Another Carnivore Thread

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I am currently developing my own new method. No inputs are needed and it’s mostly listening to my body. I will feel what I desire to eat.

Cool Shinita, do what you need to do for your own body. We are all unique after all. :grinning:. My crazy grandpa does that same kinda thing. He is very low carb but not the classic keto 20g or under. He sort of does keto on and off. He is big on moderation ( something I never acquired from him I’m afraid :joy:) I’m all or nothing. On board totally or totally off board and cast out to sea. ( Sorry, I won’t bring up that damn bloody island again :roll_eyes::joy:). Do what your body feels is right and if it works for you, more power to you. He eats a sugery carby treat now and again and then can just stop it and jump straight back on board. Lol. I ate Bacon for tea. My god, I havnt eaten bacon in years. I saw the movie Babe and it f#cked up my bacon loving senses. Butttt I enjoyed it so, sorry Babe :joy:. I had forgotten the taste. There’s one meat that I cannot stand though and that’s Ham. I don’t know why but my stomach roils thinking about it. Liver too, i cannot stand it. Never could eat it since I was a kid, oh and tripe :nauseated_face:. I drank 3 litres of water but now I have these awful painful stomach cramps. Don’t know why.


we can over water ourselves. small drink amts thru the day and don’t let a ton of water sit on top of any food meal you had cause that just ‘don’t sit well’ most times for a lot of us carnivores LOL

you will be ok…just adjust how you drink thru the day to suit it best for you.

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Thanks Fangsy, glad you told me this cos I was drinking a whole litre straight after each meal :nauseated_face:. No wonder I’ve been having terrible gut pains all day. Will do as you said and just keep sipping throughout the day, instead of just chugging it down.:blush:xxx


After a while you might be amazed at how much less water you actually need.

If I drink more than a few sips after a meal it’s almost always going to be a very sudden, unpleasant trip to the loo.

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Yup it always is a very sudden rush to the loo and then 5 mins later ANOTHER sudden rush to the loo. It was actually torture skulling a crap load all at once. My gut would instantly bloat and I would feel f#cking awful :joy:


Tripe is a big thing in this country, many people dislike it though… I never ate it and I am quite happy with that.
Moderation is interesting. I mean, I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Moderation regarding some items and all or nothing regarding others. Sugary wine, banana and maybe even legumes are in the first section (some attention may be needed, legumes are vegetables even if I consider them a separate group) and cooked (rather, fried) vegetables are in the second one. It depends on the vegetable though, the ones I dislike (most green leafy ones) always were very safe as I didn’t eat them even when I actually tried (of course, I didn’t force it as much as I would in a life or death situation). But cauliflower? It started at 1000g in one sitting (as a minimum) and it went lower eventually. I probably would stop after a few bites now. Peanuts were in-between, dangerous but I usually ate them in tiny amounts. I was seemingly addicted but when I stopped, I never missed them. Zero is very easy sometimes, I did it with lots of items and whole food groups without problems. If I am willing to give something up, I usually can as I am not really attached to it. Coffee is the exception but I am not too determined, it’s mostly harmless, I need my focus elsewhere.

I got back some thoughts and desires regarding food I don’t eat now but I feel safe enough now. That’s another thing different on (almost) carnivore. Normally, if I get tempted, I don’t resist, I am aware it’s me and don’t even try to fight it except some very special circumstances. Thoughts aren’t temptation yet but close. And now I stay cold and emotionless, I have time to list my reasons and realize I don’t even want anything, well maybe food and I fry some ham and become content. My poor rebel self needs the care though and I barely can look at any food now so I totally plan to get loose but… I don’t hurry with it. I let my momentum and stubbornness (no energy need for them. determination is tiresome and resisting temptation takes almost an impossible amount of energy/willpower. determination does the same thing but I “cast the spell” before I get tempted and I can’t do it just any time) run its course and then we will see. It’s quite funny when I am mentally all ready for breaking something and I just don’t want to in the end. But I only have it on extreme low-carb.

I have so interesting experiences since I seriously lowered my carbs :slight_smile: It’s good, I need my fun now that my eating diminished and even lost some of its shine in the last days.


Water… I will watch what am I doing. I almost never cared about my drinking, I automatically drink very much, I am a thirsty one, especially in the afternoon or when I exercise (walking counts. when hiking for 8 hours, I drink all the time. fortunately, I don’t need to pee or find the way but usually don’t. I need little doses as my body has its limits. my stomach doesn’t like a huge amount of water in it).
But I am quite sure I never had the urge to drink a liter of water after a meal… I always drink some coffee or tea but not nearly that much. I am sure it would feel a bit odd but as I easily consume very much water with my meal when I eat soup, it’s probably not bad.
When I had 2+ liters water with my big lunch (I ate a tablespoon of salt), that was a bit uncomfortable for half an hour. I never do that again, my poor stomach was so full!
I have no loo problems with water or salt or fat, people are very sensitive, it was very surprising when I learned about that in the last years.

I ate an early dinner today (no hunger, no appetite, clear need for fuel). I will survive, it’s a sure thing now! (Like I ever had any doubts.) I ate meat and eggs, mostly. With some not keto-friendly items, to be safe and curious and rebellious (they were nice but not particularly so and I ate a tiny amount only and lost my interest). But I couldn’t do such a good day without my flirting with carnivore. And I will be more strict when I will able to handle a decent amount of meat and egg together.

I saw some wet scrambled eggs in a video yesterday… I almost always fry everything to the maximum. But I prefer my yolks runny and sunny side ups have that but I don’t like the white part there, usually.
So I did a super quick scrambled eggs and it was quite pleasant. One egg was enough, though, the other 5 was in coffees or… I call it my only fav sandwich. Not carnivore because it must have pickles! It’s warm, soft-boiled eggs, grated cheese (my slightly ages gouda), some mustard and/or spicy sauce, pickles and that’s it. I put some leftover fried ham on top too. When I was a kid, it had a buttered bread base but I realized it just made its taste less rich. It’s a warm, runny-yolky dish, definitely eaten immediately at the table so it’s fine it has no stable bottom. But it’s sandwich to me :stuck_out_tongue: The only type I ever liked (just with bread that time).


ok to chug a bit but never on a full tummy of meat or seafood LOL that is a gut pukey time waiting to happen for most of us LOL


agreed. I sip sip sip a lot thru the day and sometimes drink hardly nothing. go by thirst.

I notice if super hot I drink a lot more, if I do sodium hits like a lb. of bacon I suck up more but to me those are outside forces…our carnivore menu doesn’t require that much water other than what the body truly requires and our bodies tell us :slight_smile: great post


Totally agreeing with Bob. Even on regular keto I drank a lot more water than I do now on carnivore. It’s amazing to see the difference.

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Hoping these turn out well! Beef, egg and bacon!

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Yum! I’m so deprived!




Those look soooo good!! :smile:


Yum X 1000!
Great pic!!

yea deprived, let me trade ya a salad for that, ok? hmm, probably not LOL bet the taste was wonderful!

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The Carnivore Kid is Visiting

I don’t know if y’all know but I have an Autistic son, Steven 25 years old. I’ve been sick a while and haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks. Gnawing on a Ribeye bone, the kid loves his meat! If it was up to me he’d be full time like dad but I can’t get mom on board. But he’s been KETO for a year. I’m super happy he’s here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yay I’m glad Stevens there for some quality guy time :slight_smile:


Cool pic. Anyone gnawing on a big old rib bone is a winner in my book!!

My daughter’s first big food when a tiny tiny kid was a rib. She attacked that thing! Cool he is doing keto!

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Have a great time with him. Who wouldnt enjoy a good ribeye!!! :smiley:

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Do you notice a big improvement with his autism on keto?