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An interesting personal update on me, after ten days of Carnivore…rather surprising! :cowboy_hat_face:


the dozen eggs is a snack for a carnivore LOL

we each eat so different and so personal. I know on carnivore I am so much more picky on my food. I like control to cook it and all. I just get weirder and weirder on my personal food with carnivore, but it is a good thing for me :slight_smile: I like food control in my life HA

I ate a lb. of bacon this morning. Sucked it down in a flash, then had a 1/3 lb. cheeseburger right after. And I melted a bit of cheddar on the bacon. Heck it barely hit the plate while I was frying the whole pack…ate it standing their frying it…almost felt like I didn’t even eat it LOL


Absolutely loved your progress report!!!

I believe we have a new carnivore, all in??? lol…hope you continue with great results!!


I had six egg yolks along with my package of sliced pork belly, chunks of leftover chuck, liver, and fat trimmings that I had for breakfast. :grinning:
A dozen eggs by themselves would only remind me that I need something to go a long with them. I do love eggs, though.


I actually never ate only eggs for a meal (except for my very rare and tiny morning meal when I get up insanely early, I am sleepy and food helps. That’s when I eat at 6am instead of in the afternoon. But ideally and almost always, I sleep at 6am)… So I don’t even know if they are enough. I would think they are as they seem just as satiating as meat or very low-carb plant protein. But tomorrow I do an eggy day (unless I want something else but I had enough mutton to be fine without it for a day I guess) and experiment. Not a very reliable experiment as I ate a ton today and it affects my next days but still.
It’s so exciting, my 5 days last time don’t mean much as it was too new to my body and I barely could eat in the beginning. But now I will figure out what my satiation does on carnivore when I focus on eggs, on meat or on both. Almost no cheese in the next days, I barely have any. I have sour cream and that’s wonderful but I am careful with it.


Yeah, I need something with my eggs too. But as I have been eating them since ages on almost vegetarian low-carb, the something never was meat. Almost, catfish paste had some role once or twice in several years…
By the way, I love scrambled eggs with at least twice as much yolks. I just don’t want to produce even much more egg whites per day and normal eggs are fine, I just need some spice/condiment in a wide sense sometimes. And of course, there are so many other egg dishes. No way I ever get bored of eggs. Maybe for a day or two but it doesn’t mean I can’t eat several eggs per meal if I have to, I just need to be a tad more creative. And it’s when I have no meat. If I have some, no problem. I guess. We will see longer term.


" In almost every case, the symptoms began when they started taking statins, then promptly returned to normal when they stopped; one man repeated this cycle five times before he realised what was going on."

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Slow Burn Mary posted a new thread based around this article in the last couple of days. Interesting read. :cowboy_hat_face:


Missed that. Will have to look for it. Thanks!


Very interesting, I discussed it with my SO. It was new for both of us.

He consumes a painkiller in every 4-6 months, I am worse, 1-2 per month. Too much, I know but my body uses headache as a sign because it’s not allowed to get really sick, at least this is my hypothesis. It has no paracetamol and I find it safe enough (I talked about it with my aunt who was a doctor) but I do my best to stop needing it, it was my old plan anyway. I dislike hospitals, doctors in general and medicine. But I am a hedonist who dislikes headaches. It’s actually simple, I should have no headache from now on. Or not eating pills when I know it’s due to bad sleep, no pill solves that.

But these personality changes are just horrible. I’m not very surprised but I wouldn’t think it can be this serious. But even food and drinks can change someone to a big extent… Pills interfere with our body and if it affect the brain, “interesting” things may happen, it sounds logical. But still, there are probably serious limits just like in the case of alcohol. One may become more irritate, aggressive, fine but our serious, complex actions (like how we behave with our family) are probably controlled by multiple parts of us. I have a similar opinion of alcohol, I don’t think it can be blamed for truly drastic changes. I can understand a lot of negative behavior due to stress, alcohol, lack of sleep or other things (certain drugs are probably even more effective than these) but one doesn’t try to kill their family members just because alcohol or pills “changed” them. Or they are super sensitive and I am afraid of this world, even more I was before…

But empathy, that’s really serious. I agree with the article, we are humans, we are social, losing empathy to a significant degree is a huge impact on things. I would probably be fine as my empathy is too strong anyway, I am quite asocial (I just like to write walls of texts and express myself but I don’t see people on a normal day and I like that and I can’t communicate well in person I think. I was a very lonely one for too long)… But I am not the average one. Lots of people connect with lots of other people and many people takes pills that might have a serious impact on their empathy level… It sounds bad. I actually think people too often lack empathy to begin with. Maybe my too big empathy has a role in that opinion but it’s nice if people understand and feel instead of attack just because they are different and can’t understand a different side. Maybe it’s not just lack of empathy, maybe ignorance, closed-mindedness…
But it’s too late for me and this comment became too long already.

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Head to Tail Carnivore in every bite! :bug:


:bug::bug::bug::bug::chopsticks::yum: :joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:


A dozen eggs in one sitting would be considered disordered, or extreme eating, by most of society (except the egg marketing board).

Is it excessive or extreme?

The “if you don’t eat carbohydrate foods, you have to eat something” defence, doesn’t seem to have any credulity in omnivorous company. Whereas a huge salad gets nods and smug mouth line smile suppression.

I know the ‘wiggly eyebrows’ looks of people at social events when I just have meat on my plate. Or when I eat a 1lb (450g) steak.


I think Ted Naiman encourages head-to-tail higher protein eating, more so than chunks of skeletal muscle meat. Eating whole small fish and whole small birds (quail) etc.

I searched for an image of a guinea pig kebab, remembering a friend’s eating adventures when travelling in Peru, and this was the first result (I had to stop there)

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The funny thing is, what happens if you eat the following things:

  • salad
  • 16oz steak
  • baked potato

“Looks like a nice big meal!”

  • 24oz steak, alone


(The reaction is probably less about adding the meat and more about subtracting the carbs.)


oh no, no way I am eating that meat skewer LOL I ain’t into bugs, I see that cricket flour out there and more and think, I am carnivore but I don’t have to go in THAT direction HA


Yup. So true. What is judged by others could be super normal for another, yet we label is as no good, wrong doing, ‘they ain’t right’, and more.

Older I get the more I am trying so hard not to go down this road but geez, ya know, there is so much to make judgement on out there in the world…wait, I shouldn’t be saying that LOL


what has carnivore given to you?

those doing it and holding plan tight?

I am super thrilled in all my benefits now.

and yes I went thru detox and all the crazy adaption, but while ‘not so bad’ other’s are dealing with, yea I had mine LOL but those are in the rear view now!!

My mental clarity is thrilling.
My sleep pattern is ‘normal’.
My energy level…omgosh I can’t tell ya the night and day difference on this! I find I want to move vs. old days of could barely wanna move even if it was something I longed to do.
My food is simple in life. from the crazy ‘diet meals’ to ‘make substitute meals that left me miserable’…I find the simplicity of it all just wonderful in my life and suits me to a T now. (old habits of fun eating out with hubby as a ‘thing’ and very important have changed to ‘living life and experiencing activities’ together are now a thing vs. over a plate of food. I like that.
Overall health/wellness feeling is incredible.
The little things are gone, that sluggy, overall aches and pains of whatever are gone. The winded longer walk of whatever is gone. I feel fab.
The vibrance of life. Love it.
Mood changes from depressed a lot more thru whatever situation and general mood has improved a ton.
My ‘gonna be bad’ eating disorder, which I never chat much about ever, cause it IS in the rear view now…is corrected with natural thoughts of how to handle my life and food. This will not be everyone ever, but for me the change is wonderful.
Freedom. I got some type of freedom in life thru carnivore that I put elsewhere now in my life. I can’t explain it but it is there LOL

I fought like a dog to get here. Years of climb the carb ladder to no avail and failure.

but I am so happy I found more acceptance in my tiny brain of what it does take for me, I am more at peace with that now as I fought it like crazy before…….time on any plan, learn from those who succeed and found what it takes…and roll thru it in a ‘more chilled’ and less ‘control the food life’ was what made me more whole.

OK fun chat out and more than I normally give but right now I woke up in a carnivore HIGH feeling and it is meant to be a natural life feeling and I got it and love it LOL

Hope everyone else is going great and would love to know those who are doing it and finding their benefits they love~!

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I am doing well so far on a Carnivore diet but, I am loosing weight at a rate I question the healthiness of. My stable weight before Carnivore with KETO was about 144 lbs for a few months. I wasn’t consuming very much plant matter towards the end so the transition was pretty minimal. Mostly hot peppers and spices with animal foods was left and now abandoned for salt only eating. Yesterday and today I am down to around 137, that’s 7-8 lbs. in two weeks. I am not an SAD overweight person dropping tons of water trying KETO for the first time. That’s fast. I quit the peppers and spices and tried increasing more animal foods. I know things are just shifting around and I was urinating what seemed like excessively for a few days. Sleep is F-ed up still, worse than pre Carnivore. I have been waking a couple hours after going to bed clammy. And I don’t generally get sound sleep again during the rest of the night. Maybe I’m not eating enough fat? If I uncover the heat instantly turns to freezing so nights haven’t been restful. I got ~4 hrs the last several nights.

But really I am overall pleased with how it’s going except the scary fast weight drop when I don’t think I have as much fat to lose anymore. Today I am scheduled for my first ever DEXA scan so I will finally know my body’s real fat/muscle/bone percentages. A little scary on that too but maybe some things will be explained by it. I absolutely know my skeleton isn’t as mineral dense as it should be, I just don’t know how badly osteoporosis has affected me. I have issues leftover from 10 years on dialysis and mineral and B vitamin uptake from years on PPIs that I have been trying to deal with for a while, and malfunctioning parathyroid glands leaching calcium from my bones. I have a surgery coming to remove the adenoma or overgrown out of control glands. Today I have a neck ultrasound also to give the surgeon an accurate picture of the area and possible issues needed to address during surgery. I already had a complex nuclear medicine scan confirming the tumor with retention of radioactive iodine injected during a 2 1/2 hour scan. I try to not let this stuff get me down and believe I am doing all I can to straighten out these remaining issues of unhealth. No real problems are fixed overnight. :cowboy_hat_face:


I am into crickets I never tasted but my body wonders if it should get tempted…
I think I should eat soon.

Nope, I rather make my cold hands icy when I try to get meat from that single frozen block I have. We did a tiny mistake, oh well, learning curve. It would have helped to think it over, it’s easy to say it’s not the way one does things but we focused on the meat we prepared to eat. Last time we had little beef in 2 bags so it wasn’t a problem. But I don’t need much meat until we defrost it all and make 2 nice dishes so it’s fine.

I ate 10 eggs and a yolk for yesterday dinner, among others. It was a decent little meal, nothing disordered or extreme, I guess. Extreme is eating 10 progressively stronger chili or 100 eggs in an hour. Or for me personally, low-fat.
(I considered the carnivore diet extreme half a year ago… Well, it was that to me. But I never thought it’s wrong to eat an extreme diet if it suits the one in question.)


Well yeah, people are often like this, it can’t be right if it’s not what nearly everyone does (or, if it’s not what the person with opinion does).
I am so totally different. I am very open and… allowing if it’s a word. People are different, each to their own.

The “nice big meal” probably would make me very hungry. The bigger steak probably would satiate me. I can’t help it, it’s my body and its weird(?) behavior.
We don’t even necessarily eat the way we do because we decided it’s the Right Thing to Do (it often has some important role but not the full picture). My body likes certain things in a quite fixed way and I have problems if I don’t respect that. It’s a very valid reason for me. But not for some people who try to persuade me that some method must work for everyone. They don’t care I experiment with myself since ages and I know my limits. Nope, all people must be the same.
Sometimes I don’t understand what they want from me. Ruining my own life just to make them happy? Why is it so important that everyone and their mother eat like them?
I am so fine with the thought that some people eat 1000g carbs per day and they use up that energy and feel energetic. Whatever works for them.

I wonder what will happen when I tell people I stopped eating vegetables (mostly, for a while, at least. but I am quite sure they won’t be a significant part of my diet most of the time in the future). Am I such a daredevil…? Of course I am. Or just a honest person who likes to talk about food.