Another Carnivore Thread


Honey :smiley: And I thought me eating fruit is weird on my off days :smiley: Honey is soooooooooooooooo impossibly far from carnivore in my eyes. Pure sugar, seriously. Well, 80% but still.

Eat the bees :smiley: Well, I would love to eat crickets… I never tried them out. They must be crunchy, mmm… And allegedly tasty too. And nutritious!

Mushrooms are not plants, they have chitin. It doesn’t make them animal either, it’s a separate group.
I can use them as spice/condiments if I feel like it, on carnivore-ish. Maybe it’s even carnivore in some relaxed sense but it’s a tiny amount then. Definitely not carnivore item. Eating a mushroom dish is just like eating a vegetable dish to me even if the carbs are way lower in some cases (there are carbier mushrooms and they usually lose lots of water too so the result isn’t that very low-carb). It’s not about carbs, there are plants with extremely low net carb content, it doesn’t matter.

Eyeballs aren’t even needed :slight_smile: Not every nice edible animals have them :wink: But yep, I think I get it.

I didn’t write here yet this: I am back again, carni day #1 and I am pretty much determined and I go for my half a young goat on Friday!!! It was AGES ago… 2 months? That I could buy something from the beef farm (and it was ~9 pounds of beef for two as I didn’t want beef then… and 2 little birds the previous month so barely anything. that place is my major source of fresh meat so it was a bit tough and I fell off the wagon all the time and I didn’t like it.

I still practiced my carni skills a lot despite my circumstances so I am very hopeful now. I eat some fish and smoked pork until the goat, it will be nice and easy.

We don’t know what we should do with a young goat. We never ate goat. Every meat is good for stew I suppose and it hopefully won’t be a smallish one (their weight vary a lot, the farm said) and we will have some parts for something else…? Do you have any ideas?


Hip hip hooray. That is a great score on your meats! I bet you can’t wait til Friday to go get that!!

Goat is a great meat. Any time of stew is definitely a good meal with goat…but google on the internet goat recipes and you can marinate it and do steaks and more easily. Goat is good meat :wink:

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@Fangs @Shinita I seriously want to try goat now.:heart:


So lucky me…I scored great.

thank goodness for rv freezer ! scored a hit on beef tenderloin on sale for 9.99/lb and saved like $30 off the cost of a big boy whole cut. Cut up, freeze for home! Any meat that is a deal I grab…heehee…made my trip actually. Had to stop for few supplies and I always check the meat counter, this beach vacay scored me meat and my rv fridge/freezer means I can grab it and take it home. that was a low cost so oh yes, this zc gal grabbed it LOL

always on the hunt for meat, even on vacay…PREDATOR STYLE!!

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I could use your input again guys!

This week I started having a strange muscle (?) pain in my legs that I have not had before. It could very well be related to my health issues, but it’s new for me so just thought I should see if anyone as experienced this related to diet… The pain is a tightness, like someone is gripping my muscles and twisting them. The pain goes up my shins and from my knee up to my hip. The back of my legs burn… but that is lactic acid buildup that I commonly experience. The pain is 24/7 regardless of whether I’m sitting, standing, working. The strange thing is that as soon as I move my leg position, the pain subsides for a few seconds and then starts to get increasingly worse until I move positions again.

I have struggled with dehydration since starting carnivore (not sure why). I quit taking electrolytes to see if that helped but within 24 hrs I started having leg cramps and headaches. I drink water with a smidge of lite salt. I tried drinking water without salt, and the more salt-less water I drank, the thirstier I got. I hydrated yesterday, not sure if it helped.

The pain got so intense I couldn’t sleep for several nights. I have no idea is it’s diet related, but I would do anything to make it stop. I decided to quit carnivore to see if it would stop. Friday I bought onion, mushroom, and cabbage. When I got home, the Shawn Baker carnivore book I ordered a while back finally arrived. I took that as a sign and haven’t eaten the veggies. So far I like this woe and I don’t really want to quit. But I need the pain to stop.

Any thoughts? Could it be a nutrient deficiency? I haven’t been eating organ meats and it’s been awhile since I’ve had egg yolks but I did eat shellfish several times this week.

Sorry for the obnoxiously long post.


Wow so sorry for the troubles you are having and pain 24/7 is not a great place to be. Hope you do find relief fast tho…….

but I am going a different way on this. Sciatic nerve trouble?

I have it and when it goes bonkers holy cow it is crazy the symptoms I do get. Tightness all down the leg…only 1 leg of course when it hits me but 2 legs…hmmm…thing is I get burning, weakness, tightness, and aches and pains and it never goes away no matter how I shift around but if I move just right into a good position the ache lessens and so does the symptoms. And this can continue for me for a good amt of time til something heals in there LOL

so that is just a throw out for you.

but you have other health issues that could be in relation?

I truly think this is not your diet you are eating. It could be more adaption signals pairs with possible lactic buildup and other health issues?

I definitely want to see what others say but I don’t think zero carb would be the direct connection here if there could be a mirade of other health situations wrapped around all it ya know.

wishing you the best and hoping more answers come for you.


Hey there,
I’ve had similar issues and the best advice I’ve been reminded of is to drink dill pickle juice. Its kind of a joke in our house now. My youngest tells everyone, “Don’t tell Mom if you hurt anywhere - she’ll just tell you to drink pickle juice.”:rofl: But, seriously, it works like a dream.

So, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I’d been beaten with a baseball bat. First it was only the legs, then my entire body. The second night, I was almost unable to move. I had taken some of the magnesium powder (Calm), and it helped - but not enough. I then drained the juice out of the dill pickles, chugged it- and in less than 5 min felt like new.

Juice from olives works too. HTH

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Interesting idea… I was lifting a lot of heavy things repeatedly this week. I wish I could remember if the pain started before all the lifting… I did have a sore back after that for 2 days.

Yes, I was diagnosed with a long list of autoimmune diseases. Ended up at Mayo last fall and while I do have some of the diagnosed diseases, they believe I have an underlying mitochondrial disease. But it’s an untested theory for now.

Yeah, I know. Just thought I’d see if it rang familiar with anyone. I hope it’s not diet related. But more so I hope it’s not a new symptom of my health issues.

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Ok I’m excited to try that today!


yea chug down some pickle juice, sure ain’t gonna hurt ya and might help.

my sciatic stuff when it kicks in is horrible but I never ‘really hurt’ in my back…it is my butt, down my hip, into my groin sometimes and down into the legs. I had my shins just go numb ya know…with a tiny tingle and weird tightness and more. I was shaving my legs and thought, I can’t feel the razor or anything down this shin LOL

heavy lifting can do a world of tough to us for sure.

sorry you got the trouble. I hate when anything is off ya know and we find ourselves in that area of someone help me fix this please! wishing you the best and let us know how your pickle juice goes :slight_smile:


ZC All the way baby :sunny:


This is nice. I am so used to go against everything eating wise (I even ignored most keto advice) and well, I was BORN a lion. And a dragon. Ha!
Of course, we need to be smart, not just going against everything. But so many wrong beliefs, so many stupid myths… Following others is often a bad idea. Especially when we are simply very different from most of them. People LOVE thinking everyone needs exactly the same they do… Nope.


there is so much to zero carb people coming into this lifestyle don’t understand at all. it is an ‘all rounded picture’ of why we do what we do and there is science to back up what we do…but of course as we change and get wonderful benefits and feel wonderful, we understand this personally.

but so many don’t get the ‘why of it’ as in one site I read someone on carnivore had ‘24 carbs’ and I was like, WTH? someone asked this person why 24 when it is obvy 0 carbs on this plan…….response was I count all carbs from eggs, shrimp, crab and liver etc. I eat.

Oh, ok, this is a carb counting meat eater. Which is useless and unnecessary totally :slight_smile: It confuses newbies to read that info. But I understand ‘some love to track’ but counting any carbs from only meat/seafood proteins is useless in that they are not ‘wrapped with plant material sources’ and are not the ‘carbs’ that are baggage’d down with extra crap ingested.

and the body uses your ‘animal carbs from like eggs, seafood’ etc. extremely fast. They are not ‘extra carbs’ that gain on the body thru fat storage etc. The small/trace carbs we eat from meat/seafood will never, ever be a plant carb intake.

So yea I get some want to ‘track’ carbs but this is why zc is such a wonderful plan, we don’t have to do that ever :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Newbies, drop ALL the ‘dieting BS’ crap from your life entering zc. I had to and it was hard but I did it and have thrived. But later in zc, if ya wanna track a bit for personal reasons and use, yea I get that :slight_smile: but never think a carb from animal protein is ever equal in any way to a carb presented thru eating plant material. They are not and never will be equal in the overall picture of the food intake vehicle.

just some thoughts :slight_smile: ZC has a life and is a plan of its own. One I hold dear. When I have improved this much of my life, I can’t put it in any other category other than savior for me :sunny: But it takes time and smarts to learn this. Something many won’t give this plan. But in the end everyone finds their way, maybe if they listen to their body and don’t actually get in the way of themselves. Heck I did that :slight_smile: I got in my own way til after tons of chats someone said again, just friggin’ eat zc and don’t look back. OK I got it finally and I never looked back and I finally had it drilled into me, just do ZC and let the magic happen :wink:

just chatting out some thoughts is all


I don’t worry about egg and meat carbs ever myself but lactose is sugar and I do feel I don’t want much of it. Well I still don’t actually need to track carbs when I manage to do anything close to carnivore as I never eat much lactose (I do “need” the little I use, it would be uncomfortable not to have them, at least for now) but it’s still some information :smiley: Some of us like that even it they aren’t really important.


just coming into zc or new name carnivore.

there is reasons we do what we do.

science behind it totally.

how we work the plan.

why we don’t do XYZ and more and drop baggage from our lives.

ZC is a natural state that has real reasons behind it.

We all never ‘just come here’ for weight loss cause keto or very LC or whatever dragged us here and if it did, listen to your body on coming this way………but remember zc is a plan with its values and benefits that work for us zc people. We are not and will never be ‘lc theory’, keto macros’, any and all other plans and their hype included. We are not that.

Reseach true zc and new name out there carnivore, which carnivore is now being warped…Even Dr Paul S is warping by naming teirs and some include honey…omg such BS.

but zc is just that and never be fooled but learn why zc is what it is what what we all zc eaters follow ! ZC has massive real science/benefits and more behind it. Go learn newbies :slight_smile:

again, up to everyone to do homework on how we wanna roll

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@Fangs If I drink sugar and puke it up isn’t it then an animal product? :confused:

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So I’m reading Shawn Baker’s carnivore diet book and I am so disappointed. It’s the first nutrition/diet book that I’ve ever read (of many) that is actually pissing me off.

For one, the autobiography chapter is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with diet and it is extremely narcissistic. I understand the value of establishing yourself as a reputable source, but IMO this chapter turns me off. Secondly he makes claims and then attempts to back them up with no evidence (or unrelated evidence). He says we live in a world MUCH warmer today but the graph shows only a 3C anomaly in temperature. He says humans have highly acidic stomach acid because we were scavengers but then compares our stomach acid to rabbits and not scavengers. He provides bar graphs with NO error bars, NO significance indicators, and NO reference. So disappointing.

Anyone else have a similar reaction?

Also, my cravings on carnivore are way stronger than they were on keto. I’m guessing bc of the lower ketones. It’s interesting bc I’ve read many people have less cravings on carnivore. I am missing the benefits of the ketone levels for sure.

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Maybe they are tracking what they eat and hence know the number of carbs they consumed? I try to track every thing I eat when I have time to because it’s helpful for if I go into remission again. Because I track everything, I know how many carbs I consume on carnivore (cronometer tells me).

Curious if you have science that shows animal carbs are processed differently than plant carbs?

I appreciate hearing your thoughts Fangs. I’m glad you have had such a good response to carnivore. I hope eventually I can say the same. But it seems to me that some carnivores do track what they eat, some try to moderate protein levels for weight loss, some do care about ketone levels, etc.


omg too funny David. no puking up sugar on carnivore please HAHA, easy part is just no sugar tho! :slight_smile:

S Baker stinks. His ‘world carnivore tribe’ on facebook is a monster joke cause he once said carnivore can be 70/30 and most of ‘his followers’ now say carnivore is eating 70 animal and the other 30 can be seasonal fruit and anything else you deem healthy…it is a crying shame actually. I was on the site and said no carnivore eats fruit daily, or taters, or fake sweeteners and I got told I had no idea what carnivore was…LOL…you got to be kidding me here. I barely read the site anymore cause it is so sad. So warped what these ‘gurus’ now call zc/carnivore.

but on your last part. When alot of people come from keto, in keto they were…like ‘controlling’ their kcals because they were controlling their macros. In that when you followed macros you had a tendency to eat a certain way to hit those macros and of course you were eating some carbs, like a limit of 20 or so?

On zc your appetite could easily increase when starting zc because you are feeding your body to heal and possibilily be making up for low nutrition of your body from your previous menu…plus you are adapting thru and detoxing. Alot of changes happeing inside so your body can easily be asking for more food. This is ok…as we hold plan, eat as we need our appetites will change as we heal. Most zc start to control that more ravenous hunger as we change, so if big appetite happens it is normal for many. Changes come and we learn what fat, meat, seafood suits us best for satiaty etc…so just eat is fine when newer to zc.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing. Is there a good carnivore book to read? I LOVE reading nutrition/health books. Particularly those that use science… Now I’m wondering if I should even finish reading it…

Yeah this makes sense. I don’t limit calories, but I want to know what I’m eating. I’ve been in remission twice in eight years (both times on keto). I noticed some patterns in my diet both of those times due to tracking. One pattern was that I was eating a surplus in calories. Maybe my body healing? Maybe higher protein? Maybe fulfilling a nutrient deficiency? Who knows…