Another Carnivore Thread


Very cool post! Loved your experiences and chat on it all.

what you said, you can’t quite put your finger on it? I am the same.

It is like animalistic but to me in a way I gear more towards what nature intended our lives and thoughts to be. Like we finally took all the chemical additives, the possible plant antinutrients out of our bodies, it is like we are born into another time. A time when a true thought was instinctual, it was natural, it was universal.

yea I am going a bit overboard but when one goes from the sluggy thinking and brain fog of old times to such a clearer thought process and we ‘feel’ our bodies needing and wanting, it is like it is an all over cosmic message we try to relate to others but can’t get it out there…cause if you don’t go here, you can’t know it as we do.

It is like you wanna scream it out as you said…scream out what health feels like in total. scream out hey everyone wake the heck up…yet that is so hard to put out there for others…….well, you know, without being called a cult mentality or something HAHA

we are so far from that but if the majority can’t feel it then it has to be 'all wrong; and a ‘cult of some sort’…heehee, I tell ya it flips my mind on it tho….LOL

you want to tell others to get their butts here and ride out the detox storm, and yet that sounds like we are a cult…HAHA I don’t think we can win at all LOL but many are coming our way and feeling it so…got the fingers crossed more walk the path it takes to get here!!

great chat. I enjoy this type of chat hearing how well others are and ‘get me’ in that feeling. I feel so much more connected when someone gets it and feels it as I do. Won’t ever be the same timeline for all to get that feeling, but all we can do is walk this way more and put in that effort to fix our personal troubles in life with our bodies and hope for the best. Keep the Faith Carnivores! :slight_smile:

I appreciate your post and feelings on how well you are doing!!!

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I started Carnivore at 144 lbs on New Years Eve. I did drink quite a bit that night and the day after New Year’s Day I was 147 lbs. Then I started dropping and am at 142 this morning. I have been eating pretty heavy most days.


2 New York steaks (only 1 left from 11 now) two eggs, a sausage patty and an ounce of Vermont White Cheddar Cheese, Butter. I dropped two pounds since yesterday. I’m feeling good generally but I have a sore throat, and I never get sick. Like I can’t remember the last time. I hope it doesn’t go into my lungs. So what should I do to relieve my sore throat that won’t mess my diet up? :sneezing_face: Should I just use a few throat lozenges and not worry about it? :cowboy_hat_face:


Honey is an animal product.

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@FrankoBear Honey seems kind of questionable as an animal product, lots of fructose and definitely not ZC. I don’t keep it in my house so possibly I could buy some today if it gets worse. Usually I would make lemon slices in hot water, or ginger tea in the past. :cowboy_hat_face:


I had doubts and opinions. So I had to test it (last year). n=1.


ahhh, I feel your freezer depletion pain. When we get that super great deal on meat we think, oh that is enough, then we go…ahhhh heck no wish I bought more cause I am darn near out of it. Been there also LOL

yes use the throat lozenges as you need. I just wouldn’t do the ‘over the top’ things like ‘honey’ to help etc.

we all know the best course of lowest whatever ingestion to find relief…I know you do. Yea do that :slight_smile: I do that Cloaseptic Spray (no clue how to type that name) and I will do salt/water gargle if I go into that bad throat zone.

Hope you feel better BUT CONGRATS on being down on the nasty scale and ya got rid of that alcohol fun time. Yea I did it, and my body finally gave it up a bit also…I dropped 1 on the scale down so my ‘holiday booze’ is out of my system LOL

edited to say I do OTC drugs as I must. I do a sore throat cough drop thing if needed. Those little things to me mean nothing in that they are small, make me feel good, fix things, but are not ‘a meal’ in any way ya know. They are not that heavy hit direct ‘suck down honey by the spoonful’ sugar intake that can make us icky. So yea use some OTC meds as ya need…but being sicky, just keep remembering that the body will repair the sicky any way it requires, so a few lbs. might come back on as it fights the virus or whatever ya know…just get thru the real bug while you can and not worry about it all if you just put a little watch into how you go about helping your symptoms.


These sound good.

You have raised an important thinking discussion point.

What is the best course during acute infectious illness with one’s chosen WOE?

I reckon treat the illness/ illness symptoms as the priority. The WOE is there once recovered.

But there is more isn’t there?

What if what is being eaten is contributing to the illness!?

So I’d reckon stay close to the healthy WOE but transgress on any self made rules for substances that are used as treatments.

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Back down to 208 I think maybe my body is adjusting well now! Something occurred to me, even though I am 208 lbs. and I have a lot of weight to lose! Someone pointed out I may be fluctuating with weight, but They can tell I’m still down a lot of inches! Maybe we view ourselves differently to others :thinking: just today’s thought! Now it’s steak and eggs time!

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Gelatine. Dissolve a tsp of powdered gelatine some in hot water and drink it as if it were tea. Unbelievably soothing and 100% carnivore.

Hope you feel better soon!

EDITED to say: the gelatine is just a soother - it isn’t a cure for the germs, obviously. To kill germs, gargle (loudly - it helps) with warm salt water. And follow that up with the gelatine.


oh yea we do

if weight loss is monster important, it takes a lot of time for our eyes to even catch up to reality.

if it is not that end all be all to us we notice our body changing, we notice the clothes fitting looser more.

good post!


@Ilana_Rose Totally agree with you about @Fangs! I love her excitement about carnivore too. I’m not even 3 months in yet but it’s like I was born to eat this way. I love it and my body seems to crave it, especially the high fat version. :smile:

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What’s your take on like a carbonated club soda? I drink them on occasion so curious if others do.

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Controversial subject. Some say harmful and just as many say not. :wink:


Hi guys, just a quickie (I think… you can never know if it’s me… and a nice topic - edit: I almost knew it will be long. It seemed certain but I am quite open and allows small miracles if I think about probabilities).

I don’t start carnivore yet, I want my mutton goulash :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and there are some problems, I couldn’t buy pork and what’s a bigger problem, lard yet. Maybe it’s not that bad to do almost carnivore with coconut oil but still :cry: I try to skip added fat and I bought super expensive butter in a little shop but it’s not so good. Oh well. I think I don’t care, I will have my “who knows, how long and what kind of fast” thing too next week. And a visit at a relative (I doubt I have the strength to stick to carnivore there when I don’t consider that very needed for me. It actually pretty much overlaps with the fast as well but I won’t fast for 3-4 days anyway, probably. My hunger is a strange one, I can’t predict when it will arrive). The visit was planned for now but we had to postpone it.

So… I got my mutton! Note for self, I should order MORE than what I planned if that’s not really much to begin with as they totally gave me less. I understand they can’t give me exactly 2kg but 1.45 is way lower, I would be happier with 2.8kg or something :smiley: (Okay, maybe some people wouldn’t be glad to pay more, I get that.) I don’t even have pork just some leftover fish now. Oh well, again.

BUT the mutton is great!!! I just tasted the neck (the 1.45kg) today. A little bit.
Mutton is something very traditional in Hungary but many people dislike it. Because it has some special flavor and it’s strong and seemingly off-putting for them. It’s known it’s the fat and we need to cut most of the fat out. There must be some left for the flavor but most of them must gone. My SO seemed to believe this, I am the skeptical person who tastes anything to see if it’s good, just most people are weirdos. (As I wrote before, I don’t remember if I ever ate mutton. Probably but I have no memory of it.)
But the fat was really hard (especially at some places), who knows, they might be really not the best tasting? I was very open though. So I prepared some meat, quickly cut off most of the fatty parts and using some spice and coconut oil (what could I do? :cry: meat fried in coconut oil, it doesn’t sit well with me. even though it tastes fine), I fried some of the meat and of course, some of the fat.
And both were pretty nice. I don’t understand people but I am quite happy that I probably only need to throw away the bones in the ribs and some tiny, hard things in the fat (the cats probably will consider it quite edible).
I barely ate a little but it was so good, it’s obvious it will be a great goulash! The recipes call for some other piece, not neck but we have this. It will be good.
And the meat is much more tender than beef… And I like the flavor better.

The sheep breed is called racka, it’s a Hungarian breed, both ewes and rams has long, spiral-shaped horns. And half a sheep is so little! I totally can buy that option next time and fit into my little freezer except the parts we prepare first. The guy said they are new at butchering sheep, I hope they will have them regularly from now on.

Next month there will be beef again, this time a Hungarian Grey. I want liver and heart, finally.

My insatiable hunger stopped after I wrote so pitifully here. Oh I start to run out of cheese too but it’s fine until I have meat and I always will. I ate more than usual from that, still not too much, that’s not my style. But I eat pretty much for every meal (well it’s normal) so I usually have a single meal or maybe some bites later. Or a bit more, eating is nice and I just can’t get completely satiated for almost a day without meat, it seems.

I ate various plants of course (not the very carby ones of course) and I have a good idea what I am able to desire at this point.
I still have nice emotions regarding chocolate but it’s not as rewarding as before to eat some. I don’t desire sweets at all (chocolate is chocolate, not exactly sweets. just like fruits are different too). I love green peas but they are fine once in a blue moon just like before. Except that, I don’t want vegetable dishes (but I ate them rarely before too). I like some raw vegetables and some fruits but their importance is very low, once in a blue moon or just a thin slice of radish is fine. And not needed, just nice. Their most tempting part is water, I like juicy things and I drink very much.
I don’t want oily seeds. I have no idea about peanuts (the things I was quite addicted not long ago) as I don’t have any since 3-4 weeks and I usually don’t even think about them since. It’s promising but I better don’t even touch those for a long time. I usually don’t have problems with not eating something I don’t have (it seems it’s true for all plants now, at least for some weeks. except coffee and tea), it doesn’t mean much.
I don’t like coconut oil (it’s neutral as it’s tasteless and doesn’t cause problems), I want my lard back. I don’t want butter either, lard is better. Oh well. I have my sheep fat, I guess, I just don’t dare to extrapolate from eating a tiny bit of it…

So I am quite ready. The last months were useful. And years. I started forming new habits ages ago. Green peas (one of my favorite vegetables all my life. nevermind I have many favs, it’s some special fav) disappeared on keto pretty quickly except in tiny amounts in soup so that happened years ago (the other legumes pretty much diappeared on the very beginning of low-carb, about 9 years ago). I needed time as I don’t resist temptation, I eat whatever I want and can, basically. Some conscious choice is involved, of course but my other desires can overrule that (but they aren’t completely independent).

I feel this all a little less surreal and dreamy now. Still odd but well, I can used to this. Whatever is “this” is, I still don’t know about my final woe. But it will be closer to carnivore I ever thought to be possible.

Coffee will be another battle but I do what I can on that front too. It definitely lost some of its importance.

Oh I made a pretty good almost carnivore (one can say it has “condiments” I guess, I only use this word since months, I still don’t know if I clearly know what exactly it means. I say it has vegetables. some onions and tomato puree, I am okay with spices, mustard and some condiments I use a tiny bit of but these two were “too much”) “pizza”. A vegetarian one as I only like those even if they aren’t real pizza, it seems. So it has egg, cheese and condiments in a wide sense. I actually put a tiny tomato on it as well, it’s from my garden. It was sitting in my kitchen for months and it was green in the first one at least… I ate the bigger half of it as my SO tasted my creation too. He liked it (and ate it with rice, obviously. Poor guy may feel pressure just because I eat differently and borderline apologized for the rice. But of course he can’t eat anything low-carb except if it based on oily seeds. Not even ice cream is possible, it must come with some simple cake. Hmmm I never made him eat some cake made with eggs as flour too, did I?).
I will make a pizza with a garlic/sour cream base on day, still not perfect but less vegetables. And we love sour cream. It’s hard to imagine countries without lots of sour cream, red pepper and soups. I already can imagine them without walnuts and poppy seeds galore but they are quite important here.
Unlike mutton. That isn’t as popular despite it’s so good :).

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Club soda = water with dissolved CO2. @David_Stilley How can that be ‘controversial’? How can it possibly be harmful? Is ‘CO2 Sensitivity™’ a thing? Inquiring minds want to know. :roll_eyes:

Or is H2O the problem? Not animal sourced.

(Ashley) #1217

I have seen some talk and say it can affect you, idk the details on it though!

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@amwassil Just look with a search engine and you get lots of opposing view points. Personally I don’t worry about it. But there’s plenty of claims surrounding digestion, and lots that say harmless. I didn’t find a clear answer. Hence controversial. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #1219

@David_Stilley @monsterjuice Thanks guys! I find it uproariously funny that anyone thinks H2O + CO2 anything other than a bubbly substitute for plain water.

There are far more serious things to worry about in food and drink than a slightly lowered pH from dissolved CO2. Like how many carbs it takes to stop ketosis and elevate insulin, for instance.


You won’t believe it, I remember Maria Emmerich saying to avoid carbonated water because it affects our gut biota. :wink: If carbonated water is what kills us, then mother nature did a very shitty job and we’re not meant to survive :slight_smile:


This is always just a great thing to hear when someone finds their spot in the food crazy of our lives :slight_smile: I found it also. So long I had to fight food. I ‘dieted’ and all like everyone else and most of that time was maddening. Boy, a lot of us can attest to that :slight_smile: So happy you are doing so well also!