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Well I can’t say pics or it didn’t happen, you da man!

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Not too shabby for a 138 lb. old man!


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Hahaha, go David!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat:

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Pppff your not that old!! :grin:.


@David_Stilley…David, I’m so sorry to hear about the DEXA scan, and the results. I do hope the surgery goes smoothly, and will pray for an excellent outcome. Its awful that we can’t just order our own medical tests- esp. if you’re paying out of your own pocket! Dang!

Reading about the experiences and frustrations some of you have had with your parents, I empathize. Even getting them to change doctors when its plainly obvious the current one is inept, is a challenge. I lost my Dad because his chest xrays weren’t reviewed thoroughly. After that saga, I thought for sure that my Mom would change doctors. She wouldn’t, and died as a result of that same doctor not ordering a chest Xray- when she presented THREE times with worsening cough. Drink Gatorade and take some cough medicine is what they told her. When my brother took her to the ER (at another hosptial), her blood oxygen level was 82. She died of Pneumonia. (And, yes, she had gotten her shot, but it didn’t work.)

As for changing their way of eating, we’re working on my MIL now. My FIL is in the hospital with a cracked pelvis and fractured hip socket from a fall on the ice. We take turns watching Mom, taking her back and forth to/from the hospital, stay with her at night, etc… and she complains about aches, pains, gaining weight, swelling in her legs, etc. So, today, we had Mom at our house for the day, fixed her brunch (entirely carnivore) and she loved it. I made roast beef for dinner, and she wanted hers in a sandwhich. She was noticing how hubby and I ate no bread (or anything with our meat, except for salt and butter), and was commenting how strange it seemed. So, I took the opportunity to explain some of the great bennies. Her reply was, “Well, then why are you feeding me carbohydrates??!” But then when you go on to explain all that she has to cut out, she whines. Its a vicious circle. Its one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations. I guess, when I’m with her, I’ll be replacing her carb-foods with ketogenic choices, and then see if she complains. Dad is going to be in the hospital for at least another 1-3 weeks, which gives me some time to tweek her eats.

As for hubby, he has conquered nearly a whole week on carnivore with me. He lost 9 pounds by the second day, no idea how much he’s lost in total, but he looks fabulous. He is doing a fantastic job now that he understands what he can and cannot eat. So, we’ve ended the week on a pretty high note.

He has carnivore quiche and roast beef for meals tomorrow while I’m at work. There is cheese and meat to snack on, and hard boiled eggs too. All is good in the great, white, carnivorous North!


@Fangs, I thought of you again this weekend :slight_smile: My husband was on butcher duty this week and we’ve been eating steak&eggs all this week. :yum:
I did a little research, the prices of ribeye do vary and my butcher gave us a great deal - he bought 4 steaks, a little over 300g each, for 20.60€ which is about 16€/ kg! I think I found a new best friend! :slight_smile: We do spend a lot of money at our butcher’s, so maybe he adjust the price accordingly. My husband is perfecting his cooking methods, he’s becoming quite a meat master. :slight_smile: Happy wife, happy life! :joy:


meat porn pics are fabulous. omg this looks so good! I am sure you feel better after eating that bad boy!


that is a fabulous report on how good carnivore is treating your hubby and how well you are doing!!!

Sorry to hear about your parents and the medical stupidity and neglect out there. I find it so frustrating cause I also want my mother in law to change some of her Drs from just what I see going down but ‘she loves’ them LOL

It is very rough when the parents go into that super elderly zone and we seem to need to fight for them but heck, it seems everyone is then against us, even them sometimes…ekkk


ahhh, I like this!! Shopping around one seriously can find better prices to fit our wallet and you know we all love steak and eggs :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I always say make friends that matter and a good butcher and decent prices sure matter for us carns! Great post!


We’ve only just recently developed the love of ribeyes, so it is great to know that we can have delicious steaks we can actually afford :wink:


oh yea ribeye is that complete package for me. it has that fat content and type of soft fat that tastes great and I love and it has a good ‘meaty taste’ hit for me that I adore. I find it to be my go to cut of steak.

I used to eat the NY strips, the porterhouse etc. but they don’t cut it for me anymore. I find it strange I am becoming such a steak snob but hey, it is what it is and I am not worrying about it one bit LOL Once we find those cuts of meat we love we just hang in there and then scout the planet for lowest prices on it HAHA

Longer and longer on plan you will find your food narrow so much on your preference choices. But in a way it is a good thing for us who like just that. Simple, easy, fast, delish.


Nice. For the ones who likes this stuff :smiley: I am still a virgin at eating proper steaks, whatever it means (surely not our newbie attempts with beef neck last time but the last ones were nice. And not exactly steaks. Or at all).

Yep, I felt that after my 3 horribly eggy days, 48 hour fast, a cold lunch without any proper meat, the following lunch with some meat dishes where grains couldn’t be avoided and I ate way better sausages in my life too… And last but not least, my dinner at home where I tasted my ham. It was a comfort to my slghtly tortured body and soul, I missed meat already, how things may change… I ate ham, like, years ago, at Easter, at the usual relative, my SO’s Mom. She sometimes manage to get some really good pork. But it’s a different kind, smoked but very soft.

Sorry, it’s one of my first photo using my first smartphone (just because I couldn’t buy a not smart one with a touchscreen. well we have a tablet with a horrible camera and another smartphone for reasons, not as private phones, they don’t even work for that purpose) on a bad light… But I just wanted to show how it is like, vaguely, I wrote “ham” might mean very different things and it’s true. My ham at the moment is this.

The hoarfrost melted, the trees are less awesome now but we took photos, one day we will play with them, we are so lazy about those things nowadays. I am not even a hobby photographer, my SO was, quite a few years ago (now he takes one photo per year? except computer parts. his phone doesn’t even have a camera and it can’t play music! but it has a flashlight. priorities differ), the half-professional old Canon camera is his and only he uses a proper program to get out the best of the photos. We both took some, the garden looked so nice and unusual in the last days… Our silver birches probably have a different opinion, two big branches broke around the top, they are so tall and couldn’t figure out only one or both got harmed but it seems now that I actually see them without hoarfrost, one got lucky (and now it’s significantly taller than the other).
Those photos are about nature and beauty, those should and will be better.


To me, it would be a decent sized meal with way too much protein and for a lot of money… (I don’t know how much, actually but my food costs less. But normal people actually have money, I don’t even understand why is that such a problem for so many people with salaries.)
I probably could eat it without a problem but it wouldn’t be my goal every day, to put it lightly.
And I would miss things. I ate 6-course lunches a little while ago, okay, out of necessity but still, I am used to a tad more variety. But I would welcome such a day once. Well, probably more well-done, I don’t exactly see what it is like (my experience is about zero) but my meat looks very, very different. The meat I buy is usually not tender so I am all for the “just before charcoal” and “little pieces” style (or even better, “cook it for an hour in a pressure cooker”).
Not the vaguest idea about ribeye but one day I will buy some. Probably from a shop unless I can figure out what part is it among the ones available at the “beef farm” I get most of my meat from. I found no translation for ribeye, we surely simply don’t eat such things here normally. Hungarian butchers divide and name beef differently (of course they mostly use Hungarian words, I mean we sometimes have 2 parts and 2 names for a section where I found just one in English. maybe vice versa too), I already noticed that. Not like it’s always the same if I use pictures of beef parts on the same language. it’s complicated! Oh so ribs isn’t what I buy and call “ribs”. Ribs are there, of course but it’s the lower part. On the pictures, it’s the upper part.
I feel I don’t know anything at this point… :cry:
You have it so easy, you buy a thing that says “ribeye” and looks like ribeye and call it ribeye.

But I can try sirloin, the farm sells those. Way less expensive than tenderloin, it’s a status symbol to eat tenderloin here.

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I worked my whole life in restaurants and a couple of bakeries. I was a total foodie and love everything food wise. Variety, spices, carbs, vegetables and fruits. The longer I ate KETO the simpler my approach to eating became.

The kitchen had been my favorite place and food was my art and main outlet for creativity (along with being a musician before I lost 35% of my hearing from antibiotics four years ago). As I moved towards Carnivore I totally ditched the concept of “food as entertainment and a hedonistic view of eating”. My focus right now is 100% on feeding my body properly and food as fuel and nothing else. Hell, I would be a total liar if I claimed that I don’t enjoy eating giant amounts of meat and not much else now, but enjoyment was never the goal and variety has become so much less important to me now.

Cooking is simple, very little mess to clean up anymore. I spend my hours doing other things like reading instead of spending hours creating recipes, reading food blogs, food prep and cooking.

My trips to the store last 10 minutes, I head straight for meat and eggs and have a look at cheese sometimes but I’m eating a lot less of that too. I am phasing it out for a while to see what effect it has on me.

Life is simple and food nourishing and my food is ultimately very satisfying on a totally different level. How I feel after, instead of how it tasted. Nothing is more important to me I have learned from my Carnivore experience so far as how I feel after eating.

Sure I have had some rough days, mostly because I have been sick for the first time in memory with a flu virus. But it hasn’t been the diet change that made me feel bad. I’m pretty much past it hopefully but it’s a persistent bug going around right now. Anyways I am coming out on top. My initial fast weight drop has stabilized at about 6 lbs. less than my start January 1st. Sitting at 138 lbs pretty consistently and no longer stressed about it. It’s worked out fine. Yes, Carnivore based on beef will cost you more than the cheaper meats but it’s 100% the best superfood on the planet! And buying little else has made it more manageable for me. I used to always be trying to spend as little as I could feeding myself in order to afford “other stuff”. Now I see food as the best way to use my money and “stuff” isn’t so important to me any longer and quality food is. :cowboy_hat_face:


I already can relate. I obviously stay a hedonist but actually, eating multiple courses of lunches was anti-hedonistic. It was a necessity. I couldn’t eat 10 boiled eggs or scrambled eggs from 10 eggs. I needed multiple egg dishes. And I count my fruits as a course too. And my peanuts. And chocolate but that was often for one egg dish, the dessert one when I couldn’t eat an egg in any different form.
I truly love eggs most of the time (not right now… I probably slightly undereat now, anything but eggs… I probably will eat more meat tomorrow, I can handle a single day, I am not hungry at all but not satiated either and it doesn’t matter, if I undereat, my body will get upset sooner or later) but it’s way easier with meat. I had so many plants on keto but as I automatically need more food (proten and fat) if I eat more carbs, they helped less they should have for someone else who has a different relationship with carbs. I still could use eggs as desserts but I am quite adamant about not using sweeteners and it’s a tad tricky without them.

Oh I didn’t want to write about my little hardships here. I actually never felt it’s so bad. I just suspected it’s easier with meat. Yep. Now I suspect it’s easier with MORE meat. And I ate nicely today, for me.
Oh it was crazy.
I ate some mutton ribs. It was visually tiny but my subtle hunger went away. Of course, I got hungry again. I still didn’t want eggs so I ate more mutton ribs. And some dairy. After making some nice, cheesy omelets, my body decided it’s not nearly hungry enough for that, scratch that, not hungry AT ALL.
Since my fast, satiation isn’t my goal, I am not hungry, it’s good enough. I surely ate my protein and I ate well in the last two days, so it’s okay.

Yeah, even my hedonistic goals are a touch lower but my actual enjoyment is still higher. It’s not like I just need to eat some tasty food and I surely will enjoy that… And I can’t enjoy my food if I am too hungry and I have that with carbs sometimes and never on carnivore (this far). Even when I felt I NEED FUEL, NOW and I even was super sleepy, I enjoyed and got comforted by my meal (ham and egg. one. two would have been a too much for me then).

I have little money and unlike many people in this country, I am quite aware when I need to choose quality. (Not like it matters when you have NO money for that, period, even if it’s worth it when you have the money.)
Fortunately, I don’t need to eat crappy food or food that works for someone but not for me. But this beef part or another beef part, I doubt there is such an important difference for me now. I can make enjoyable food using the cheaper parts, the animal is the same one from the same farm and if I am really poor but I really need proper food, well, I am fine with tasteless fish sometimes, it has the protein and some other nutrients, good enough, I have other food and things I can enjoy (of course, my hedonist self isn’t okay with it so I get creative and make a tasty enough food using the fish. I am not extremely creative but I can be if it’s about my quality, quantity and tastiness of my food).
If I bought really expensive meat, I would have, like, 3lbs meat for a month, that’s it (current times, I might raise the money spent on meat later). That would be a bad idea for sure.
And I don’t have any idea if that meat would taste better at all. Quality wise, it’s meat of the same animal, can’t be THAT very different but it’s a moot point as my carnivore times would horribly diminish.
(No idea what will I do in 7-10 days or something when I run out of all the animal food I bought except eggs. Maybe I fast. I pretty much closed the door back, it will be fun! :smiley: I am a hedonist, I will get more food, I doubt my current diet is more expensive than the previous one, actually, when I do it right. More like the opposite as I don’t need to pay for the carby food and the extra food I eat because of them. But as meat is a new ingredient, I need to figure it out. It’s hard to beat the price of eggs and they are considered quite expensive here. It’s one reason I want organ meat).

Beef is about my least fav meat at this point. But the only one I can get in bigger amounts and fresh and the cuts I buy are pretty cheap too. All the other meat I buy is more expensive if it’s not from the same farm (okay, mutton is a touch more expensive - totally worth it, great meat - but pork and rooster, that’s cheaper. but they usually butcher cattle. I actually look forward to veal, yeah, more expensive but more tender! it’s probably quite nice, I never ate veal so I get experience points too!).

So I balance price with quality and taste, novelty is important too… I really can’t say I can’t spend money on proper food as I am borderline overweight and I overate a lot in my life even since I have less money and wanted to lose fat. But it doesn’t matter anyway, I always had standards, I just needed time to figure out what is best for me. If I can’t afford a good diet, I don’t want to live, actually. We mostly spend money on food now and other absolute necessities. Never on cheap sunflower seed oil or sugar or white flour or the cheapest margarine galore as so many people.
I buy good beef. Just not the expensive cuts that may or may not be better. I will slowly try those too except tenderloin. Until now, I couldn’t really feel the difference, I was similarly fine with all if we prepared them well.

Variety… Maybe you are right, I mean, I will have the same. I definitely have less variety now but it’s better. My meals are 1-3 courses now and that’s including coffee (I still drink it, oh well, I have reasons :D).
My lunch was meat and coffee. My dinner was meat, some dairy and coffee.
I don’t need anything else if I have enough meat now BUT I had only one day with only meat (and a coffee with an egg yolk) in my life and I suspect my desire for variety will arrive at some point. Now it’s still a necessity.

I love simple! My SO cooked all the mutton yesterday. We eat the ribs for 3 more days (more like 2, for me :cry:) and the stew (maybe next week) for some more. I had to cook grains for my SO but that’s little work. And I made dessert using the same grains. It’s hard to satiate my SO as well. Meat is very powerful for me (and I ate more later), my SO functions differently. I cook nothing tomorrow. And probably some soup the day after, hopefully I can look at eggs then. If not, I make a full-blown vegetable soup (still simple and lasts for days for one) and fries the chicken livers, mostly for myself.
I still prepare my other, not meaty courses but those are very simple and scarce now due to my slight problem with my usually major food ingredient and my refusal of using sweeteners.
So yes, it’s nice.

How I feel after eating is extremely important for a true hedonist, even it effect on health. I want to enjoy my food, the feeling afterwards and the good health and healthy body I have if I eat well (and everything else is okay too). Even the tastiness of a meal may last way longer than the duration of my meal. Sometimes it lasts for a year, at least the memory that I ate it. I have this with head cheese and black cheese, for example. I might consider some other food just as tasty or even tastier but these are special and I want to enjoy them once in a blue moon. So I will have a warm and fuzzy feeling for months or years that yep, I did it. It’s some mental thing, not the physical/emotional(?) of tasting while eating. Normal food only lasts for a few days at most and it’s possible to eat some tasty food without a need and even feeling worse later. Or forgetting it in a minute. Bad deal.

Shopping is really great, it was my first time on carnivore. ALL the food I don’t need :smiley: I had that on low-carb when I stopped eating sugar, gluten, lactose, legumes, potatoes and some other things at the same time, it was wonderful (I never craved those, at least not in the first few years - except sugar, that is forever. Those stopped being food. Certain days not at home not included). But it’s way more wide now :smiley: I mostly look at the dairy and I don’t eat much dairy. Eggs from houses only, meat is mostly from the farm. I bought tea and coffee though… And spices. But I spared time and effort and even temptation.

Weight. For some reason, I lost some weight (nevermind I had 2 relaxed days so going up would be a tad more realistic. my tiny fast? I skipped ONE meal and I surely ate more since). It’s significant, my weight is usually super stable but it went up lately, I felt it on my pants! And now, down. Still the weight my body LOVES so I am not elated yet. And anyway, even I am a human, it means nothing. Still, let’s appreciate tiny things. Like my pants are fine again. I was worried a bit.
But carnivore and my other changes are more interesting, my weight is secondary.
I need to exercise. I was super lazy lately (cold weather and bad sleep do that to me).

My other ugly phone photo (but the food did its best to make it not that ugly, after all), the mutton ribs or whatever that part is called but it surely contains some actual ribs. And thin ham pieces on top :slight_smile:
It was my main food today and it will be tomorrow as well.


yup I am right there with you in that thinking. there is that time when we flip from materialistic desire crap to finding that our health is the most important part of this whole life.

I am a lower foodie now, in that my variety comes with few spices and even those are dwindling cause I find I don’t need them. My food is narrowing more and more longer I am on carni and I am over 2.5 yrs doing this and it is now changing up more for me again.

thing is I love it. I thrive on less options. I thrive on loving the steak I do eat and smile the whole time when eating that bad boy :slight_smile: and I find my food is not my focus for entertainment anymore much to the horror of my hubby who loves to eat out. But it is where my path is taking me and I am willing now going right along with that.

Great post David!


ahh that ain’t an ugly photo at all, that is delish mutton ribs, good meat picture I think :slight_smile:

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A Carnivore Diet is a Green Diet

Today was trash day. I noticed with keto my kitchen trash can was never filling in a week. Eating real food that didn’t come in packages always I generated much less garbage. With Carnivore I generate less than one gallon per week of trash. I’m getting that 3’ tall 15 gallon thing out of my kitchen and moving the Little 1’ tall 2 gallon can from the bathroom in. My garbage looks closer the the size of a brown paper bag lunch weekly now. Not feeding the landfill any longer! Even my recycling is just a few styrofoam meat trays. :cowboy_hat_face:


Congrats! We focus on such things very much since ages and have a similar amount of normal garbage for two persons, a high-carber and me (but there’s clean plastic, glass, paper and metal, who knows what happens with the plastic part it even if we throw it out selectively? we do what we can, the rest isn’t up to us). Our “normal”, mixed garbage has mostly eggshells… Well, we don’t throw out organic matter except citrus peels and eggshells, one has too much chemicals and the other is just too much. And I throw out bones too, if they are too big for the cats, they are too big for the compost.

We still have those big coconut oil boxes but as I will eat close to no coconut oil in the future (not zero as my SO cooks with it unless it’s meat and I adamantly demand lard and it’s logical anyway. But it doesn’t work for fish, he thinks lard ruins it. I think lard makes that white, lean, completely tasteless, just fishy fish better but it’s just me. And I can’t imagine I will completely give up chocolate for good), that garbage will be significantly less.

My meat comes in some thin plastic bags. Big chunks, that helps.
Egg - no garbage at all (how I HATE plastic egg boxes… they only have negatives for me. we only use paper and zillion times. if it’s ruined, we burn it when we cook something over open fire).
Cheese - we buy bigger chunks but not huge ones. Some plastic but we don’t eat much.
No bottled water and not even yogurt, so much plastic for that watery almost-nothing… My dairy has plastic (except milk, not like we often buy that. no garbage there, we get it in our own box. I don’t have a milk bottle anymore) but not so much and I try to avoid lactose but dairy is too useful sometimes, in need.

Walnuts, wheat flour and oats (paper bag), most vegetables and fruits are the ultimate anti-garbage items in this household (but if I would ate them, that would generate more garbage as I would have to eat more of my other food. things are not as simple as they seem sometimes). But eggs, meat and my slightly aged gouda isn’t bad either. And it matters if it’s plastic or eggshells even if both get thrown out.

Oh and I was thinking. Considering how much calories it may have (and it’s what matters for my satiation except carbs, no food could break my little and simple “minimal calories for my first meal calculated from macros” formula, just “extreme” circumstances like very low-carb or extended fasts. my old keto, low-carb, high-carb, ANY food item I could test? my formula works. there’s some wriggle room but less if I lower carbs), I still think I have some chance with that huge meat piece you posted - but definitely NOT on carnivore, at least not now. Or I don’t know but it wouldn’t feel good. I am so very disconnected from eating now, I really hope it will change as it’s very, very surreal. I had those starving feelings when I ate more carbs lately, it turned into “starving at mealtimes only”, then I fasted and all my signs to eat are very low all the time. It’s so very odd, the complete opposite of that temporal starvation like feeling but I am quite thankful now.
Meat might be even more effective with eggs but I couldn’t make comparable tests yet. I ate much and only meat only once and I never ate only eggs.


LOL I love this post truly!!!

I tell ya it is funny cause one reaps benefits from carnivore in ways one would never imagine. You are helping the planet!!

You cook less, using less electricity. You shop less using less fuel for that specific errand. You save money in that you don’t eat out as much as one would from old times eating everything a restaurant offers and more LOL

Cool! Keep looking around David, you will definitely come up with more perks being carnivore :slight_smile: