Another Carnivore Thread


So I officially am gonna steal some of the ribeyes other have on this thread cause I can’t find a decent sale right now and I am down to my last 2 ribeyes in the freezer. If meat theft happens in your area, then I might be prowling around that vicinity…Wee…And I am panicking, LOL, yes I am cause I rely on those babies big time!

This frugal farm gal hates to pay full price for anything~! A sale a sale I must find. They are my daily go to for everything to me on carnivore literally. One more day…tomorrow I got 2 stores in the area posting new sales for the week and I am keeping the faith that one of those at least will be featuring my ribeye since they haven’t done a good sale on it for a while since before the big holiday season.

fingers crossed LOL

People are like, huh, don’t panic, you got other things to eat ya know out there in the world…for me I panic :slight_smile: cause this is my best darn food I can eat daily that sets my whole entire life into frame and how I need it to be for me. I can go a few days without eating whatever meats/seafood but then I ‘literally feel’ my depletion of life force without a honking ribeye sticking to my ribs :slight_smile:

yes this is a funky post of what I require to survive well HAHA but it is the absolute truth for me. a ribeye the day keeps the dr. at bay and keeps this person alive, flourishing, thriving, energized, happy as a lark could be and just in general, an all around better person to be near.

So who thinks I am stuck on a ribeye? ME ME I do, I do LOL

just chatting funny ribeye quips and how I need them in my life right now…will my steak of choice as my big go to happiest meal on the planet for this carnivore change in the future? hmmm…we wait and see…to be continued HA

ahhh, some days I wake up so light and airy and wanna chat fun stuff on carnivore about our meats and why we love them and more…then I go off and read some of the forum stuff and shiver and shrink from it all…heehee……whatever floats your boat!! I always want to be in the lifeboat that has the survivors singing and praying and keeping the faith of rescue, I never wanna be in the lifeboat of the ones who are plotting who they are gonna eat if needed, who is weakest and gets pushed overboard first cause water ration is low, never wanna be in that lifeboat that has no hope of rescue.

oh boy me just ranting away…chatting up, saying nothing HAHA

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Well F, if I could I would put my two ribeyes in a capsule and send them over to you :smiley:. I don’t think I had ever had one before today. Now I know what your on about!! They are F##king AMAZING!! Best dinner I think I’ve ever had. Afterwards was SO damn full but content. Now I’m just comfortable and satisfied. Hope there’s a sale on soon. Fingers crossed for ya!! Also, the lifeboat thing, LOL. Your such a natural writer F. You actually have a talent there you know!! Your a good artist and writings a form of art too :smiley:. I know cos I’m an artist and writer too. It made me laugh that lifeboat bit. :rofl::joy:. And yup I agree, don’t wanna go overboard at all and end up stranded on some island where your forced to eat nothing but coconuts. Gotta be the ones on board singing and praying. “Oh hail the Goddess of Ribeye”. LOL xxx


and the ones at the same time taking jewelry from the gals and cutting strings from clothes to make fishing line and hooks :slight_smile: seafood for dinner tonight and if I gotta hound down that fish raw, so be it, sushi time for everyone HAHA

Aimee a steak will be your best friend in life…lol…yea seriously. It supplies all you need for survival and gives our lives such a boost in health. Comfortable from eating big but not ‘carb coma’ stuffed…satisfied cause the body got its protein and fat it wants for survival…your energy levels will start to kick up and you will find yourself in a whole new realm of contentment with life.

Cool for you!! and yes, one day ya might have to ship me some meats and if you need any, let me know, I can ship back HA

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See, SEE, you are a bloody writer!! You just proved it with this last message. A great imagination too and it flows. Your pretty freaking gifted and entertaining at the same time. I would buy your stories :joy::joy::joy:. Now I’m picturing the whole scenario in My head like a movie. LOL. Yup I love that I switched to Keto AF. Yup David has told me all the different versions of it. He’s a good one. Won’t rush but I do eventually want to do strict carnivore. Won’t jump into the deep end though. Still early days. From cutting out plants, the carbs have gone way waaaaay down too. Like before I had about 7 grams a day, now it’s about 3 grams. Pretty damn cool xxxx


Yup…don’t jump too fast in any direction at all. Key thing now is getting super comfortable on any type of super low carb/keto type plan, throw in some carnivore days and eat very well and just let it happen.

Longer on plan one gains more control, feels what they body is asking and shifts toward what it needs as it needs it, the changes tell you where you are heading and don’t worry ever if you go up a tad in carbs one day for whatever reason…I mean a few more carbs of course LOL but if that happens it means nothing. You are finding your footing and it is ok to have some small detours etc in these changes while our mindsets change and we adapt into our new changes.

Slow and smart and determined wins this health race we desire. Just chill thru it, eat well, learn more about what your personal body needs and you will sail thru in fine form!!! And you are smart enough to do just that!

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Will so F thanks for the awesome advice. Your so nice to me :heart:. Xxx


I like multiple benefits but cooking is individual. One may eat some soft or rare meat (a few minutes), raw meat, beef stew (almost an hour in a pressure cooker, fine, it’s not a single portion and that matters), even lots of canned fish or meat products which are edible without cooking. Though I guess fresh meat (frozen is fresh for a while, its time kind of stops) should be the base, it’s my attitude for sure.
I consider the big difference in not buying processed craps all the time. It’s doable without even eating meat or while eating high-carb, of course. I find eating in a restaurant (not like I tried it lately) easier as a(n almost) carnivore than as a vegetarian low-carber, forget about keto and my zillion restrictions… But for the average person, these are probably very significant. I see what kind of food people buy and how much, it’s so crazy…
But the best is being able to eat SIMPLE. I soooooo love it :smiley: I still can play with food as a hobby but it’s not needed anymore. Of course, not only carnivore can be simple but very low-carb was a very effective simplifying combo for me.

One day I will write my thoughts about recipes. I looked at some yesterday (keto), it’s so surreal…
I don’t really need any new recipes yet, everything is so novel and exciting and stew, baking, boiling and frying is the solution for almost everything for a long, long time to come.

The farm had options for ordering roosters. For some hours, without my knowledge. I need to try harder.


you and me click B cause of our horsey background and our general thoughts on lifestyle etc…you are kinda like me but younger HAHA

I see you as that newbie that shouldn’t be thrown this way and that way on all the crazy ‘diet’ info out there. Which is why I am trying to give you all the experience of the miserable junk I went thru and the great advice all those who are veterans and got great health and thrive gave me :slight_smile: I don’t want ya flip flopping like so many on forums do over and over and can’t get it right and get ‘diet info’ overload and don’t know where to turn. Cause that was me. I think your good approach of just chill thru the change into a different eating, let it happen, find what suits you personally best and get great results from your changes, you WILL FIND your perfect sweet spot. Doing it all more BY you and FOR you vs. trying over and over again thru some type of desperation others might have, like I did, and you just float thru it on your own personal journey. I wish I kinda got that advice long ago. It is 1000% about you and not one other person and how you need food to fit into your lifestyle and eat how you best thrive. Yet we see so much of what others do and we flip flop and go crazy sometimes in our menu changes and freak out. Yea me again on it all, lol…So just trying to tell ya not to go there. Do for you at all times and walk your personal path and you got the best you can ever do for you :slight_smile:


yes I so agree. when one enjoys their foods, how they are gonna plan and cook and do it all for them for great health, etc…it can become that very enjoyable experiences we crave in our lives. I so get that!
I found super simple is best for me, fits me like other people’s plans fit them :slight_smile: You find your personal happy spot with what ya eat and takes you into good health, then you can do nothing but flourish!!

good post S!!


Sound bad but could be worse, coconuts have some fat and water. What if we can’t find sweet water very soon? Well, according to an anime, we could just drink fish blood (maybe it’s not good enough, the folks who ate seafood for months and wrote a book about it, they needed rainwater. but it should be better than seawater), yep, all help for the talented ones who actually able to catch fish :smiley: I would just die without help but it’s human society, we help each others (and harm each others quite often too. I am actually edible too but humans usually have some barriers against that, right? catch fish! if it’s too lean - it is -, I will eat it with coconut).
And I collect rainwater with the empty coconut shells. But a little clean river or pond would be nicer.

I don’t even want to leave the land, actually. I am very far from any sea now.

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Freaking hell you are sweet!! Thanks Fangsy. Will do just that. I’ve been there too with the trying over and over and over again. Like I’ve said before. I went keto three years ago and abused the hell out of it and did it totally wrong. Sure I cut out the carbs and sugar but I also cut out nearly all fat and nearly all protein too. It got me nowhere, yes I got thin but I was scrawny and weak looking. Then cos I was in starvation mode. I pigged out on pizza and crap and gained what I had lost back. It’s been my constant cycle for 31 years and now I want to stop it for good. So yup I will ease into it and chillax :grinning:. Awwww I click with you too. Birds of a feather :eagle::eagle:xxx


you said it all there LOL You want it to stop for you and you will find that perfect little wonderful spot just made for you and suits you to a T!

birds of a feather!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Hahaha lol, yeah coconuts ain’t so bad. I only said that cos I’m all animal products now. Heck, I used to LOVE coconut water. Refreshing as hell. Yeah, nope don’t wanna start eating the humans, that would turn it into a “Lord of the flies kinda situation”. Like Fangs said, we could but the jewelry of the chicks and the strings off their clothes and catch some fishies. Now i see naked chicks flailing around a deserted island in my mind. Yup it went steaight there :joy:What would we use as bait though… hmmmm. Are we willing to sacrifice a finger to eat!! Maybe there’s a wild hog on the island we could hunt down. Make sticks into spears and have ourselves a feast!! Oh god, what the hell am I doing!! How did this go from carnivore talk to a made up island story!! It was Fangs and I. Sorry about that folks :joy::flushed:. Hey though Z, love that you added to the story. Coconut shells for rainwater would be a must. Would have to pull a straw ( or in this case stick) between us though on getting the damn coconuts down from the trees. They are freaking hard to open too. But super human survival instinct would kick in by now. Oh god hear I go again. :roll_eyes::joy:


Aimee, I never understand it before either. What do you eat that is not carnivore? You always write about animal food when you list your food and now you eat those tiny amounts of carbs… If you cut out plants, and seemingly doesn’t eat lots of sugary dairy, that’s carnivore, what did I miss? You still kept something not carnivore or have some super strict definition?

By the way, it’s not a surprise I know, many people realized this… If we basically eat our normal food, meat, an egg, little cheese and add a really tiny amount of this and that, it’s very easy to go pretty high with carbs. I stopped my already very abnormal carnivore for 2 days and did around 50g net carbs on Sunday when I relaxed my ways (I usually eat very little lactose, it’s always surprising how much sugar a not big amount of dairy may contain). It seems I stayed in ketosis, wow, I am usually out at this level.

I still clearly couldn’t do <20g net carbs keto without carnivore. Or almost carnivore, I mean I may eat 10g bell pepper or onion in my stew but that’s it.
I do 40g keto (probably without meat) or carnivore. I am a weirdo.

Oh and carnivore is the same as keto or low-carb was, I can handle 1-2 days with higher carbs and I feel the same. So I don’t lose the benefits, I don’t get hungry or lose control.


Of course. I can relate. My brain got rewired (not very deep, I touch carbs and I go back as I never left except the amounts are tiny, rarely feel good and I still don’t eat vegetables on my off days. Even if I try to eat a bit, I’m rarely successful. Odd. It’s vegetables, my little darlings for decades, until VERY recently!) but sometimes I think about what could I do in some dire situation. And I did run out of meat, lard and cheese at one point… I am doomed in dire situations, at least nowadays. But I could survive for some while, even without food. If it’s just some days, fasting is better than much carbs for me.
But long term is different. I really hope my luck never will run out and I will be able to eat however I want, at least vaguely and macro wise.

No, fish aren’t that smart, it’s a bit extreme. They often go for anything remotely similar to something edible. We would find something. And why wouldn’t we find bugs or worms? That’s easy.

That’s anime level or at least Robinson Crusoe… It’s damn lucky to have that, we would be blessed having a pond or regular rain… But possible, I guess.

Would have to pull a straw ( or in this case stick) between us though on getting the damn coconuts down from the trees. They are freaking hard to open too.
They should just fell down, I am not a monkey… I would be so useless…
I guess we could find rocks and do something about opening them but I expect someone has a Swiss Army knife or something… But it’s a coconut, I would open it with stones when thirsty. I can be very thirsty. I once opened one, with drills and hammers, it was tough and I was a noob at it, still am.

It’s nice to think about things, nothing is wrong with the topic, I guess (and it is related to food. we talk about snow here, too). And you mentioned naked chicks and that’s nice, probably, it depends but I am not particularly choosy, different people are interesting differently (I like to draw humans, at least that’s my normal attitude, I can be super lazy and stop drawing).

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Hahaha so can I :joy:. I’m an artist too but I draw animals more than humans, or if i do draw humans I always end up turning them into some sort of hybrid freak of nature. Yep I hear ya, I get lazy with it too. I’m currently doing illustrations for my Mothers poetry book and she wanted silly cartoons so I give em to her. The funniest one is for a poem called “food for thought” (See we are keeping the topic about food :joy:) She was expecting me to whip up some dancing vegetables or whatever. You know what I ended up drawing!! A bare arse bending to get into the fridge. :joy::joy::joy:. It shocked the crap out of her but it looked really funny so she just went with it. That’s about the only human I drew though. I ended up making them all animals doing human stuff. Like a chicken dancing the hula ect. Anyway, I’ve done 50, only have 9 to go and havnt picked up the damn pen in about two months. Too busy working on my novel (ok that’s no excuse). Lol. Hey, you can’t force inspiration. :grinning:. On the carbs thing, yep I have lots to learn, am learning but have quite a ways to go. I’m crap with Maths so I use a macro app to count carbs and net carbs. Ect. I only ditched the veggies 3 days ago but to tell you the honest truth… I just don’t like em at all. Except Mushrooms, I think they taste the most like meat out of all the veg. I used to eat radishes by the bag though. We ALL learn as we go along. I don’t think anyone could EVER stop learning. That’s what lives about :grinning:. Worms and bugs, yeah duh ( why didn’t I think of that) had to go to the most ridiculous idea of them all. Oh yeah that would go down just great, cut off a finger and bleed like a stuck pig and get dehydrated from blood loss and be too F##ked up to help get down the coconuts. I used to be a freaking monkey. I could climb anything. Fell from a tree once, yup it hurt. I used to throw rocks up at the coconuts to try and get them down. After we had collected all the fallen ones. Had to use an axe to open the damn things. I just wanted the water, hated the pulp. The dogs and horses loved it though. :joy::grinning:.


Oh. Coconuts are super exotic to me (except I can buy them in hypermarkets) as I live in Hungary.
I like drawing animals too, it’s humans -> animals (monsters too) -> some objects and landscapes -> anything else but I never draw such things. Buildings, me? Never. I prefer living things and shiny objects. Food is nice but I just eat it unless if it’s shiny or very pretty like an onion. Little artists always draw apples, I drew onions. But my fav is drawing skulls. Especially human skulls but animals are nice too.

I have some problems now regarding my eating. I guess I reached my limit with meat (and I have no other options either). That’s about my plan about Carnivore Trial 3, Hopefully a Proper One (or just eating, I guess). Oh well, maybe when my beef arrives or something. But I actually got what I wanted, answers and some changes and excitement, it seems mostly just carbs matter to me and the lower I go, the better, as far as I actually can do it. I am very hopeful, I just need to get used to this new style and it takes more time, more (but smaller) breaks.
My plan for the week is… Eating sometimes. Maybe not tomorrow, I ate today properly with some hardships and dislike everything now (not all carnivore food I have now, simply all food in existence). I never had this before. So if I can stomach something, I probably eat it after I reach the point I need to eat.
I will manage, I always do. But I stop deciding things about my diet for a while. I came a long way, it’s good, it will be much better later. Now I relax, eating will be the future Shinita’s problem.


Oh man! Total food porn alert! Drooling all over my keyboard! lol

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You draw onions?? Wow, that’s pretty random and cool. :joy:. As for the food thing, you will get there. I’m figuring all this out for myself too. There’s shit tonnes of information on Google and on some of the threats on the forum that is confusing and contradicting to what others have said. So I follow a few people’s advice that have been doing it and totally rocking it for quite a while. They obviously know their shit. :grinning:. Like my Grandpa always says “opinions are like Arseh##es, everybody has them”. LOL. How long you been Keto?


Onions are beautiful! They have a nice shine and they have various colors, shapes… I like the very common ones with their bronze color and the purple ones.

I like to read about facts, hypotheses and experiences sometimes but I don’t think I could get good advice for my individual case and I don’t even need it. I know what I should do or rather, I feel, not much to do about it. Even my own experiences aren’t as helpful as before because I change.

I’m on a low-carb diet (80g net carbs or less) since about 9 years ago. 80g is a very important limit for me, my ketosis limit is way less recognizable but it gave me fat adaptation or whatever was that at 7 weeks but my hunger drastically changed, it was great! I have it since a few years.
My keto was somewhat unusual due to necessity and my taste, I never could do some more proper one and it’s quite fine, I am me and don’t care what others find ideal when I can’t do it or when it’s bad for me, mine was quite pleasant while it lasted but I still didn’t do it for long ever. I don’t force things and it wasn’t ideal so I didn’t automatically do it. So I went on/off keto all the time except when I stayed off keto for long but it happened only once, it was nice to come back a lot and I really liked my low-carb as well, it was more free, easier and felt almost the same. I considered myself a low-carber with keto periods and knew I never will abandon it for long. Even off keto, I honed my keto skills and habits, it was nice. It took a year on/off keto to lower my need for vegetables but of course, it still was above what the usual 20g net carbs keto allows when one has other carby items as well. It’s me and vegetables, after all. I don’t understand what happened a few months ago.
But then I got some problems (and it’s a tad boring stalling for several years but it’s secondary), stopped eating vegetables (except some to compliment meat, I can’t avoid it in some of my dishes anyway. it’s typically onions or garlic), the other plants quite naturally followed and everything got way better and easier (with some temporal hardships with getting enough meat but it’s novel and exciting, good deal to me). But I have some problematic days, to make things more interesting (it’s about the dose… too many days and it’s annoying and tiring and depressing, but it’s a challenge now and that’s fun). It’s fine and it definitely will be fine, I am currently developing my own new method. No inputs are needed and it’s mostly listening to my body and hedonist self anyway at this point. I have my momentum, I set my trajectory… I focused on it and thought too much, now I want to chill and enjoy myself. I will feel what I desire to eat.