home, and I had a few groceries to carry in, plus my tote back from work - loaded with my work clothes and shoes. As soon as I walked in - the entire family was there, and hollered “SURPRISE!!!”. Hubby had coordinated a surprise birthday party for me- decorated the house, had cake, flowers, presents, etc…I was SO SHOCKED! As I stood there stunned, the youngest toddler granddaughter ran over and hugged my leg, then the rest of them trickled out of the crowd and hugged me. My SIL got a great pic of that. Could not believe that he orchestrated that - but that was what all the texting was about.
My birthday isn’t until the 8th, but he wanted to do it early while everyone was there. So, that was pretty sweet!
We boated out to White City- on Sunday, BBQ’d brats on the beach with hubby’s new cast iron table top grill. Got sunburned, went swimming, the kids went diving off the lighthouse into Lake Superior.
Monday, we drove up to Copper Harbor with our GA cousins, did a little sightseeing, had dinner, then drove over to a secluded little spot called the “Devil’s Washtub”, and one by one everyone reluctantly decided to dive in…including me. NO ONE expected me to do it. I am afraid of heights, and anything over 10 feet high- I’d call a cliff. This was over 10ft. I only did something similar a few years ago - but I did it on a $20 bet from my husband. This time, I have no idea what got into me, but I jumped in - all my clothes on, and OOoooo, was that cold! My kids have a new level of respect for me, and my husband can no longer predict my actions. I had a change of clothes in my back pack from a previous excursion, so that came in handy.

What I think I’m experiencing is, with the weight loss and increase in energy due to carnivore and fasting, I feel more free to do fun and adventurous things now. I’m not inhibited by being too heavy and awkward like I was. And, as a result, I do way more activities with my family than I used to - but I actually have fun now!!!

Well, going to dip some burgers in bleu cheese dressing and go enjoy the sunshine! Have a blessed day all!


SB that was a wonderful post to read…I was full of excitement and hanging onto the read…even I was SO surprised you got a surprise party out of all that texting LOL

You do sound so very confident and I love the ‘even hubby’ can’t predict my actions anymore.

It is so true we grow as we heal and our health changes and we improve. Our minds improve to be active and engaged in life vs. being a slug bunny on the side of the road watching it drive on by…I am so happy you are doing so well.

and carnivore buffet…oh yea, I would have dug in and ate so well just like you :slight_smile:

I am a water baby and boats, swimming and all is my thing. Sounds like such a wonderful time for you guys and I wanna be there with you having a blast too :)…happy you are doing so well!!


I wish Barefoot Bob was around more :slight_smile: I miss him :sunny:

just a thought I was having as I started to post on this thread-----

but I am off…off for a nice long week of camping at the lake. I have a boatload of meat with me!! I have beef tenderloin, hamburgers, ribeyes, NY strips, chicken, pork tenderloin, sausage, bacon, tuna, sardines, beef sticks and brought a few packs of frozen shrimp if needed. Luckily the RV has a smaller fridge but I did cram pack that freezer with meat and more meat LOL

ZC ALL THE WAY BABY!! Will chat up when I return…be good ya’ll!

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Have a great time!

(Not a cow) #1898

Hey Fangs, relax and enjoy your time away, sounds like perfect timing of yours to be around water with the hot weather and such. That calls for raising a glass to ya, beer of course. :beers:

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Hi All, I’m back after an almost five month break. I had my three year ketogenic forum anniversary in June.

I really feel I have found my stride and it took three years. I eat almost completely carnivore except I do use spices and I have a serving of berries each day. I know we supposedly don’t have to worry about vitamin c, but I do feel much better with that 1/4-1/2 cup of berries.

I went through a lot of troubleshooting over the first 2.5 years on keto with heart palpitations, hair loss, histamine, oxalate, and electrolyte issues. Since going almost completely carnivore, I’ve been feeling great. I’m constantly clipping my fingernails and my hair is thick and lush (if I do say so myself.) I’m quite happy with my body composition, too.

The other interesting thing is that my need for salt supplementation has really declined. I needed 2.5 teaspoons of salt a day on keto. Over the past 8 months on mostly carnivore the need gradually got less and less until now I rarely need the extra salt unless I’ve done a lot of sweating.

Oh yes, one more interesting thing. I think I am so well nourished on carnivore that I really don’t care that much about food any more. I truly eat just to satisfy my nutritional needs. There is rarely an urge to snack or eat some fancy recipe just because.

I hope everyone is staying healthy.

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Good to hear of your success with carnivore. Thanks for sharing.


woo hoo

ZC all the way…eating lots of meat :slight_smile:

tons of kayaking with kiddo so far. fishing later with hubby just from shore to relax thru the night. swim like crazy. kid got the little Papillion Bolt into the lake…he wasn’t thrilled but heck he had his lifejacket on LOL

no trouble staying on plan. hubby cooking a big bunch of chicken legs on the grill and I got a rack of ribs I precooked at home and am throwing on in a bit to heat up and I am gonna eat great.

all good here :slight_smile: hope ya’ll are doing well


hit the ice cream parlor…oh boy I was trying to justify a small ice cream cone for me but I could not. Not one thing I could say in favor of eating that junk LOL so family got ice cream, I came back and ate a whole sleeve of hard salami.

works for me :slight_smile: all great on this trip, have a blast and holding zc


WooHoo, Fangsy!!! Way to go! Congrat’s on that achievement… Giving up ice cream is no small thing in my book.
You went on this trip well prepared, and I think that is a lesson to all of us. Preparedness is absolutely key to success, especially when starting out on ZC. It can be too tempting sometimes -and for some people in particular (ME) - to nibble on things on that don’t belong in the ZC-carnivore WOE. You got this down!!!

Eats yesterday were pretty decent. black coffee and spoonful of butter for breakfast. Turkey ham and a little Kerrygold aged white cheddar for a late lunch, then 2 spicy chicken/monteray pepper jack sausages for dinner. My girls laid some gorgeous little double yolkers, so I might tuck into some scrambled eggs this morning. Haven’t decided if I want to eat yet.

This is going to be a LONG day. Leave for work at 7. Work 730-4pm, pick my daughter up from the park (she is going paddle-boarding with her friends), then driving her an hour out to her job where she stays for 5 days at a time (housekeeping at a resort/ hotel), then have to drive an hour home, going to eat somewhere in between all that; then, take of chickens, run the doggie, go to bed- then start all over again tomorrow.
My new fridge was supposed to be delivered to the dealer yesterday.I texted them to check, and received no reply. Lg has not replied, though I sent in yet another copy of the receipt they so desperately need. Getting close to 2 months without a kitchen refrigerator- during what is one of the hottest summers on record up here. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Despite what curveballs life throws at yas, everyone please have a joyous carnivore day!!!


I sure did…having the rv means I have a freezer and fridge and can easily bring a boatload of meat with me and I do…I bring alot LOL Like you said that having the food and being prepared gives me no excuses so that helps me alot.

nothing like fresh eggs from your own chickies, they are the best!!

wow that is a long day, feel for ya SB but you are rocking it out and doing well!! I got fingers crossed the fridge of yours comes!! :slight_smile:


Ice cream was never a problem for me but well, it’s not like I ever had to give it up. I just basically did as my low-carb years passed. Normal ice cream stopped being a food for me when I went low-carb almost a decade ago, close to no temptation there (one gets nostalgic and has ideas in front of pretty ice cream but even my high-carber SO knows it’s not THAT good and it’s sugary anyway so we never buy any). After a few years I would have said that maybe I will taste some interesting one now and then… But now when I taste unsweetened chocolate and feel it sweet… (I totally blame my still not numerous but shockingly effective carnivore times, I had nothing like this before that.) No, I wouldn’t enjoy normal ice cream, not even temporarily when I taste it and this knowledge is very effective, I never get really tempted.

I planned to make carnivore ice cream but I never wanted sweets on carnivore yet and the other reasons were solved differently so I only had that right before carnivore. It was good. Not 100% carnivore but it was just a few ml rum… Way better than most store-brought watery sugary stuff even if we ignore the inedible amount of sweetness. I probably prefer it over all. But I am a huge hedonist so my taste does its best to prefer my own food even if it didn’t change soooo much. Or I just got used to my own delicious staples.

@SecondBreakfast: Poor you, it would be ridiculous how long your fridge troubles became if it wouldn’t be tragic. I don’t even want to imagine life without my fridge, it would be super tough. I’m rooting for your fridge to arrive already!!!
I agree about being prepared, it’s very useful. Carnivore is super good against real temptation in my case this far (probably long term is harder) but I may need the help with weak baby temptations. Good to have some good stuff then. Even if there is no chance to give in (it happened with me yesterday. carbs cause pain right now so good luck for tempting me, it won’t be enough for anything), it’s nice to consume our own stuff if we don’t have the other one. At least I work that way.