Another Carnivore Thread


interesting chat on carbonated drinks.

I know one thing for me personally, I blow up like a balloon.
One diet pepsi and my tummy pooches out instantly. 2 drinks and I feel like I put on 10 lbs instantly.

I never heard of it hurting a person tho?? huh

cool chat

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But we’re not talking about diet pops, we’re talking about carbonated water. No sweetners or anything just co2 and water.


I like carbonated water sometimes, it’s better for my thirst than normal water for some reason. My thirst is just as formidable as my hunger but I am thirsty a lot and almost never hungry.

I rendered 60g tallow, that will be enough for a while.

I read back some more I did yesterday.
Honey is tasty but it never ever helped with my throat, I don’t know why… My cold medicine is onion soup and I keep them as every week soups anyway (not on my few weeks carnivore trial, maybe but it’s quite harmless). But I get sick once in about every 15 years and I get well in a few days. I hardly can imagine getting sick every year and people consider that quite good… I don’t have perfect health but I can’t complain too much. I agree with others, health is the priority but eat the effective cure/help, not some sugary stuff that maybe works, maybe not and probably makes things worse. At least I wouldn’t eat honey, not just because it helps nothing but it would feel quite bad. I can handle carbs to some extent, even honey but a whole spoonful, that would hurt at least a bit. (My days when I ate more honey than sugar and I still ate lots of sugar on high-carb, not compared to the average person but it definitely was much, well those days are over since long. I still love honey, it’s the best tasting sweetener ever but I don’t even have it except in December when I make gingerbread cookies and very rarely eat a tiny amount of it).

I never get this brain fog thing, I pretty much feel the same on all diets as long as I am not physically seriously unwell or too full.
Unfortunately, I have low energy on all diets (not tragic but I am very lazy to begin with, I need energy at least), least on a carby one though… I really hope it will change somehow, I don’t except a huge change but I appreciate every little one. It’s complicated, of course, I need to be more active, it affects my energy level the most (if I don’t eat very wrong, at least), too bad it’s easy to get into a vicious circle.


oh I blow up like a balloon on carbonated water also.

just that I never liked bubbly water…so my bubbles usually came from diet soda which is oh so bad, so luckily I dropped that diet soda now.

I get those bubbles in me and I go body crazy, I don’t know LOL
Doesn’t anyone else blow up like a balloon on bubbly water? I sure do? huh


I reply to some older ones.

Fang, my problem was real, physical hunger (at least it felt so and I never mix hunger with anything else and I even can tell apart my different hunger - and need-to-refuel - signs). Desires, that’s another thing but it isn’t a big concern for me if I go low enough with carbs (and eat enough but I do). But if I don’t even want anything, I have been eating since hours, with breaks (if I wait, I usually get satiated after a big meal), I just want satiation and peace and it doesn’t come… My stomach starts to reach its limits or if not (as I eat dense food), I feel I have a big rock there… But I am still VERY hungry, it’s annoying, I can’t focus on anything else… Once per year is too much for that. And it doesn’t make sense. I don’t eat little, I don’t keep myself from food I want, I don’t know everything about the nutritiousness of my food but I do my best and it works almost all the time except on those odd days. I have no problems with eating twice as much as usual now and then but on those days, not even that is enough and eating more would harm me.

When I feel I am starving, I simply eat a lot. 150-250g fat, 150+ g protein, my top satiating food items if it’s possible (I like to stop after 10-11 eggs and sometimes even earlier)… No, nothing helps in that state.
Fortunately, it’s usually a single day once in a blue moon. But now I had problems on my more normal days when I run out of meat, got enough from eggs (so only 5-6 for lunch) and no way I start to eat carbs… Until I gave up and ate very much gluten in one sitting (it satiates me very well, usually), it was bad. But on a single day, even that couldn’t help.
It’s just some weird thing in my life, rare enough.

Fat isn’t really satiating for me. Eating fat is the best way to get zillion calories without becoming very full. But it helps, just not nearly as much as protein and it rarely does any good without high protein.
All fat is like this, it seems.
But almost only fat doesn’t trigger hunger than any other small meal, at least. It’s surely about insulin.


huh LOL

could it be a ‘time for your body’ is truly asking something from you?
Like your body needs or wants or is changing drastically internally healing that it triggers something in you?

I don’t have a clue on how to kinda figure that one out…like you said…mysterious fits this for sure.


It doesn’t make sense. Whatever I do, it just happens. I don’t think my body wait for 1-2 years to demand some change from me (it’s not nearly as patient…) without hinting what it wants…

Today was a nice, mutton and everything else filled day, my hunger is formidable again but not unsatiable, at least. I eat some more goulash tomorrow and that’s it, the carbs in there probably mess with me again. I don’t know how much I ate today but it was very, very much and desires emerged. Not something clear, I just felt a void. I won’t eat little even when I skip plant again, my body doesn’t get tricked twice using the same drastic change but that’s fine, of course. But it won’t be this much, I actually spent a lot of time with making food and eating. It’s okay sometimes, mutton is a very new thing in my life, my SO was here too so we played with it a lot. My SO was in the cold, cooking, my hair was washed recently and now it smells like smoke (it always find us, no wonder, this place is windy, the wind usually comes from one direction and the open fire is protected from that side and we can sit in the other. one day I build a better fireplace, now we use a part of the old chimney of the house, one side if open and we must be there, making the fire alive. the garden produces a lot of wood to burn, we can’t cook enough to use all)… But open fire suits mutton goulash very well (and we had lots of little branches to burn and it’s a bit fun anyway). The food turned out pretty well but we will make some tiny changes next time to make it even better.
I fried some marinated meat too, it was good and it needed so little time compared to beef. I like my meat soft enough. Mutton seems just perfect, not too soft, not too chewy, not too lean, very flavorful… I am very, very, very satisfied with it.


@Shinita I’ve heard others say that fat doesn’t satiate them much but that makes my head spin, lol. 10 to 11 eggs = yum! I think I could live on eggs cause I just never get tired of them.


I’ve read quite a few times “don’t eat 2 eggs for breakfast, you will get disgusted/bored of eggs in a few weeks and you won’t be able to eat any for a very long time!”. We people are clearly different. I eat way more eggs per meal since ages and I still love eggs.
But I can get bored of them sometimes. At least simple egg dishes. I am thankful I have other items as well. Anyway, one can’t live on eggs as far as I know. Some animals can do that but they are far from us and I don’t even know the level of similarities, not even vaguely. Chemistry, nature laws are the same but there are many differences as well… And my goal isn’t even mere surviving. Too bad I have no idea about my nutritional needs on a quite eggy carnivore diet. I must try what happens if I eat the way I want. I like good meat and I ate only a few eggs today but they must be present and I probably can’t make all my days very rich in meat. We will see. It’s not like I can stay on my previous diet, I must go in some direction. I don’t think I need to worry very much, though.


I think you found the meat you are in love with best :slight_smile: cool!


I relied on eggs a lot back in the day. Now they don’t hold me well at all, not dense enough for me. But now…10-11 to the full dozen in one sitting, yea I can see that making you quite happy and full :slight_smile:


Cool Hand Luke?



love it FB!
hey I can do a lb. of bacon easily. and enjoy the heck out of it. A dozen eggs? hmmm, it would have to be paired up with a lb. of bacon for me :slight_smile:


what’cha doing? where ya at? how’s it going? I miss you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Fangs We saw this and I immediately thought of you…:joy: what a deal!!! 9.89€/kg and we also got an additional 10% discount (we spent more than 30€), so it was actually 9€/kg! And guess what’s for lunch! :joy:


thank you, thank you of thinking of me when posting such a fab pic of delish meat :slight_smile:

Wow those are beautiful. When I hit sales like that I am in my glory!
and an add’l 10% off your order…you did darn great!! I know you are happy now!! That IS pretty meat!


Just popping in and out, reading but not replying much. :smile:


It was delicious :slight_smile:


Cool. I get it, just happy to hear all is fine and you are doing you :slight_smile:


A dozen eggs contains a bit too few calories for me, it seems (my body is quite predictable that way, it has a minimum calorie intake for my first meal and that’s higher even without carbs. Carbs makes it higher as they count as negative for some weird reason. It’s super rare not to have this when I eat, it doesn’t even matter if I am hungry or nicely satiated when I start to eat. It won’t be small). But it’s my top satiating food so I almost wanted to try… I just can’t seem to be able to eat only eggs. Maybe tomorrow, I plan a quite eggy day. I did 11 eggs before but there was added fat, cheese or something else as well. If I add carbs, I need more fat and protein but I still never went beyond 11 eggs as far as I know. Maybe not even when I ate ice cream and I probably could eat many egg yolks that way. It’s hypothetical, I never made much ice-cream at once, I eat enough egg yolks alone so I usually have many leftover egg whites. It’s easy to use them up but 15-20 egg whites per week is much already, adding 30 extra would be a tad stressful. Whatever, one day I will make a big ice cream. Heavy cream lowers the need for yolks and it’s a good sweetener so I probably will start with that version. I am really not in a hurry.

To me, a pound of a bacon is surreal a bit. Not unimaginable but I eat such kind of stuff (in my case, my beloved smoked pork chuck) in tiny amounts. I find that a good idea anyway but it’s too salty to eat much of it. I used to eat it with eggs but stopped (both are very flavorful and they kind of compete for my attention, not ideal. For some reason, egg and cheese works better) so I eat chuck alone and that would be a tad much in bigger amounts… I used vegetables in this situation before. Now I use a bit of mustard but that can’t be that effective.

And I always eat cheese in small amounts, I didn’t even have cheesy dishes like some vegetables drown in cheese. Nope, I had a little on top of my eggs sometimes or ate a thin slice now and then. It’s like spice/flavoring to me, not food.